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I bought some electronic parts to repair my wife's tube organ. Needed more parts, lost interest. Moved it into the garage during remodeling, it is not going back into the house.


This is truly a beautiful instrument both inside and out. It was purchased new in 1988 and has been well cared for since by the original owner. It still sounds as good as it did in 1988. Everything in working condition.

If you click on links on that page you can see and hear some of the devices in the collection. There are not only still pictures but also videos.


Das Gerät kann auch vor Ort abgeholt werden. Artikel unterliegt Differenzbesteuerung. Kein Ausweis der Umsatzsteuer auf der Rechnung.

CLAVIA NORD LEAD 3 RACK WITH MANUAL Free Shipping is ONLY With"Buy it Now" Clearing out my studio. As I don't get to play much anymore and when I do, it's mostly soft synths. I'll be listing some cool stuff, so take a look at my other items. Rack version of Clavia Nord Lead 3- one of the best. If not THE best Nord Lead ever made. You probably know what it is, if you're looking at this listing. The synth looks great and works 100% I've had it for several years and it's been a very reliable, versatile instrument with an amazing sound tone. Never gigged, sat in my smoke-free studio, everything works, FM LCD(with numerals) still has plastic film on it. Can provide more pics for a serious buyer.


This is a great vintage Vox 846 wah with the film"trash" can inductor. Carbon composition resistors and ducati and procond capacitors. The battery clip has been replaced and the potentiometer is scratchy but may be fixed with a simple cleaning. This is the same wah Hendrix used in most of his later live shows including Woodstock and the tone is fantastic. Sounds even better paired up with a silicon fuzz behind it. Thanks.

Yamaha Electone 315D-1 Organ

MagicScore School 6 is specialized notation software for music aficionados, students, teachers, schools and colleges. The program offers people interested in music a variety of notation options - input, editing, printing, correctness check and much more. MagicScore School 5, as the name implies, has been specially created for folks who are learning music, but professional musicians can use it as well.


That World’s Fair also featured synchronized-sound movies at the Phono-Cinéma-Théâtre of opera stars singing arias, so that’s what Short played, too. He later repeated the performance at Britain’s Blackpool Tower.

Search Traditional Tune Archive

The QC leader did a double pirouette and collapsed in a heap on the ground. The manager glanced nervously about him, and saw the extent of the damage. In every direction, moogles were writhing in agony. They clasped their hands over their ears, dropped their heads in pain, and rolled around on the floor like marbles spilling forth from a sack. Oops—there went another one, his eyes rolling back in his head as he lost consciousness. There’s a shorter one, curled in the fetal position in one corner of the room. Another covered head to toe in soot, foaming at the mouth.


Strings, keys, and pinblock are in good working order, and only needs tuning. Maintained in a climate controlled residential environment since purchase in 1979.

Thank you for looking and good luck. Please feel free to stop in and see my other items. I have a large variety of items from vintage game systems. Antique toys, trunks collectibles and industrial items along with many more different items. As with all my items I REFUND SHIPPING OVERAGES SHOULD THERE BE ANY LEFT. Each shipping label will be printed with the shipping cost on the label so there is no confusion. However I will take a small amount of the shipping costs for the cost I incur getting your package to you. Shipping policy obviously does not apply to this item. I will however deliver this item for free up to 75 miles from the 62448 area code which includes freight service centers. Shipping arrangements must be made by the buyer if not picked up. UP FOR SALE This piano sounds amazing simply put.


Kimball Spinet Piano – Excellent Condition, with Bench & Music

Factory OEM Yamaha Electone Electronic Organ- MC Series- Service Guide Analysis Manual. The Manual is in GOOD CONDITION, clean pages. No. moremissing pages and contains many pictures and diagrams. There is a slight clean tear in the front cover and first page. But the Manual is completely readable and usable. Please zoom into above photos to see the contents list and more details. This Manual was published by Yamaha Corp. The Manual in the pictures is the Manual you will receive.

Integral bellows, dozens of sound combinations. Finish color and decoration style may vary from photo. The Harmoniums are not meant to be played in concert like a mini organ. This is instrument was introduced to India by the British. It has been embraced and is now a truly Indian instrument used as accompaniment in devotional songs. The reeds in the harmonium are tuned to sound well together. Not necessarily with other instruments. As such they are not in concert pitch and are not meat to be. As with many Indian instruments the key for the music is selected to best suite the vocals.


My husband plays beautifully and this has kept its nice sound all these years! If your interested in looking at this. Please contact us and we can schedule a time that will work for us both. We live near Somerset, PA. Has some wear.

Weighted keyboard action are also great for building finger strength which helps to improve your playing technique. Non-weighted keyboards are ideal for a beginner because they provide precise playing which is ideal for contemporary and rhythmic styles.


CASH ONLY, Only SERIOUS buyers please! Call: 808/285/3574 NOTE(1) The latestest estimated value. After restoration/tuning, is $10,100-$14,000/00 NOTE(2) Chickering& Sons(not to be confused with Chickering Brothers) was the first actual piano factory in America. Established in Boston in 1823 by Jonas Chickering with partner James Stewart.

After Live from Lincoln Center began, the media-technology-and-opera hits continued, with the first nationwide live television transmission with stereo sound (and the first FCC tariffs for satellite transmission of stereo sound) and what I believe to be the world’s first live subtitles, both in 1976. Goberman also produced the first Live from the Met opera transmissions and taught delegations from all over the world about how to shoot live opera.


RAJA Harmonium Reed Organ Calcutta Musical India Piano Accordion Unknown Specs

Large fold out pages in each set. Additional items in my eBay Store!

Yamaha Electone US-1 piano/organ++ vintage

Mendelssohn Pianos which are made in Shanghai are for the Asian,American,Australian and other markets. Mendelssohn Piano made in Shanghai has strived in the last decade in providing high quality instrument conform to the European. Especially German ways of the art and craft of piano manufacturing.


Oil and gas eliminated the dripping-wax problem, and gas could even be dimmed, but open flames still generated heat. Ventilating and Heating by John Shaw Billings, a book published by The Engineering Record in 1893, includes a study of Manchester’s opera houses. At the Theatre Royal, on a day and at a time when the temperature on Peter Street outside the opera house was 36 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature in the gallery (a balcony seating area) was 121. At the same time, the carbon dioxide concentration on the street was 530 parts per million; in the gallery it was 1,690. There were also three times as many microorganisms in the gallery as on the street.

I knew from the other sources that Brown had established the roentgenology department at Boston Children’s Hospital in 1903 (Codman had been skiagrapher there previously but didn’t create a department), so I was surprised to find what seemed a reference to the hospital by Brown three years before he got there. But there were no 1900 references by Brown in the 1947 Harvard bulletin paper. So I looked up “Percy Brown” and 1900 and got a reference to his marriage in 1904. Then I looked at the publication cited. It was from the Harvard Medical Alumni Association.



The technologies involved included broadcast television, in full color, seen on a large-screen flat-panel display, with a totally secure conditional-access pay-TV system. The acquisition system included a mirrored fabric (like that used in lens ring-light color-replacement systems today).

The Metropolitan Opera Saturday-matinee radio broadcasts began on Christmas 1931, but that was by no means the first opera broadcast; it wasn’t even the Met’s first. Cesare Sodero’s opera Ombre Russe was broadcast in its entirety on NBC in 1929 before it even opened on stage. The previous year, a trimmed version of African-American composer Harry Freeman’s opera Voodoo was broadcast on WGBS.


RARE Vintage Yamaha Electone YC-45D YC 45 D Electronic Electric Combo Organ

Great fit for someone with limited space. Very fast, responsive action, very good sound for a small grand. Many sellers on Ebay are only offering their pianos"as-is" or"condition unknown" NOT US! This piano has been in our own in-house service facility- click to see a photo tutorial that shows the reconditioning process. All keys play(and play properly- there IS a difference) The pedals work, and it has been tuned to standard pitch- A440. Make the smart choice and choose a piano that has been professionally reconditioned by an experienced.

Jim Lindner: And it was at that same 1900 Paris World’s Fair where Valdemar Poulsen exhibited the Telegraphone, the first working device to record on magnetic media. So, other than recording the voice of Emperor Franz Joseph, did Poulsen have any operatic aspirations for his invention? It would seem logical given the time period that opera was envisioned being recorded on this device as well.


Things changed in 18th-century London, however, when composer George Frideric Handel introduced the opera Rinaldo in 1711. It was in Italian but intended for (and premiered in) an Anglophone city. So it had a bilingual libretto, with the Italian words printed on one side and their English translation facing them. That almost required the purchase of a libretto.

Consider, for example, the Astor Place Riot of May 10, 1849, New York City’s deadliest riot when it occurred. At first glance, it might seem to have had nothing to do with either baseball or opera, being, instead, a dispute between fans of the American actor Edwin Forrest and those of the British actor William Macready over who could better perform Macbeth. Macready was performing his version at the Astor Place Theatre, where the riot began. But the building had only recently been renamed; it was previously the Astor Opera House.


MagicScore Music Software - MagicScore School 6 homepage

Both theaters were offering a historical echo of what must have happened in opera’s early days, when lighting — both on stage and in the auditorium — came from candles and oil lamps. Those had to be lit, so, before each performance, chandeliers would have had to have their candles lit in the ceiling, be lowered to light the auditorium, and then be raised for the performance.

While working on a Met audio archive remastering project some years ago, I came upon some very early digital audio recordings that used the U-matic format to record on: the somewhat infamous PCM-1600. I had worked with them occasionally many years ago when they were being used but never saw them in routine use, nor did I ever see that many PCM-1600 recordings in any other vault of any other archive. I was particularly surprised to find them in the collection of the Met, as these devices were pretty unusual to find and were almost always in studios and more for experimentation then real day to day work. Clearly someone was experimenting and taking some risks.


Höhe 107 cm Ansprechpartner: Rolf Müller- Unser vollständiges Angebot umfasst etwa 60 hochwertige Klaviere& Flügel– Das komplette Angebot finden Sie auf unserer Webseite. Bei uns werden Sie Fachkundig beraten. Besichtigung und Probespielen ist jederzeit möglich. Unser Angebot an Instrumenten befindet sich in unserer Ausstellung in Weidhausen bei Coburg Eine Anfahrtsbeschreibung finden Sie auf unserer Webseite.

Annotation:Merrily Danced the Quaker

I often list similar items at the same time. Combine auctions for cheaper shipping! FINE PRINT Your item will usually be shipped within 3 days. Please notify me if you need extra fast turnaround time All Sales are Final. If extremely unsatisfied with good cause.


And were, in the best sense of the word, instruments of the highest degree of excellence. The system or chain of scientific improvements peculiar to the Baldwin piano based on the law of acoustics, and known as the Baldwin acoustic system. Which permitted the greatest conservation of tone, secures an artistic result of the highest quality, and has resulted in gaining for. It a leading position among the world's artistic musical instruments. The Baldwin piano has an individuality of the highest character. When it was exhibited at the International Exposition at Paris in 1900 it was honored with an award(The Grand Prix) which has never been bestowed on any. Other American piano, and the highest honor ever received by any, piano made In America. The Baldwin pianos are made in most modern and perfectly equipped factories under ideal manufacturing conditions.

Today is the anniversary of Enrico Caruso’s death. His 1907 recording of the aria “Vesti la giubba” appears to be the earliest recording to eventually sell a million copies.


AWM Voice Ram Pack For Yamaha HS8 Electone Organ


Ignore the music at the beginning (it’s not from that system) and the incorrect date. At the end, you’ll see “her” actually hammering a tune.



Piano has always been kept on an inside wall which has helped to preserve its great condition. Piano is being offered with bench and music located inside of bench.


Yamaha Electone Organ in Mint Condition - Price Includes Delivery

One stop knob will need to be replaced. I am neither a player of this instrument or an expert, but it plays and in my opinion, if it needs work, it's only the typical repair that a'pump' instrument of this type& age would require. Obviously played and much loved, but shows age very well.

Wurlitzer Spinet Piano light finish clean and functional serial

We only accept VISA/MASTERCARD, but if you came at our show rooms, we will accept any other way of payments. PLEASE SEND US THE EXACT AMOUNT. If you contact us and ask for sending you more than the amount of the bid by cashier check and send you the balance. Your e-mail will be forwarded to the E-BAY Security center, and your auction will be cancelled. You can request any other picture. You can also ask any question about this piano or any other piano.


If there is no shipping price listed. B-S-T has rolled minimal shipping costs into the price of the item. Also, free" shipping = slow shipping. Free shipping will normally be USPS Parcel Select, Media Mail, or UPS Ground. It may take up to two(2) weeks to receive your item with free shipping. If you want it faster, please be prepared to pay for the expedited service. Return Policy: Please see the"Shipping and payments" tab for this particular items return conditions. Satisfaction Guarantee: Message B-S-T if there is a problem and we will try to work out a satisfactory resolution.

He began flinging orders left and right. Further inquiry showed that the music had been improperly transposed during the production process. They workers fixed the errors, performed test after test, and were satisfied that the error had been rectified.


I suppose you want to know who I am and what I’m doing here. I manage a small opera company, and I desired to include ‘The Yeomen of the Guard’ in my repertoire. I could not obtain the music so I concluded to come here to-night and take it down by the aid of a phonograph.

Kawai 48 Upright piano

In the previous post on subtitling, you’ll find info on alternatives to libretti, including an 1881 patent on a gas-jet illuminated text-display system. Of course, that, too, might be considered distracting.


Inovus i88 Digital Piano Keyboard - Full 88 Weighted Keys Hammer Action Keybo

Express delivery to the EU is via UPS and should take 2-3 working days. A signature is required on delivery. Rest of the World Standard delivery is by Royal Mail Airmail. Which can take 2-3 weeks to arrive. Express delivery is via UPS and should take 3-5 working days. A signature is required on delivery. Payment Payment for items purchased at the Musicroom Ebay store is via Paypal only. Note that you do not need a PayPal account. As Paypal also accept payment via debit and credit cards. We are unable to accept payment by cheque or bank transfer.

The 2009 movie Angels and Demons begins at the European Nuclear Research Center (CERN) outside Geneva and approaches its denouement at Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome. Those sites made me think of global opera media.


The English or German language help can be called with the "Help" button while the program is running. The freeware program can be downloaded from.

Marteaux et mecanique comme neuve. Vintage Wurlitzer Model 200 Electric Piano- I am the original owner and bought this piano new in 1970. I played it in several groups back then; although. For about the last thirty years it has been in my home and rarely used. Overall it is in very good condition for an instrument of this age. All 64 keys work fine and are in excellent condition. The sustain pedal works as do the volume and tremelo.


I went to an opera at the 18th-century Drottningholms Slottsteater near Stockholm, and, although they’ve switched to electric lighting, they’ve tried to make it similar to what would have existed in the days of candles. The house lights stay on all the time, because the candles would have remained lit. Despite that, it was almost impossible to read anything, and, to comply with safety regulations, light-equipped ushers had to stay near the exit doors, which might otherwise be invisible. One lighting historian estimates that the total light output in London’s Drury Lane opera house would have been roughly equivalent to that of a single 75-watt incandescent bulb.

We have a Yamaha Electone B-5 CR Organ. Dual 60-Key organ keybords with footpedals and many many tone variations The matching bench comes with the organ. This organ is in great shape and is working. The item comes with the plug and will start right up to make some music. The organ was purchsed in the 70's. And has only the original owner, who took care of the organ.


No missing pages, very slight normal cover wear and contains lots of pictures and diagrams. Please zoom into above photos to see the contents list and more details. This Manual is the same Manual that the Yamaha service technicians use. The Manual in the pictures is the Manual you will receive.

Hohner Button Accordion- CLUB 1B Belonged to my late Father. Bellows have been'taped' but it seems to'suck and blow' ok. Obviously needs some TLC As a stringed instrument player. All I can say is"it all seems to work" I will do my best to answer any questions but'wind/bellows' instruments are not my bag. Thanks for looking and Happy Bidding!


Yamaha Organ Electone HX1 HX3 HX5 Pedalboard Cable. Pedal Cable

Made in the USA during the mid-late 1960's. Hammers and felts and all interior very clean and in good condition.

I’ve previously explained the “Victor” part but not the “Talking Machine” part. Similarly, whenever anyone asks why “soap operas” are called “soap operas,” the “soap” part gets explained (they were sponsored by companies that made soap) but not the “opera” part.


Another comment: This site suggests that neither the “CLOSE COVER BEFORE STRIKING MATCH” nor the Diamond Match attribution is correct. There’s a different matchbook (right).

You are looking at a Mint Flawless Nord ELECTRO 4 HP 73-key Stage Piano with Hammer-action Keybed, Split Mode, Effects, USB/MIDI, and Rotary Speaker Emulator. As you examine my pictures you will see this keyboard is MINT.


Yamaha Model 115D Electone Organ / Synthesizer

Aufgrund seiner kompakten Größe ist der C1 ideal für kleinere Räume Das Bemühen von Yamaha. Die Kernprozesse der Klangerzeugung unermüdlich weiterzuentwickeln, hat aus den Instrumenten der C-Serie die weltweit bestverkauften Flügel gemacht. Dem technisch anspruchsvollen Vorgang der Intonation, der dem überlegenen Klang eines Konzertflügels zugrunde liegt, wurde bei diesen Instrumenten besonders viel Gewicht gegeben. In unzähligen Stunden wurden Hämmerköpfe, Saiten und die Ausgewogenheit der Dämpfermechanik so perfektioniert, dass letztendlich jede einzelne Note exakt so klingt, wie es vom Pianisten beabsichtigt wird.

With two rows of treble buttons. The Erica offers a solid wooden housing with celluloid finish.


Thomas California 262 Organ

Bench, owner's manual and 32-note AGO pedal board. This is a wonderful organ for a practice instrument or for church use- definitely NOT a fix-me-up, because everything works well and it sounds splendid. This has recently been inspected by a MITA affiliated technician and all of the notes, pedals, pistons and stop controls are fully functional. The oak cabinet is in very good condition. At 25 inches deep without pedals, this console will fit through almost any door. The speakers are internal or self-contained, so no external speakers are required. The console has already been prepped for external speakers, if they are needed for a larger room. I can send a copy of a pdf of the owner's manual upon request. Shipping is the purchaser’s responsibility. However, I can obtain a quote from the shipper I usually use upon request.

Below are most of the posts and comments that have appeared on the LinkedIn Media-Technology and Opera History group. As more are posted, they will be added here. Unless otherwise noted, all posts and comments are by me.


Emporia Gazette issue 4-25-2021

I prepared the new system considering the minimum system requirements for the software. I headed for the company website and downloaded the executable for the demo version. Next, I activated the product by using a serial key that was received on email from the company. The activation needed a working Internet (source) connection and the software managed the rest of the things for me.

Comments: One more tidbit: The great operatic tenor, Enrico Caruso (who made the earliest recording to sell a million copies), was once asked what he thought of Babe Ruth. He said he couldn’t say because he’d never heard her sing.


The organ is in good working condition with the exception of 4 sticking keys. Have been told that can be an easy fix.

The compressed-air amplification was sufficient for the sound to be heard on the ground at a radius of at least a quarter mile from the tower. No, it wasn’t radio (though 20 years later the first off-air radio recording would be made at the Eiffel Tower, and it, too, would be of opera), but it was a wireless sound broadcast.


Beautiful finish with minimal wear. Workings are very clean and look new.

While the kids ran around looking at robotic banjo players and the like, Sheppard noticed a device with Chinese characters on its label. To make a long story short, Sheppard discovered what appears to be the long-sought source of melodies used by Puccini in his operas Madama Butterfly and Turandot. The New York Times reported on Sheppard’s discovery in a huge article on the front page of their June 15 arts section, leading to the second discovery, when I went out to see that music box and visit the collection.


Speaking of film, opera-composer Erich Wolfgang Korngold won the first Academy Award given to a composer for his score for 1938’s The Adventures of Robin Hood (Korngold’s score for the 1936 “Anthony Adverse” previously won when the award went to the head of the studio’s music department). In Berlin in 1938, the Paul Nipkow Sender, a TV transmitter named for the inventor of video scanning, repeatedly carried a movie of Mozart’s opera Der Schauspieldirektor.

When, in 1884, the king of Portugal couldn’t attend an important opera performance because his sister, the princess of Saxony, had died, and rules of royal mourning restricted him to the palace, the local phone company manager delivered the opera in stereo by duplicating Ader’s setup. That led to theatrical promoters creating the first pay-cable service in Lisbon the following year, delivering an entire season of operas to homes for a fee.


This tutorial shows you how to make a Delphi application which manages a unicode database. Steps - Create a new database from code - Create tables with unicode fields from code.

In the discussion “Playback of Opera Before the Advent of Recording” I reported on a music box from about 1830 that played a tune from an 1823 opera. I’d love to know when the first opera was played back. Although I don’t (yet) know what that is, I now know it could be contemporaneous to almost any one of them.


The keys help you strengthen your fingers before you upgrade to key action as you progress. It comes with 88-keys and its semi-weighted response are ideal for most learners.

You are welcome to pick this item up at no cost or you may source your own shipper. Some common shippers are: ShipGreyhound.com(Very Affordable. However you have to be able to pick this up locally. UShip.com(Shipped by individual shippers who bid on your shipment in a reverse EBAY format) Plycongroup.com(One of the largest shippers in the country) HomeDirectUSA.com(One of the largest shippers in the country) In addition. We offer overnight and expedited shipping.


A different 1888 invention, Emile Berliner’s disc-based gramophone, eliminated that mass-audience problem. Record discs could replicated inexpensively by stamping.

Yamaha Electone Organ Service Manual: FX-1, FX10/FX20

Selling my Hohner Clavinet Pianet Duo; everything works on both clavinet and pianet side. All the pianet reeds are in tune. And all the strings are in tune and can be adjusted. Comes with the original black hard case. It's in overall good shape for its age.



The three most popular (in the images in the ads and catalogs) seem to have been the intermezzo from Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana, the polonaise from Thomas’s Mignon, and the overture from Hérold’s Zampa. But the opera-tune listings in the catalogs were huge, with works by such well-known opera composers as Bellini, Bizet, Donizetti, Flotow, Gounod, Handel, Mendelssohn, Meyerbeer, Mozart, Rossini, Sullivan, Verdi, Wagner, and von Weber as well as such lesser-knowns as Bishop, Boïeldieu, Lortzing, Nicolai, Paladilhe, and Planquette.

Hohner Club II B Victoria Akkordeon Harmonika Ziehharmonika 8 Bass Ich kenne mich leider überhaupt nicht aus in Sachen Akkordeon und kann nur folgende laienhafte Aussage machen: Der Balg ist meiner Meinung nach dicht und alle Tasten funktionieren. Meiner Ansicht nach ist das Instrument in einem altersgemäß sehr guten Zustand. Gewicht inklusive Koffer ca. 5/5 kg. Aus tierfreiem Nichtraucherhaushalt. Der Versand erfolgt innerhalb von 2 Werktagen nach Zahlungseingang. Shipping will be carried out within 2 days after receipt of payment. Please request the shipping conditions to your country. Dies ist ein privater Verkauf gebrauchter Artikel. Keine Garantie, keine Gewährleistung, keine Rücknahme. This is a private auction of used articles.


Orders are processed within 1 business days and USPS shipping is an additional 3 to 8 business days. International customers: We will not declare items as gifts. Our shipping fees do not include the additional fees paid to USPS at delivery. These fees due at delivery include duties. Taxes, customs and fees and are non-refundable. We do not collect these fees, and it is the buyer's responsibility to review and determine the fees before placing the bid.

Vintage Thomas Organ Made Crybaby with the famed"stack of dimes" inductor. The pedal is great shape cosmetically for a 35 year old pedal and has no added holes and sounds killer. Bailey Sound installed a fulltone pot. True bypass switch& switchcraft jacks and it really sounds as good as any RMC I have played. I will include the original pot, switch and jacks as well.


This is a much loved keyboard organ in a suitcase and an on/off switch. Turn it on and a fan starts pumping a cool breeze across your fingers and you’re ready to go. It has a great sound– effectively it’s a harmonium without the bellows.

Virtual Vista downloads in Music Composers software - Best Free Vista Downloads

Comment: I’ve done a bit more research. Page 18 of the December 8, 1894 issue of The New York Dramatic Mirror seems to indicate that Thomas Lowden had already left what was really known as the Mendelssohn Opera Company (the matchbook shown in the link above was misspelled). That suggests that the 1889 date is correct.


The audience section of the opera house never got completely dark. Wax would sometimes drip on the audience from chandeliers, and the light level has been described as equivalent to about one 75-watt bulb lighting the entire auditorium of the Drury Lane opera house.

This 32 page book is pre-owned but in very good condition. Shows some signs of age and wear but nothing major. Inner pages are clean and unmarked. I am happy to combine postage on multiple purchases.


Yamaha Electone HS-4 Keyboard/Organ With Bench, Extras

Bayard thinks that "Merrily Danced" is either devolved from "Mill Oh (The)" or that both tunes evolved from a single tune; thus, to him if Barry is right and one tune stemmed from the late Middle Ages, then logically so does the other. John Glen (1891) finds the earliest appearance of the melody in print in Robert Bremner's 1757 Collection of Scots Reels or Country Dances, and it also early appears in the 1768 Gillespie Manuscript of Perth. However, an earlier printing can be found in Rutherford's Choice Collection of Sixty of the Most Celebrated Country Dances (London, 1750).


The item has to be sent back to me within 14 days and in the same condition. Buyer pays for return shipping cost. I will refund your money for the cost you paid for the item. But will not refund the shipping, insurance, tariffs, duties and costs. Our Products are 100% Authentic.

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Strings and necessary items to complete this beautiful harpsichord are included with the kit. There is no base for the harpsichord, but I did construct a music stand. Please ask any questions prior to bidding.


It's got a damp-chaser installed. While it's not been tuned in awhile due to financial reasons, it's been otherwise very well-maintained. It has a wonderfully light action, and is the perfect piano for beginners, or for a small studio space- it's been used in a professional voice studio for the past 10 years.

Jim Lindner: Your posting started me thinking pre-photography again (and maybe documented although pre-patent as well). Perhaps the impetus was not your article but because I saw “Hugo” a few weeks ago, but, either way, your comment about Duboscq started me thinking about projection that “appeared” to the audience to be 3D or real.


DELIVERY The Buyer and Seller will negotiate delivery. Delivery outside of the Greater Toronto Area is not included in price but is available. Buyer will pay all costs of the negotiated delivery method and time. WARRANTY This item is being sold with a 10 year parts and labour warranty from MERRIAM pianos. This warranty is valid within 250 km of Toronto with some exceptions. Any and all prospective buyers are invited to inspect the instrument to any degree of their choosing. We have made every attempt to accurately depict the condition of the instrument.

Yamaha Electone Rampack 8 KB size working last year when I sold my last HS-8. Must have if you don't have an MDR 2 or 3. Fits HC. HE and HS organs.


This is a very nice Lowrey Sensation Organ model SU430 in full working condition Organ retailed for $17/000 new Too many features to list. But here is where you can read the spec sheet Buyer must arrange pick up and delivery I earn cash back when shopping online.

VERY GOOD CONDITION- Strong& Sturdy with some minor signs of wear from age and use like some scuffs& scratches and/or minor imperfections. It is not possible to describe every scratch or ding. So photos are provided and should be considered as part of the description.


The orchestrions’ sounds were melodious and harmonic once more, with all defects having been ironed out. He sighed heavily, feeling the weight and stress of having worked ceaselessly over the past week. He slumped forward in his chair, sleep’s gentle embrace taking hold.

Tantalizingly, Haspels found great commonality between music in Monteverdi’s 1607 opera L’Orfeo and that of some automated playback cylinders. Unfortunately, the cylinders pre-date the opera.


Of course, there are other anniversaries besides the 75th. In 1963, 50 years ago, NBC Opera Theater premiered Menotti’s opera Labyrinth, which used video effects and could not be performed on stage. Also that year, opera-conductor Fritz Reiner’s obituary mentioned his “invention” of the concept of the video conductor camera.

I found the opera house “hot and crowded” when I was there in mid-summer, but that was nothing compared to what the original patrons must have felt. As a concession to modern fire codes, an elaborate fiber optic system delivers the light of one candle to each former candle location used for stage lighting. Imagine when it was lit by candles.


This one-stop, one-click BUNDLE includes all of the following: Yamaha YDPV240- 88-Note Furniture-Style. Home Digital Piano New to the ARIUS line. YDP-V240 is an ensemble digital piano with 88-note Graded Hammer Standard keyboard. The Graded Hammer Standard keyboard makes it a true joy to play, both in practice and in performance. The 3-level AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling Voices deliver remarkably authentic sound and furthermore, the YDP-V240 incorporates a wide selection of amazingly realistic and dynamic sounds for hours of interactive music enjoyment.


Some scratches on Console and Bench. Self contained"Imitation Leslie" Yamaha speaker. Used in a roller rink for many years and then my home. The organ has a lot of playing hours but it is still very useable.


Jedem Kunden ein optimales Kauferlebnis zu bieten. Jedes Gerät, welches Sie von uns erwerben, wurde geprüft und befindet sich auch in einem äußeren ansprechenden Zustand. Transportschäden sind für uns ein Fremdwort. Wir garantieren einen Versand in stets professionellen Verpackungen. Um maximalen Transportschutz zu gewährleisten, sind diese auf den jeweiligen Artikel optimal abgestimmt. Nichts ist beim Onlinekauf schlimmer als lange auf eine Bestellung warten zu müssen. Unsere Artikel werden daher immer schnellstmöglich nach Zahlungseingang versendet. Gerne können Sie uns telefonisch oder per email kontaktieren.


This harmonium still has the original carry case and cover. The right side came loose but can easily be fixed. All other parts are in good condition as can be seen by the pics. This harmonium plays but requires a tuneup. It has not been played for sometime and due to that has lost some of its sound. Some of the keys are off tune but that could be fixed. This Harmonium Is well over $300 New so don't miss out on this deal. I will pack well and ship with UPS. Due to the nature if this instrument and sale I am selling this item on eBay in AS IS CONDITION. Please make payment within 3 days of purchase.


Patch internet manager 01net


Due to weight, item will be shipped media mail. Measures approximately 10 ½ by 7 inches. Remember, bid and buy with confidence. As with all our auctions and store items, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We do take care in trying to find every flaw if any and describe any imperfection in description. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT CONDITION please email us. Please e-mail if you have any questions about item, shipping, or policies before bidding or purchasing buy it now items, and we will gladly answer any of your questions. We have a refund policy, and make every effort to ship within 24 hours or the same day(business days) after receiving payment.


Vintage Yamaha Electone BK-6 Organ

Looking for a Birthday or Xmas Gift or just a Gift for that Special someone. Don't Miss Out on this Great Find.

I’ve just done a post on my regular blog on the history of television lighting, and you’ll find some opera-lighting-related pictures there, including a 1638 dimming system for candles and an 1800 electrolysis system used to generate hydrogen and oxygen, later used in limelight. In fact, it might be amusing to note that the first three uses of electricity for opera-house lighting had nothing to do with incandescent light bulbs: in addition to the electrolysis for limelight, there was arc lighting (used for special effects) and electric re-ignition of gas lights after a stage blackout.


Electronic Organ Yamaha Electone FS-300

I am now living in an apartment type college Dorm which could have me move every year until I graduate from College and there is no way that I can support moving this organ every year. And this organ must be sold as soon as possible. This organ would be great for a small church. Home as a practice instrument, or a band instrument. This organ would also make for a great MIDI Project as well. Payment Policy: The winner of this auction must pay within 72 hours. Those who fail to pay up within that timeline will be reported and the item will be resisted. Purchase Policy: The buyer/bidder that wins the auction must bring his/her own moving equipment and have his/her own truck to move the organ after purchase and email me as soon as they make the purchase of this organ. There is NO SHIPPING for THIS ITEM. Buyer* MUST PICK THE ITEM UP* Return Policy: I have a seven day return policy on all of my merchandises 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


The P71 has 88 fully weighted action keys that are designed to give you a real feel. It has a minimalistic design that makes it extremely appealing. It also comes with dual mode which allows you to play a wide range of tunes. It comes with sampling technology AWM sound engine.


The Yamaha US-1 in terms of aesthetic and musical beauty is undoubtedly one of the best organs Yamaha has ever made. The organ and orchestral sounds rival and in many ways exceed the sounds of the the newest electronic organs. Not only can it be used as a personal instrument. But would serve a college, church or synagogue. In. moreexcellent condition the Yamaha US-1 could easily fetch $6,000/00 if you can find one. They are rare because personal and/or institutional owners just don't want to give them up. Manufactured 1989. Digital Height Width Depth Weight 109 137 73 cm 170 kg 43 54. 29 inches 374 pounds Amplification: 240 watts 16 Preset Memories 20 Note Pedalboard 61 Note Keyboards AWM1 Assignable Keyboard Percussion Built-in MDR FM1 Keyboard Percussion MIDI Need to pickup in Triangle NC or arrange freight. Can suggest excellent mover in Triangle area. Be the envy of all your friends!

PayPal available for non-Euro-bidders only. Roland VE-GS PRO Voice Expansion Board für A70 und A90 Controller und MC-80 voll funktionstüchtig und extrem selten! Bild 2 zeigt die Karte funktionstüchtig installiert in einem A-90- der A-90 ist natürlich NICHT Bestandteil dieser Auktion. Zur Karte gibt es noch eine mehrseitige. Gedruckte Anleitung mit allen Sounds. Fragen werden schnellstmöglich beantwortet.


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Other music boxes in the Guinness collection play other popular opera music, and so do automata. There’s a small figure of Mephistopheles who strums a tune from the opera Faust on a mandolin and a full-size flute player who performs the “Mandolinata” from the opera Le passant.

Please ask any questions before bidding. NO Guarantee or warranty with this organ due to age. Any reasonable offer will be considered. If you buy it YOU load it. Easy to get to. bring truck/trailer, and Help! I will accept cash-payment upon pick-up.


I believe this is from the mid 60's. I bought it from a lady who used it as a piece of furniture so it has hardly been played. It was tuned by a retired Steinway tech in 2005 and he told me the hammers and felt looked brand new and the soundboard was in excellent condition. I polished the pedals and brass pieces on the legs a couple of years ago and they still shine great. It is a perfect size for a home piano(5 ft from end to end) There is a faint spot on the lid that's about 4 inches in diameter but can hardly been noticed.

Steirische Harmonika von Strasser STRASSER de LUXE E Ahorn blau G-C-F-B 3 chörig tipo a mano Stimmplatten mit X- Bass ca. 4 Jahre jung Die Harmonika ist ohne Mängel und in neuwertigem Zustand. Hier lässt sich jede Menge Geld sparen.


Ernani was performed in the Howard Athenaeum (formerly the Millerite Tabernacle) in 1847 (shortly after “the Great Disappointment”); Fidelio was performed in the Boston Theatre (later the Academy of Music) in 1854. Besides in places called Academy, Athenaeum, Tabernacle, and Theatre, operas were also performed in Boston prior to the Children’s Hospital X-rays in places that went by the designations Alhambra, Garden, Hall, Museum, and Temple (and possibly also Adelphi, Amphitheatre, Palais Royal, and Saloon).

One of the first places where people could watch baseball games remotely before television was at Nashville’s Grand Opera House in 1885. It quickly spread to opera houses across the country.


If you study aviation history, you will almost certainly come across the name Horace Short, who, with his brothers, made Shorts aircraft and built the world’s first aircraft factory. Naval historians might know that he came up with the folding-wing design used to increase storage on aircraft carriers (though it was originally intended to allow sea planes to get close to docks).

The piano measures 60" wide, and about 26" deep(from the back to the front of the keyboard) Cosmetic Condition: Overall the cosmetic condition is very good with only some minor scratches. What looks like a darken oil spot on the top, and one significant nick on the front edge to note. Most of the marks would easily disappear with a light sanding and oil as this is teak after all! The majority of the key tops are chipped on the front edge, so you may want to replace them. They are plastic not ivory, so it should not cost much and if you are handy you should be able to do it yourself. In addition, the flip down music stand is missing. You can find pictures of what it should look like online, and it would be pretty easy to commission a woodworker to custom build a replacement as it had a pretty simple design. Mechanical Condition: As far as it's mechanical condition. I am not a piano expert, but it seems to be working just fine. All of the keys work, and there does not appear to be any cracks in the soundboard.



It’s quite easy to tweak the existing sounds using the Virtual Technician technology and other features to get the sound you need. There are also independent sections accessible via the main panel of the keyboard.


Thomas Organ- Model 262 Californian Everything seems to work okay. But since I'm not an organist, I don't know how all the buttons are supposed to work. It's being sold as-is, no refunds, no returns. It will be available for inspection by you or your appointed representative in the Southwest Denver area. What appears to be the original bench is included. It is being sold as local pickup only.


Those are the earliest known opera recordings. But there was much earlier opera playback! Yesterday, I got to hear one from around 1830! I’ll describe that in another post.

The Tree of Life is a bit hard to read because the text and the lines are so small, but that is a minor gripe compared to the overall excellence of the game. Similar to most real-time strategy games such, you control and manage all ‘units’ of your species directly. Battles are unavoidable, especially when someone beats you to a species that is critical for evolving into that intelligent race you are researching. True to history, while you are busy trying to survive, the environment constantly changes – tectonic plates and whole continents shift, resulting in dramatic changes in the survivability of your species. This requires you to constantly monitor the environment and adjust your strategy accordingly, making for an exciting and rewarding experience. I learned a lot more about evolution while playing this game than I ever did in school 🙂 The “bells and whistles” components are all up to par, and add to the experience. Graphics is very good – you can tell which species it is by its icon and animation. Discovering your species’ characteristics and preferences is half the fun, and evolving them into new species is the other half. To round things off, up to six players can compete via serial modem, LAN, or the Internet. Despite a major omission in the first release that saw the curious absence of “historical Earth” scenario, you can still download that from the game’s official website at Discovery Channel among other places.


Jim Lindner: But there is a real question as to whether Edison actually invented motion pictures – or perhaps better said – invented it first. This has been argued by historians for quite some time. I think it is fair to say that the consensus of opinion is that Charles Francis Jenkins is the inventor of what we came to know as Motion Pictures with his invention (along with Armat to some extent) of the Phantascope – the direct predecessor to the Edison Vitascope.

One owner; family-owned since new. Great for family use and for learning. Piano is in excellent condition though needs to be tuned. Price firm; local Roanoke area(VA) pickup only.


Lowrey Organ - Heritage Model w/ Bench, FREE delivery if within10 miles of

I’ve enjoyed video productions of operas from both the Met and San Francisco Opera over the years and as a former video engineer have always been interested in the technology behind them. Watching your great presentation on the production process at the Met, I learned that you bring in a mobile rig every time you record or transmit. I know that SF Opera went for a permanent installation and has the capability to produce every production in house. I’m curious about the reasons both companies had for making different decisions. Would you care to comment on the Met side?

Mark Schubin: When opera first appeared on LaserDisc, VHS was hugely outselling it in ordinary home-video releases. But the Met Opera’s LaserDisc sales were comparable to their VHS sales; buyers wanted the extra quality.


Aside from toxicity, lighting sources through the end of the 19th century (candles, oil lamps, and various forms of gas lighting) produced significant heat and often caused fires. A study of an opera house in Manchester, England, published in 1893, showed that, at a time when the temperature on the street was 36 degrees Fahrenheit, it was 121 in the upper seating. The carbon-dioxide level in the coal-fired, Industrial-Age street was 530 parts per million; in the house it was 1690. Bacteria, mold, and other organic hazards were also considerably higher inside than out. And drafts caused by venting the heat caused some audience members to complain of cold.

Wurlitzer Spinet Upright Piano Mahogany Finish in Very good condition with Bench

Caruso’s recordings were made in the “acoustic” recording era, when sound waves from the singer’s voice were recorded directly, with no microphones involved. To do that, the singer sang into a funnel (called a horn). Caruso even drew a picture of himself doing that.


Melville Clark was an inventor and innovator, and these Apollo instruments were built as high quality, advanced instruments for their time. The firm built pianos and player pianos under the names of Melville Clark, Apollo, Art-Apollo and Apollophone(a player piano with a built in phonograph) In the 1920s, the famous Rudolph Wurlitzer Company gained control of both Melville Clark and Apollo, and they continued to build the Melville Clark line of pianos until the World War 2 era. PAYMENT INFO: PayPal accepted for payment. Payment must be received within 3 days of auction end; on day 7. Ebay opens an unpaid item case. Please note: e-checks take 4-5 business days to clear, no shipping until payment clears. Any problems or questions, please contact me to resolve. SHIPPING INFO: All items are shipped with tracking numbers. Calculated shipping to your zip code is used on heavy or large items. I’m on the east coast, USPS bases cost on distance and weight of shipped item. I pack very carefully with appropriate packaging and ship within(1) business day of cleared payment.

Chickering 1895 - 1905 6' Grand Piano

Mark Schubin: I can report that the early Metropolitan Opera and New York City Opera television subtitles were created from scratch by subtitlist Sonya Friedman (neither opera company had any in-house titles at the time). The Met broadcast titles were used on their home-video releases. TV opera subtitles are about eight years older than in-house surtitles.


By the way, there’s quite a long history of (sub)titles for opera. Some opera historians think it began in 1983 with Canadian National Opera’s Surtitles. But, in 1976, the PBS telecast of Barber of Seville from New York City Opera in the Live from Lincoln Center series had live subtitles — thought to be the world’s first live television subtitles.

Stockham’s opera connection actually began in a non-audio area. I met him at an exhibition I put together at the Library of the Performing Arts in 1975.


Please ask prior to bidding/purchasing. Please read the auction completely and carefully. Payment MUST be paid within three(3) days of auction's end.

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The Lumiere brothers made opera movies and chose as the location of their first public showing the Grand Cafe near the Paris Opera. As for William Dickson, in the first (known) sync-sound movie, shot in 1894, he plays music from the opera Les cloches de Corneville on screen on his violin.


This delightful sheet music from 1832 the hymn' Joyful' by Thomas Bilby. Set fro 4 voices and piano or harmonium by J Tilleard. I have lots of other items on ebay currently.

Lowrey Organ Album Book 1 For All Models

Winston Tharp: There’s a short cut from the 1971 Le Coq D’Or online at It’s in B&W and mono. I wonder if a recording in color and stereo exists.


Lowrey Parade Organ This is for a Lowrey Parade Organ. The model features internal lights.



Early Yamaha Electone A-55,b-35 Electric Organ in Working Condition

This item was purchased new in 1969 and has been maintained very well. The legs are solid wood and in excellent condition. We also have a Certificate of Appraisal for your review.

Located in Western RI near Ct. border. Buyer must pick it up. Ad running now in local paper(Coventry Patch) at $700+. A bargain for an ebayer who pays promptly.


Insurance is included in the Fixed Shipping Rate. Any payment received over $250/00 will require a signature upon delivery. I will only ship to confirmed PayPal addresses. A handling fee is included in the Fixed Shipping Rate to cover my costs of materials and labor. For large items that do not have a Fixed Shipping Rate. The rate quote given after the auction ends is only valid for four days. Non-Domestic Shipping– For some items.

1950's Acrosonic Spinet Piano Original Keys IN TUNE Concert Pianist

Factory OEM Thomas Artiste Transistor Organ Model 125R Service Information Manual and Artiste Model 120-125 Service Information Manual, including Schematics and Parts List. The Manual is in GOOD USABLE CONDITION.


You have the opportunity to own this Organ at a great price! LOCA L PICKU P ONLY IN SOUTH BEND. INDIANA Yamaha Model BK-2 Serial 11766 Electric Organ 44 White Keys 30 Black Keys 13 Pedals Dimensions are 39/5 X 21/5 X 34/5 Includes Bench Seat. Owners Manual, Lots of Music Books! This is a pre-owned item in great condition. Comes as shown ~ please see actual photos for complete details. Use it for your creative effects! Somebody is going to get a great deal on this Yamaha ~ shouldn't it be you? Local Pickup Only in South Bend. Indiana encourages you to read our feedback ~ we have over 9/000 happy customers!

Yamaha Electone Model 315U-I Organ



Antique ‘The Grand Piano’ Company Grand Piano with Bench, Kincaid Spinet Upright

Thomas Organ Co Service Manuals- 4 Different Organ complete service sets. The 4 models include: Minstrel 130D.

Service Manual ~ Lowrey Debut Model L-65 with SCHEMATICS

CERN has some of the highest-speed, highest-capacity data links in the world, so, naturally, they were used for a test of the World Opera Project. The idea of the project is that singers, other musicians, and audiences could be located anywhere in the world, and they could be combined digitally into a unified opera performance.


Scott MaySenior Product Specialist

One year later, at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair, visitors to the Phono-Cinéma-Théâtre were able to watch and listen to synchronized-sound arias (though the synchronization depended on the lip-synching skills of the singer when the film was shot and the projectionist when it was screened). In 1902, the Electro Talking Bioscope offered a synchronized-sound aria from Carmen.



Yamaha Electone MC Series Service Guide Analysis

PayPal only, thanks for looking! If you are in the Dayton area, feel free to message me and we'll set up a time to look at the piano.

Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet 1957 Upright Piano

The key action is your classic Chickering action and has a nice feel to it. The sound is warm and has a full range. The piano pedals are included and are in good working order. They do not appear in the pictures as they were removed during our last move. This piano was appraised in 2001 for $6000/00. They Buy It Now price is 20% off of that. There are no shipping charges for this piano as it is available only with local pick-up.


Yamaha EL40 Electone Organ Satin Walnut Finish-REDUCED FOR IMMEDIATE SALE

My handling time says 2 business days but that is the worst case scenario. I usually ship your item the day your payment goes through or the next morning. Also, please let me know if you want a tracking number for your item. Sometimes tracking isn't included with certain shipping options. Please remember to leave feedback as I will do the same for you.

Yamaha Electone 315D-1 Organ for sale. It comes with the actual organ as well as the accompanying speaker. It is in good condition and sounds great. I just do not have the room for it anymore. Local pickup only in the Memphis/Shelby County area.


Harmonium 42 Key Caramel Wood Folding Top Keyboard Organ Bellows LA ONLY

The projector used in Hamburg in 1726 was made by Pieter van Musschenbroek in Leiden in 1720. It can be seen (along with several motion-image slides) at the Boerhaave Museum in Leiden (it’s an easy trip from the Rai conference center where the International Broadcasting Convention takes place).

Organ Electone Yamaha D-80

The original bench with hinge seat works fine, but one leg has been scuffed up but is sound. Please message me with any questions. Buyer is responsible for pick-up and transportation of the piano.


Vintage Yamaha Electone Electric Electronic Organ Model D-2B with Original Bench

And welcome to my auction of a Yamaha Electone EL60. The organ I have for sale is a particularly fine example and is in very good condition. The organ is finished in a lovely deep wallnut with matching stool and would be a perfect buy for a lover of this maker of fine electronic instruments. Delivery within a radius of 50 miles of SG12DF(Stevenage) is free with a charge of 50p per mile thereafter.

Shipping to all locations is calculated. Please use the calculator on this page to determine the shipping to your location. Some items may be eligible for combined shipping. I will reimburse overpayments on shipping/handling for any purchases made via Auction and/or Buy-It-Now that qualify for combined shipping. International purchasers are responsible for any and all duties and taxes associated with this transaction with no liability to the seller. The sales value of all items will be marked accurately on customs forms in accordance with the laws of our country. No items will be marked as gifts. Feedback will be left on this auction. As it is with all my transactions. The quality of your feedback will be determined by your willingness to follow my terms.


Best Keyboard Piano: Roland RD-2000

PLEASE READ: We will ship within 24 hours of your payment. Unless, it falls on the weekend or a holiday. Make sure you have your correct shipping address in all of your correspondence to prevent delays or incorrect shipping information. We use the Paypal address you have provided unless notified.

Yamaha Electone D-2B Electronic Organ in good working order LOCAL PICKUP ONLY




This Yamaha Electone Organ is in beautiful condition with not a scratch. As far as I can tell by operating every key. Pedal, switch and button, It functions flawlessly, as good as it would new. It comes with quite a few books including the original guides made by Yamaha which came with the piano. The books themselves have a lot of value for learning and for reselling, whichever you choose. Please feel free to put in an offer for my prompt consideration. I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida- 33701. If you have an inquiry please contact me for a swift response.

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We have on hand this magnificent Neupert Spinet harpsichord. It has a sticker on it stating the Kasimoff Piano Company, we contacted the company. We found a lot of history on this item. Us personally have no idea about the item any questions asked we will try and find the information for you. We where told he wood is Walnut This wonderful piece has a ding on one corner shown in a picture. It all works apart from the last key on the right which sounds but dosent return we assume a spring under the key. We can skype live view of the item working by appointment. We will ship National and International we are known international shippers we will crate and ship to MOST countrys Shipping by location Please contact for any more questions. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

Yamaha Electone Organ Rampack RP-5, 32 KB

Nord is a well-known brand for professional musical equipment. The Nord Stage 3 is a perfect example of the brand’s stage pianos. It’s divided into 3 sections which include a customizable piano, synth, and organ.


Lowrey Organ-Century LC50 Model-Excellent Condition with Padded Stool $3,000.00

The thick walls offer one reason why musicians lived (and still live) there. Their thickness was due to what they contained: pipes for circulating freezing brine (to keep the rooms at 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and provide ice-water taps), pneumatic tubes to carry messages to residents, etc. A rooftop farm (with 500 chickens) supplied tenants with fresh eggs and dairy products until it was forced to close. The dining rooms could accommodate 1300, and service kitchens on each floor could also deliver meals directly to apartments. When the building opened (unofficially in 1903), it generated its own electricity.

They broadcast live on Eurovision Gluck’s opera Orfeo ed Euridice from the tiny Drottningholms Slottsteater outside of Stockholm. The 18th-century opera house had no broadcast facilities, no television lighting, no air conditioning, and could go up in flames if treated improperly.


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Home Dieses Angebot steht durch Cleante-Pianos! Vor einem Gebot lesen Sie bitte unsere Kaufabwicklungsbedingungen! Wegen kleinen Schönheitsfehlern stark im Preis reduziert! LINDEN(KAWAI) Klavier mit erstaunlich vollem und transparenten Klang! KAWAI ist eine weltbekannte Pianomarke aus Japan! Von einem Klavierlehrer getestet und als ausgezeichnet bewertet worden!


This YC-20 is in very good physical shape. With only the expected scuffs and scratches from use. I’ve kept this dude at home in the studio since I’ve had it(no gigs) All knobs and pots are present and work as they should. All keys work perfectly as well. The TOUCH VIBRATO works and is a cool feature(Hold down keys and wiggle from side to side.

The activated copy with Internet Download Manager Serial Key downloads each type of required file specified with the filters of the website. It makes it easier to run multiple grabber projects at once, and it is run periodically to stop or synchronize changes at a given time.



Kept in the same house for most of its life and rarely played. All kinds of sounds and functions. Beats, recording, comes with a manual. Led Zeppelin and The Doors among others used Electones.

I’ll probably do another post some day on the use of projection in opera. It is well documented back to 1726 in Hamburg using magic lanterns with moving-image slides (in one 1727 Hamburg production, there were motion fireworks). I cannot (yet) confirm the motion apparatus used there then, but it was common in the 19th century to have elaborate geared slides that could depict flowing fountains and the like.


According to the story, a salesperson for the matchbook company thought it was a good idea and pitched it to the Pabst Brewing company, which ordered 10 million. Duke Tobacco took 30 million, and Wrigley Gum a billion. The advertising paid for the matchbooks, so they were given away free.

Yamaha Electone BK-2 Electric Organ with Bench/Manuals/Extras

This organ works and sounds great. I couldn't find anything wrong at all and I tried just about everything. This item has been examined and tested and works great. Just a few light scratches on one end of the seat, some imperfections near the side bottoms but nothing very noticeable. I give this item 8/10 for used condition- some dings here or there but nothing affecting function or major cosmetic damage.


Here is a really cool wah wah pedal- this is a vintage 1975 Thomas Organ Co. CryBaby. The pedal works and sounds fantastic- the case has some scratches and scuffs.

Today, they not only make an attractive vintage toy, but are also used in pop music(sampled or live) See below for Youtube demos! Item Condition: In good condition with traces of age and use; tested and in full working order and well in tune- great fun! Note: general tuning of these instruments is at a=446 Hz(slightly higher than concert pitch) Dimensions: ca. 55/5 x 35 x 11 centimeters; the width of the white keys is ca. 19mm. Weight ca. 3/8 kilograms(before packing) Youtube demos To get an idea of what these instruments sound like. Check out the Youtube clips below. The first clip is a really lovely. Professional recording using the Antonelli'Golden Organ' as a basis for the sound. No picture, just sound) The second clip is a contemporary experiment. Combining the Antonelli Golden Organ with an analog synthesizer(picture is rather fuzzy but you will get the general idea) POSTAGE& PACKING(2-5 kilograms) Insured Priority Mail* EURO GBP US$ Netherlands 8/50 8/00 12/50 EUR-1(Belgium. Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden) 22/50 20/50 32/50 EUR-2(Finland.


One reason they didn’t die is that the hot, low-oxygen, high-carbon-dioxide air was vented out the top of the building. But nature abhors a vacuum, so fresh air came in at the bottom; if it was freezing outside, it was almost as cold at some points inside.

Yamaha Electone MC-200 Electric Organ READ DESCRIP. FOR PRICING

Thus, the black exterior cabinet was– and is– not included. What you get here is the fully working internal circuitry with all pedals attached and the connecting cable for an HX System stand– all working perfectly. Simply lacking the cosmetic exterior housing. That is: a metal frame with the black foot pedals mounted on it, PCBs on the underside, and a multi-wire(parallel port) cable coming out of the back to connect to the HX stand/System.


Lowrey 25-Note Organ Bass Pedals

Nevertheless, the world’s first regularly scheduled live HDTV broadcast, seven years earlier, in 1989, included Norwegian soprano Sissel Kyrkjebø. Later that same year, Bavarian State Opera’s Ring cycle was recorded in HDTV, followed in 1990 by Seattle Opera’s War and Peace and the Metropolitan Opera’s Semiramide. At the time, HDTV equipment was so difficult to use that camera placement was determined, in part, by available cable lengths, and each tape had to be “burnished” in place by running it through a recorder, then cleaning the recorder, and only then being able to make the recording.

Antique CHICKERING 88 Key Spinet Dark Brown Wood PIANO & Matching Fabric Bench

In Damnation of Faust, there’s a scene in which a gondola is being poled across the stage, the vessel and its occupants reflected in the rippling water — except there’s no water. Cameras pick up the action on the stage and feed it into computer-graphics engines, which, in turn, feed warp engines to adjust for the projection surfaces, which feed multiple overlapped projectors.



Keys, Hammers, Dampers, Regulation: All keys work properly although the action needs regulation. The dampers are unusually clean leading to the possibility that they may have been replaced at some point. The owner acquired the piano in the 1980’s and did not know if they had been replaced prior to her ownership. The hammers are also very clean. Although appropriately ridged for the age of the piano. The tone of the piano would be greatly improved by shaping and voicing the hammers. The keys are in good condition, slightly yellowed with age, but not chipped or scratched. The backs of the keys are very clean.

Between that movie and The Jazz Singer, which supposedly introduced the age of sound (but was itself largely without spoken dialogue and used plot-advancing textual “intertitles”), there were many synchronized-sound opera movies, including a “full-length” (22-reel) Faust in 1907. There were also many synchronization mechanisms, from singers standing behind the screen watching their projected characters (Martha in 1899) to the projectionist adjusting cranking speed to match phonograph playback (at the Phono-Cinéma-Théâtre at the Paris World’s Fair in 1900).



At least four of the objects on display include automatic music devices, and at least two of those play opera music by Gluck. At the heart of the exhibition is La Joueuse de Tympanon (the dulcimer player), an automaton that plays tunes on a hammered dulcimer. It was given to Marie Antoinette in 1784. She, in turn, gave it to the Academy of Sciences, which is why it survives today. It plays eight Gluck tunes (by actually hammering the dulcimer); two are from his operas. Another object is a column clock that once belonged to the empress Catherine the Great of Russia. According to the exhibition catalog, it is the only known 18th-century record of Gluck’s opera Iphigénie en Aulide.

Sixty years after that Carmen, the Metropolitan Opera is still transmitting opera live to movie theaters, now worldwide. The most-recent presentation (as this is being written) was Aida on December 15th.


In 1927, Kurt Weill’s opera Royal Palace included a film interlude in the score (Alban Berg’s more famous 1937 Lulu has the same). In 1928, Weill literally added a phonograph recording to the score of Der Zar lässt sich photographieren (The Tsar Gets Photographed); intended to be played during the opera, the record was distributed in a sleeve in the score.

Vintage Magnus Electric Chord Organ Model

In 1898, Short applied for a patent on a sound-amplification device — effectively a powered megaphone. What’s particularly interesting about it is that 1898 was years before the first electronic amplification device. Short’s system didn’t need to use electricity at all; it used compressed air, the sound pressure of the voice moving a valve.


But those weren’t the first wireless transmissions of opera music. At the Paris World’s Fair of 1900, people could listen wirelessly to opera music, and they didn’t even need radios! Horace Short took his compressed-air-amplified gramophone to the top of the Eiffel Tower and played opera records.

Yamaha Electone FS-200 Organ

Send me an email thru eBay Questions. The Fine Print All items are sold as is. Therefore, should you have any questions, please email me prior to bidding. All items are described as accutately as possible and conditions are never omited intentionally. Please email with appropriate questions before you bid. Shipped from a smoke free environment.


I am offering this mid-level Sitar for the starting bid of ONLY $325/00 with FREE SHIPPING. This beautiful Sitar is blemished(see images) but it does not affect the sound. Also, the blemish is on the side that faces the floor while playing it. This Sitar comes with a soft cover and a hard case.

Baldwin Classic Provincial Acrosonic Spinet Piano with Bench, Walnut

La Petite Grands are selling online for up to $5,000. I am asking $1,500 because it has small knicks on the off-white paint- and the left pedal(soft pedal, the least used one-if ever) needs to be repaired. Also you would obviously need to have it tuned when it is moved. Note: These 2 things are things that any good piano technician can take care of for only a couple of hundred dollars more. Right now it is in tune and very"playable" I am a voice and piano teacher(private lessons) and have been teaching with this piano-and still continue to use it- daily. I have had it tuned(always) at least once a year. This is especially a good piano for a student who wants to get the"feel" of playing/practicing on a grand but does not have the space(or money resources) to invest on a grand piano.


Thomas Organ Model: 5270 Speaker Items in good working condition. Great sound Refund Policy: Fourteen day return policy. Item must be shipped back in the same condition as received.

The first opera music to be transmitted from one city to another (1877) was from Rossini’s Il barbiere di Siviglia. The first complete opera transmitted from an opera house (1878) was Donizetti’s Don Pasquale.


First, they introduced audience boxes where the rich and famous could be seen. The sale and rental of the boxes covered much of the cost of the opera production (even back then about ten times more expensive than producing a play). When the Metropolitan Opera was created in 1883, it was as a real-estate company to deal with the boxes. In the beginning, the real-estate company hired opera companies to put on performances (and changed those opera companies when they weren’t satisfied).

Rare Profesional Yamaha Electone E-5 Console Organ Portamento Strip Star Wars

We are the original owner of the item purchased in 1985. The keyboard has been sitting at my moms house for all its life here in the Columbus Georgia Area. It works and is used very seldom. It has the original bench and owners manual. This item has two keyboard rows, a pedal volume control, several synthesizer settings and rhythm settings. The wood exterior is in great shape and is perfect for the beginner or the veteran. It is hard to find information on it but you can do a google search to understand the number of features it has available or if you have specific questions regarding it you can message me. I can deliver it in the local area, or you can pick it up. As the unit is large I am not offering any shipping. If this souns like your deal, let me know, we. moreare looking to make some room in the house and we figure it would be better off in the hands of someone who will use it more.


By 1641, for the opera La finta pazza, not only the music and story but also the scenery and stage machinery were mentioned, which is where the word “opera” really comes from; it is the plural of the Latin word “opus,” which means work. Opera is a combination of many works: music, storytelling, acting, scenery, choreography, stagecraft, etc.

Media-Technology and Opera History

Wurlitzer Piano Spinet Model P150. Gently used for a couple of years and is in Great Condition. The Finish still has a nice shine to it and everything works as it should. Bought it about 7 years ago, had it Tuned when it arrived and has not been moved since. It has to go since no one plays it any longer and has not for years.


Yamaha Electone US-1 Organ / Piano

This fabulous folding Harmonium was made by The Sunday School Union. The Sunday School Union was founded in London in 1785. But really got going around 1803 in England and in 1832 in the USA and world wide. It was set up by members of the Church of England to promote education of the poor. The address given for the Sunday School Union was 57-8 Ludgate Hill, London EC. Musical instruments which they sold were manufactured to stand any climate and a three year finance system was available. Some were made by Claudius Bailey(1884-1888) of 1-3 Chalfont Road. Holloway, N. London, who made Sunday School Union organs possibly later using American made actions and only making his own bellows and cases.

So merrily danc'd the Quaker

This organ is a antique it was built in the 1972 it is in very good condition. Still works and it is Rhythm Section.


Verkaufe jetzt auch meinen zweiten Kawai MP 8 II. Das Teil habe ich hauptsächlich im Proberaum gespielt. Es sind einige Gebrauchsspuren vorhanden. Technisch ist aber alles in Ordnung. Lieferumfang: Kawai MP8 II- Flight-Case- Netzkabel- Kawai F-20 Pedal- Bedienungsanleitung- Notenpult von Kawai(zum drauf stecken) Es handelt sich hierbei um ein FESTPREISANGEBOT!

Yamaha Electone Organ OEM Miscellaneous Parts Small Screws Washers Nuts - Lot

Music teachers, recording studios, churches and business are some of our main returning customers. We. Of course, also tune up piano in personal homes for a very affordable price. If you are not living in NC. Please ask before purchasing for the shipping costs. A piano is heavy and fragile; the price could be very expensive. Buyers of NC will have to pay 7% for sale taxes on the purchase.


Upright piano spinet wires. Used. Good condition. postal discount for many

Important please read before bidding; we do not rebate for any reason. We do however accept all returns. When you buy from us your options are to keep the item for the full auction price or return it with no questions asked, the buyer pays return postage.

Vintage Piano Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet 1950's This is a beautiful piano and is in great condition. Has very little wear and is in tune.


Living in a smaller place now and need the space. Has been in a very clean home with no pets and non-smoking.

You can find many more examples of 19th-century opera movies in Ken Wlaschin’s Encyclopedia of Opera on Screen. And, in 1900, the last year of the 19th century, at the Paris World’s Fair, the Phono-Cinéma-Théâtre provided many sync-sound movies of opera arias.


Vertical- For Local Pickup Atlanta area. Baldwin Spinet Piano with bench Will need tuning after moving.



Yamaha RAM Packs 2x RP-3 & 4x RP-5 Registration Electone HS HS8 HX HX1 HE US1

Am selling this yamaha keyboard which used to belong to my brother. Been on the shelf a while but still in very good order, beautiful sound, comes with some sort of card slotted in, has power plug, nice condition, collection and trail wellcome but will post.

Yamaha Electone FX-10 electric organ / In great condition/ One owner/ make offer

Includes AC Power Cord and Owner's Manual Addendum. Comes in a black SKB Keyboard Case. Keyboard shows some wear from normal use but is in working condition. Please see photos for further details.


So what should make Mascagni’s Rapsodia Satanica the first film opera? It was shot after all of the above, and Mascagni began composing its score in 1914 (carefully matching it to the movie).

The experimental program also included chamber music and symphonic concerts, ballet, and theater. The last was a New York Philharmonic concert (with Isaac Stern) on 1975 May 17.


Beautiful Wurlitzer Spinet Piano- mahogany wood. Piano bench and piano light included. Needs to be tuned but otherwise in good condition. My dad was a professional piano player who loved to play this piano.

Needs a bit of restoration, but appears to be in fairly good shape. The only problem I can see it that the bellows on the back side need to be replaced. They are all dried out and stuck together. Everything else looks pretty good. The outside case is a bit scuffed up and is missing one edge trim strip.


We will offer full refund for return. Please be kind with feedback as we will make it right with our return refund policy. Please contact us first through ebay message system before leaving bad feedback. Often there is just a misunderstanding and we appreciate being given the opportunity to explain or make things right. It is our desire to work with you and appreciate your business and kindness.

The organ cabinet is in good condition with minor dings and scratches. The organ works when first turned on. Then after 30 seconds or so, the panel locks up and there is no sound. If the power is turned off then then turned back on again. It will do the same thing, have sound for about 15-30 seconds, then the panel will lock up, you can not adjust anything) and there is no sound. I do not have a service manual for the organ.


There is crazing of the lacquer coating in some areas. The underlying inlay and wood grain are in beautiful shape. Established in 1896, the Estey Piano Company received International Awards for its pianos. This Estey Piano needs tuning, but there is no indication that the soundboard is damaged. Original inlayed piano bench is included! Local pickup only is available for this piano from Palmdale, California.

If you are in So Cal see our great deals in person Monday through Saturday 8 AM to 6 PM Please contact us with a verifiable address before you"Buy It Now. Within fifty miles from our showroom: Schroeder's will deliver for free.


It has all 88 keys and 3 pedals. Everything is in working order and I can also give you the name of my piano tuner to tune this piano for you after you've moved it into your home. This piano is available for local pick up only in the Yakima/Selah.

London’s Royal Opera House was the first to install its own, in-house HDTV-production facilities, followed by San Francisco Opera and then others worldwide. And, today, The Metropolitan Opera: Live in HD is the number-one “alternative content for cinema” worldwide.


But helpful, and a nice thing to have for the OBX player/ programmer. This one is in like new condition.

Piano Finders Price Comparison Guide

On the Internet, there are many websites and blogs that provide IDM serial (click here) numbers that can be used for activation. By using an IDM serial number, you can register your Internet download manager. This requires the user to activate an Internet connection to check the validity of the IDM serial key that you entered on the server.


Outlet Amps & Effects

The graceful cherry legs are lathe turned in a classic style with a center balustrade. The cast Iron& glass ball& Claw feet are typical of this era. This stool is very sturdy and in great working order. From the web: Edward G. Thomas founded the Thomas Organ Co in 1875 in Woodstock.

RETRO style LOWREY Organ Model GX-2 Excellent Condition Cartridges Manual

In 1788, 225 years ago, perhaps the earliest theatrical gas lighting was at London’s English Opera House. In 1738, 275 years ago, besides the opera clock, the term “opera glass” was used in print for a Galilean telescope used to see close ups in the opera house. And in 1638, 375 years ago, a handbook of opera staging provided what might be the oldest existing description of a lighting dimmer.


Only reason to sell, is a friend of mine gave me a larger one that I am now using. You will love to have it with the battery operation. It is more convenient and you can use it anywhere.

The OpenProj solution has been translated into French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Galician, Persian, Russian, Korean and Chinese. We are looking for further documentation and translation assistance.


Can be used as a huge MIDI controller, 16 panel memory presets, all touch-tone keyboards and pedals, everything in working order, has AWM Piano, strings, pipe organ voices. Has registration memory packs and MDR-3 disk recorder, ability to record and playback your performance; expression pedal with top controls, portamento/glide and effects pedal. Can be connected to any amplification system, great stereo effect. Owners' Manual, original Yamaha bench and original cover included! Can be taken apart for easy transportation. Please call(407)493-5148 if you have questions and to schedule an appointment to try it before you buy.


Up for auction is one 6 pin connector for Vox Thomas Organ 3 and 4 button foot switches. This is not an original vox part. But works perfect in replacing a broken or damaged 6 pin connector on Beatle, Super Beatle, Royal Guardsman, Viscount, Buckingham, Berkely II+III, and more foot pedals. This looks very similar to the original as you can see in the last photo.


Zusätzlich zur Gewährleistung von einem Jahr, auf unsere gebrauchten Instrumente eine Garantizeit von 5 Jahren Bundesweit an. Alle Instrumente werden in unserer Fachwerkstatt von Fachpersonal instandgesetzt und geprüft. Unsere Instrumente befinden sich in technischem und optischem einwandfreiem Zustand! Die Instrumente werden gestimmt und reguliert ausgeliefert. Piano Müller ist der Geheimtipp für gespielte Instrumente sowie für Steinway& Sons Liebhaber.

Lowrey Organ Software: 50's and 60's. for use with GL series Lowrey organs

The most recurring seems to be a fear of hurting the opera-house ticket sales. It surfaced no later than March 22, 1876, in a story in The New York Times about the telephone.


All key ivory's are in good shape. All the mechanisms work smoothly. The piano has not been tuned in recent years. Daughters learned to play on this piano. Finish on piano is fair/good, the included music bench finish needs work.

Mark Schubin: Although it’s certainly true that Edison did not achieve his goal of opera movies for some time, there were plenty of opera-movie conjunctions prior to the 20th century. Some think that Edison’s 1894 Carmencita was intended to be heard with music of Carmen.


Number 12 in the Roland SR-JV80-series saga. The Hip Hop collection expansion board is a goldmine of old(and new) school sounds for urban styles such as Hip Hop and Rap, but it also features many other sounds suitable for Soul, Jazz Funk, Reggae, R&B, 70s Fusion, Disco etc. The loops contained in this board are phenomenal. Programmed with taste and inventive- and they"swing" just the right amount to make your head bob following the rhythm. The basses are all classic analog of the Moog and vintage Roland variety. A must for these genres of music.

Lowrey Organs Model TG 98/ TG 98 H Service Manual Genie

If phone lines were a problem, why not radio? That’s what led to De Forest’s 1907 opera-music transmission. But four days later the chief electrician of the Brooklyn Navy Yard came to Telharmonium Hall to complain of interference to his wireless transmissions.


Das Instrument ausgiebig zu testen und zu vergleichen. Als eine der größten Flügelausstellungen in Deutschland haben wir ständig 40 Neu- und Gebrauchtflügel der Hersteller Bösendorfer.

K kawai grand piano

Lighting could be pretty elaborate even back in the old days. The second edition of Nicola Sabbattini’s handbook of stagecraft, published in 1638, includes instructions for and a diagram of a light-dimming system, as well as information on house lighting, lightning-bolt effects, and color filters.


Piano Baldwin Spinet Style

WE HAVE ALL ITEMS AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING AND SEARCHING, AND ADD DAILY. Please be sure to check my other listings for a whole lot more! Many items you will find are one-of-a-kind. And some OUT OF PRINT for decades! If you have questions or concerns, PLEASE email me. Tracking and/or Upgrade to Priority mail is additional and optional, at the buyer's request and discretion. Combined shipping is welcome, with a formula of 50% on each additional item, and of course, bulk sales(10+ items) are subject to destination, weight& size allowances, and potentially larger s/h discounts.

CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY through"ask seller a question" on my listing site. Before leaving negative feedback.


Here’s a link to the post of part II of the alternative-content-for-cinema story, with lots more about opera — and baseball. There has been a long relationship between baseball and opera, two of the things for which Cooperstown, New York is famous (the Baseball Museum and Hall of Fame and the Glimmerglass Festival operas).

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Almost all of the above, however, was studio-shot programming. When the NBC Opera Theater team went to public television, they still produced studio-shot opera.


Pelé’s real first name, by the way, is Edson. He is named after the American inventor Thomas Edison, whose work on the invention of motion pictures was intended specifically for opera and who predicted in 1891 that he would be able to show opera on color television at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

Press [Enter] at this prompt to continue. You will next be given the option to check the Microlite Corporation website for newer versions of BackupEDGE before installing anything. You must have a functioning Internet connection on the UNIX or Linux machine for this to work. You may skip this check by pressing [Enter], in which case proceed to "The Installation Manager" on page 40. If you elect to perform this check by pressing Y [Enter], however, BackupEDGE will check for a newer version. If no newer version exists, you will be informed of this. Installation will continue with the CD-ROM version as if you did not check for a newer version. From time to time, newer versions of BackupEDGE may require different licenses and serial numbers than older versions. When this happens, the first number in the version will change. The second and third number in the version is not related to the license1. For example, version 02/01/02 can use any 02/00/0x license.


I’ve worked for Screen Subtitling Systems since 1992. When I joined, I was surprised to find out about some of the more unusual uses for subtitles. At the time, videodiscs (12″) were on the wane for films, having had their day as a high quality but cumbersome medium, replaced by the much more commercial VHS. However, VHS did not have the bandwidth to carry much in the way of subtitles. The best they could do was a form of US Closed Captions, intended for own-language captions for the deaf. Videodisc, however, provided close to full PAL bandwidth, and so teletext data could be coded directly as part of the video, and had the capacity to carry multiple languages of subtitles.

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Please be aware that by law I must fill out a United States custom form and attach it to your package. On that form I am required to mark the value of the item enclosed. I will use the final sale price as this value, not including shipping charges. Please do not ask me to mark your item as a gift. If a certain value triggers extra custom charges based on your countries customs laws these are your responsibility and not mine. Combined Shipping I will be more than happy to combine shipping on multiple wins. Please click the link below to check my other auctions.


Mid-Century Modern 60s TEAK BALDWIN ACROSONIC Spinet Upright Piano Danish Style

Jim Lindner: While the inventor’s intention at least for the patent application likely was opera, the practical reality of what happened was decidedly plebeian. Early cinema was almost entirely seen by the public in side show type entertainment, portrayed fairly accurately in Hugo.

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Previous test transmissions took place in the factory workshop, but that was considered too dirty for Melba, so a microphone line was run to a front office. Unfortunately, when the transmitter was turned on, the microphone exploded, and its line set fire to the carpet; she sang in the workshop. The Postmaster General later shut the transmissions down because they were interfering with other communications (primarily direction finding at Croydon airfield).



Yamaha TX-III speaker for Yamaha EX-1 or EX-2 Electone synth/organ This Yamaha TX-III speaker is fully functional and was originally matched with an EX-2 synthesizer. Though this model of speaker also came with the EX-1 and can be hooked up to an EX-1 as well. Please note that the buyer will be responsible for and must pay the actual shipping cost.

Everything works great on this keyboard. It's fun to play and the action of the keys is great. I recently replaced the battery on this synth. The sounds on the synth are not factory presets but Sysex data that I loaded on to it from the internet.


Vintage Lester piano Philadelphia USA Betsy Ross spinet with bench cherry wood

He was by no means the first to put opera on television. In 1934, the BBC telecast a highly condensed version of Carmen. In 1936, they carried portions of the opera Pickwick before it opened on stage, and, the following year, they telecast the first complete, uncut opera, La serva padrona. The BBC telecast an opera they commissioned, Cinderella, in 1938, but it had been commissioned for radio and adapted for television. The first opera commissioned specifically for television was Amahl and the Night Visitors, first aired by NBC in 1951.

CASIO TONE BANK CT-700 ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD 100 SOUND TONE& BEAT BANKS Everything I tried on this keyboard worked fine. I do not play the piano but I was able run some of the programs and it made me sound Great! The AC adapter was purchased from an e-bay supplier selling ones specifically for this keyboard. I also tried it with batteries(not included) and it worked fine with those as well. The shipping is to the lower 48 states ONLY. Check with us for a quote from FedEx as well before you bid. Local pick up is FREE and ENCOURAGED!


History: Thomas Organ Company failed to successfully trademark the name Cry-Baby. And in turn it was stolen by Dunlop who began manufacturing wah pedals under the Cry-Baby name.

Slight varnish discolorations can be seen in some places. A little veneer separation has occurred on the sheet music easel. Bench included has a few dings around top outside edge of seat. Piano has been inside a home on the ground floor throughout its entire life.


We are a Yamaha authorized service center and have fully tested this unit. Can arrange for shipping through piano movers or freight company. Can also deliver within 100 miles of 95301 for free. Will deliver within 100-300 miles for a fee.

Chickering & Sons Piano

Although Eurovision, itself, wasn’t created until 1954, the first test transmissions of television in Sweden didn’t occur until after Eurovision’s first network transmission. Actual broadcasting (from what was then called Radiotjänst Television) didn’t begin until 1956, daily broadcasts didn’t begin until 1957, and regular news broadcasts not until September 2 of 1958, months after the FIFA World Cup was over. So Eurovision was appropriately concerned about the ability of SVT properly to cover the athletic contest, which would occur in different locations around the country. They needed a demonstration of SVT’s live remote capability.


When you pedal and play it sounds fine and produces a great tone that would not be out of place on an Ivor Cutler or Vashti Bunyan record. So great for folk or experimental musicians. It has a lever that selects two different sounds. The'E' up from the middle C. And the lowest G flat do not sound. But quite simple to compose tunes around those notes. A great little harmonium that won't eat up too much space and produce some quirky sounds. Collection only in person from the south of Cumbria.

Vintage Yamaha Electone Model 115 Organ & bench ser. #3140 Local Pick Up

But it comes with the power supply. Shipping is to lower 48 states only. Feel free to message me with any questions.


On the baseball side, the Ansonia’s most-famous resident was Babe Ruth, who reportedly entertained in his rooms every night and would sometimes play the saxophone (which he took up after moving in). That was not a problem inside his apartment (some of the walls were three feet thick); it was more noticeable when he played in the hallways. He’d also wear his red silk bathrobe to the basement barber for his morning shave.

Lowrey Organ Sterling edition

The Puccini item was nice, others were fun, and a lecture-demo was highly educational, but my epiphany came when I heard a music box’s rendition of an opera tune. That’s when it dawned on me that opera music had been disseminated long before phonograph recordings.


Vintage Yamaha Organ It was bought from the original owner to use in a movie score. I no longer need have a use for it. Everything works perfectly and you can even plug in headphones to use all night. The only thing wrong with it is that 1 key has fallen. It's a super easy fix but I just never got around to it. It really is a great find. Message me if you would like more pictures. Yamaha Electone Late 1970s Model 115 Ser. No. 3912 120 Volts 100 Watts 60 hz Please note that the bench is no longer included.

That’s why artist like Ustad Shahid Parvej Khan. Ustad Rais Khan, Ustad Usman Khan, Pandit Kishori Amonkar, Pandit Chandavrkar, Pandit Bhimsen Joshiprefers to use Mirajkars Musical Instrument. This is eighth generation continue in manufacturing musical instrument. From last 200 years our esteem customer has motivated us to obtain the exceptional quality. Therefore today we are exporting Musical Instruments all over the world mainly to USA, Singapore, Netherland, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Uk, Italy etc. Contact Us If you have any queries feel free to contact us through eBay Message system Or Click on"Ask a Seller" tab below each listing.


Yamaha EL90 EL900 HX HS8 Electone Organ -Replacement Pedal White Key VH533500

Rhodes plastic hammer This item is a n all plastic hammer in excellent used condition. Can be used in a Rhodes Mark I. II, or later model. Some early Rhodes(not Fender Rhodes) Mark I's having wooden-headed hammers from around 1975 so check it properly what you need. You can find the wooden hammer in my shop as well.

German Single Manual Harpsichord by Bryan Carroll Grand Rapids 1984 Opus 7. Bryan Carroll apprenticed with Keith Hill. This harpsichord has had only one owner. Disposition: 2x8' 1x4' with buff stop Range: 61 keys FF to f' Transposing from a=440 to a=415 hz Measurements: Length 87" 7 feet 3 inches) Width 40" 3 feet 4 inches) Plastic jacks without adjustment screws. Solid wood construction throughout. Elegant double bentside in the German style. This is a handsome harpsichord made of Flame Maple with a scrolled Walnut Burl name board and a Birds-eye Maple wrestplank. Soundboard of quarter-sawn spruce& the planks run diagonally with Walnut bridges. The keys are ebony with bone topped sharps. K eyboard height adjustment mechanism is regulated by 2 screws located on the bottom. The fallboard is currently missing.


Opera and Medical Media Technology

Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Address Bar Browse by Name: · Browse by Name helps you find a site even when you don't.

Yamaha Electone PAS system - Service Guide Analysis

You are looking at a beautiful Rudolf Wurlitzer upright piano that has been played by members of our family since the 1970's. Most recently it has not really been played and it's someone else's turn now to own and enjoy this wonderful musical instrument. Let us know if you have any specific questions or would like additional pics.


The piano has a sustenudo middle pedal, something usually found only in performance instruments. Its replacement, the Kawai GM-10k is a little larger at 5’0” but the instrument is built in its Indonesia factory for cost saving reasons. Many piano manufacturers moved some of the lower quality construction to countries such as China and Indonesia. Yamaha, for instance, and even Steinway has their Essex brand built there. The fact that the GM-1 is built in Hamamatsu, Japan, certainly adds value.

Music desk, two prop sticks(one natural wood, one cream to match the inside color) and a padded case. The instrument is beautiful physically and aurally. It is painted(by Hubbard) a royal blue on the outside and cream on the inside with gold banding throughout. The sound board is painted with birds.


All vintage items are sold as shown in the pictures. PLEASE NOTE: If you require or intend to leave negative feedback or lower our DSR's score please look for items in other places. Negative feedback and lowering DSR creates problems including closing seller’s account. You would not be able to purchase items that we are listing. We apologize for any inconvenience.

In fact, for those of you who have studied computer history and have read about the 1801 Jacquard loom, it was far from the first programmable device. Haspels has a 1714 musical clock with interchangeable cylinders, another from 1596 with a programmable cylinder, and one even before that, from around 1480, with a simple but programmable music-control cylinder.


I have a gorgeous Zuckerman Flemish Harpsichord in excellent condition. It was built by Al Duim in California and has two 8 foot choirs and a lute stop. The soundboard is in impeccable condition and has a rich amber color. This instrument has a very deep and resonant sound with lots of delicate overtones. It is truly the best sounding instrument I have ever come across. It has been played daily and it has been regularly maintained.

That said, I think it boils down to economics. After a certain number of performances a year, equipment purchase becomes less expensive than rental, but, on the purchase side, maintenance and replacement need to be figured in, too.


Yamaha Electone 6000 Organ & Bench Zeppelin&Doors Recording Studio Gem

Yamaha MR-700 Electone Organ We originally bought this organ for $3/300. Works great, as it was rarely used. Includes Bench with storage compartment. Everything works great and comes with the original owner/operator manuals. It has tons of effects and tones to choose from. There are two 26 key piano boards and an octave of foot pedal keys. It also has a foot pedal for volume adjustment with a flange effect pedal. Measures 17 1/2" deep x 42 1/2" wide x 36" high.

When you change pitches using the wheel. You will get some hum noise or something like that As with instruments of this age it does have some signs of use with some scuffs. Scratches and marks here and there. There are some scuffs on the body but it looks quite good for its age. You can see small scratches on our pictures. This unit is for 100Voltage( Not for 240V) You need the voltage converter to use it We will give you one voltage converter for free The RS-09 is an analog string and organ synthesizer(similar to the Saturn-09 which only produced an organ sound) It's old. It's cheap and they're usually worth finding!


You are bidding on a non-working Tremelo Unit Lowrey 10L-2S organ. The organ worked unit 5-6 years ago when one day it stopped powering-on. The unit is complete, but the power supply is currently outside of the unit but easily re-installed. This unit is sold as-is to the highest bidder for PICK-UP ONLY IN FORT MILL, SC. Please don't hestitate if you have any questions.

Technics GX7 PCM Electronic Organ Description: Up for auction is a Technics GX7 PCM electronic organ. The condition is very good with some light scratches and edge wear. Mostly made of microprocessors and circuit boards so this is not heavy and can be picked up by two people. Can be seen and played by appointment.


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And another: The Tucson Opera House installed a Playograph scoreboard. According to a notice in The Arizona Daily Star, there was no admission charge to come and watch the 1931 World Series between the Philadelphia Athletics and the St. Louis Cardinals. It was “presented to all Tucson fans by the Opera House and” the newspaper.

Yamaha HX-1 E-5 E-5AR E-3 Electone Pro Console Organ Circuit Board Card LC1061-1

I am happy to send items overseas but you must check costs BEFORE BIDDING OR BUYING. On booking of parcels you will be notified of the carrier and any tracking numbers( not for Royal mail trafic as I will have the proof of postage reciept) In the event of any item going missing in transit I will assist as best I can to trace it but will not issue a refund. It will be your resposability to claim from the carrier. If you require higher insurance for items over a value of £20/00 please let me know before paying& I will adjust the costs accordingly.


Kranich& Bach was established in 1864. And they were known for building extremely well made, expensive pianos. They were known for their lavish use of exotic woods and extravagant cabinet styles, as well as their superior tone and construction. By 1891, Kranich& Bach claimed to have built and sold as many as 25,000 pianos nationwide. Kranich& Bach was awarded many patents throughout the 19th& 20th Centuries, many of which are considered well ahead of their time today.

CT 06320 Store Policies Clearance items cannot be returned. The discriptions are extremely accurate so you don't have to worry about what you're buying. General Information We will ship to your confirmed PayPal address(if paying via PayPal) or your credit card's billing address(if paying by credit card) If paying by PayPal your address must be confirmed prior to shipment. Some items may require a phone conversation prior to delivery. Please provide a daytime phone number with your order in case we need to contact you. Tracking numbers are available via email. Because many items are also for sale in our Connecticut retail store. Listings may end early without notice. Bid or buy now to make sure you don't miss out! US Customers We accept payment via PayPal and most major credit cards via offline processing.



Yamaha Electone EL-87 Electronic Organ Welcome to my auction of a Yamaha Electone EL-87 Electronic Organ. This beautiful electronic organ features many sophisticated functions. Including various musical instrument voices, rhythm patterns and sound effects. It is an instrument that is ideal for music lovers. It also comes with a matching stool manufactured by Yamaha. Detailed specifications of the organ are shown in the attached photo. Although it has been used previously. The organ(and the stool) is in an excellent condition with minimal signs of wear. The organ is currently located at a suburb in Sydney(Carlingford) Australia.

That music box is located in the Murtogh D. Guinness Collection of mechanical musical instruments and automata at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey. I highly recommend a visit if you’re in theNew York area.


Many say the first opera was Dafne, performed in Florence in what we’d today call 1598 (The New York Times recently reported — in its “Home” section — that the theater space still exists). The opera’s host printed little books (“libretti” in Italian) to give away as souvenirs to those in attendance (you can touch one at the New York Public Library’s Performing Arts Library). By 1600, the same libretto was reprinted as something to be bought, and that was well before the first opera ticket was sold, in 1637.

The bench is included and is in average condition- not the original. This is a very nice piano that has amazing tone.


I have no idea what this organ is worth considering I cannot find any in the United States for sale. This is just for the organ its self.

PayPal accepted from confirmed/verified members and will ship to address on file only. Returns will no longer be granted unless item has been clearly misrepresented due to previous abuse of this privlidge. I will also no longer use the i-escrow service due to extremely slow processing time. I will gladly return + feedback to winning bidder. Check my feedback and bid with confidence. I am an established eBay member since January 1999, ID Verified, and maintain top Power-Seller status.


Kimball Whitney Spinet Piano

These electromechanical instruments are great as rhythm voices, but are equally hot in the solo spotlight. Especially adaptable for many DSP effects, these two voices are tonal chameleons. If you can't find something to play in a song, chances are a Rhodes or Wurlitzer will fill the void. The Sk features two variations of the Rhodes voice recalling their "Stage" and "Suitcase" models.

I’ve written here about the many people who predicted the success of opera in various forms of media. This time, I’d like to do the opposite and write about how people said opera would NOT work that way.


Vintage Yamaha PS-25 Electronic Arpeggio Keyboard w/ Hard Shell Case in excellent condition! Keyboard has very few cosmetic blemishes and is in perfect functioning condition. Includes AC Adapter and Yamaha hardshell case. This keyboard has some amazing effects and tones. Its best feature is the customizable arpeggiator. Which allows you to select from multiple arpeggio tempos and patterns.

I think one can’t help but wonder why this adoption occurred so fast. There’s a clue in that 1876 New York Times article.


Yamaha Electone Organ EX-42 Service Manual

Winning bidder pays $45 shipping to anywhere in continental US(insured. Packaged safely) I accept PayPal from verified users with confirmed address– I will ship only to PayPal confirmed address. Please email me with any questions.

1940's Lester Betsy Ross Spinet Piano

PATENT SPECIFICATION No. 23/692. APPLICATION DATE: 14th October, 1897. SPECIFICATION ACCEPTED: 19th February, 1898. TITLE: AN IMPROVED ORGAN OR HARMONIUM ATTACHMENT FOR PIANOFORTES. APPLICANT: JAMES HILLIER of 78 St. Augustine's Road, Camden Square, London. Organ and Pianoforte Manufacturer.


Excellent Working Condition- Technics Electronic Piano- Original cost $3500/00. Plays multiple instrument sounds.

Opera in Focus video

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Send it back within 14 days for a full and hassle free refund of the item cost. CAREFUL PACKAGING and SHIPPING to the 48 US states IS ONLY $7/00(Alaska and Hawaii please contact us before you buy.

Chickering baby grand 5'4" beautiful elegant mahogany carved rare art case with matching stool. The piano has recently completed a restoration with new strings.


OH 1 Thomas Vintage ORGAN Front Panel Speaker and other Switches Tabs Assy + More Electronics Model OH-1 Bidders are responsible to determine if item shown above is correct for your application. Please ask any questions before bidding. All Vintage items are sold as is as shown. Shipping: USA and International. International bidder please email your country location as this item might be too long to ship.

Hammond USA Scott MaySenior Product Specialist Comments Feed

In his comment on the discussion “Playback of Opera Before the Advent of Recording,” Dr. Alexander Magoun pointed out that the Victor Talking Machine Company was so named because there were already music machines (music boxes, barrel organs, and the like), but they couldn’t talk. That explains the “Talking Machine” part, and the “Victor” part was because the company had just won a number of lawsuits.



RetroMagix is a virtual harpsichord based on the Flemish (Belgian Dutch), French, German and Italian models and designed for creating a wide range of sounds. Suitable for Renaissance, Baroque and.



For sale is a Vintage Yamaha Electone BK-6 Organ. It measures 43-1/2” wide x 35-1/4” tall x 22” deep. It is in good working condition. Please contact me with any questions.

Classical Organ Showcase Disks Discs Yamaha EL900 EL700 EL500, ELX1, EL90

Arrivando a produrre oltre 180 fisarmoniche al giorno! Su impulso dell'azienda nacque il CDMI(Centro Didattico Musicale Italiano) e grandi compositori scrissero metodi per fisarmonica. Oltre a varie composizioni ed opere didattiche per le Edizioni Musicali Farfisa. Se avete domande da fare sono a vostra disposizione L'oggetto nella foto è quello che riceverete.


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That opera was directed by Kirk Browning, who worked for NBC Opera Theater, an opera company maintained by that television network for 16 years (they even went on tour starting in 1956). John Goberman hired Kirk Browning to direct Live from Lincoln Center, which Browning did until his death in 2008 at age 86.

Thomas Organ Models 606-904

Untitled Document Please give time to let the entire photo’s download. They are big so you can see everything. Up for auction is this Vintage Wittmayer Harpsichord made in Germany it measures 60"X50" X24" You are bidding on a Wittmayer harpsichord model DBPNr 921908. This harpsichord is in good condition but will need to be tuned and some new strings but on it. Some of the strings are broken as you can see in the photos. WE WILL HELP WITH THE SHIPPING But it is your responsibility to pay for shipping. Please look at the enlarged pictures closely and determine the condition of this item for yourself. If you have any questions please ask before you purchase this item and I will answer them promptly. I’m completely up front about the condition of each item and try to display quality photographs of what IM selling. It is up to. morethe buyer to examine the pictures and read the item description completely. Please contact me before bidding if you have any questions.


Yamaha Electone organ model# 405-S Great condition 

Deutsches Instrument vom Hersteller Feurich. Die Oberfläche erhielt eine hochwertige Lackierung in schwarzen Seidenglanz. Das Instrument ist mit der hochwertigen Renner Mechanik ausgerüstet. Dieses Klavier ist nicht nur für Anfänger sehr gut geeignet!

Yamaha Electone Guide Manual Model D-80 & Lets Play Yamaha Electone

Keys and controllers work, no humming and hissing) very little signs of wear and tear(a small knick at the lower backside) NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER! Hier ein Vid eo von dem guten Stück(leider bin ich kein Keyboardspieler) This is a video of that fine instrument(please excuse my poor keyboardplaying) Maße(measure) Länge/ length: ca. 90 cm Breite/ width(Korpus/ body) ca. 34 cm Höhe/ hight: ca. 12 cm Zubehör/ equipment: Netzkabel/ power cord. Bedienungsanleitung/manual Versandkosten/shipping fee(Die tatsächlichen Versandkosten können abweichen. Bitte vorher genau informieren/ Actual shipping fee might differ.


És klingt sehr schön und muss nicht gestimmt werden. Alle Tasten und Schalter funktionieren einwandfrei und sämtliche Töne in allen Registern sprechen an. Das Akkordeon hat keine technischen oder klanglichen Mängel und es mufft auch nicht. Mängel: Ein paar Tasten haben Haarrisse.

So, when was the first sound recording of opera music? Would you believe 1860 — 17 years before Edison’s first phonograph?


Even though any one piano maker may offer many different models of pianos ranging from spinets to concert grands, there often seems to be a certain quality, or "family resemblance", among all the products of one brand, especially with regards to tone quality. Each piano maker seems to cultivate a certain unique sound or tonal character that differentiates the instruments bearing his name from those of all the other brands. At one time or another, you have probably heard pianists talk about that ""/Steinway," "Baldwin," "Yamaha", or "Young Chang" sound.

SN: 92054#35(age: 1940-45) Good condition, woodwork has some minor scratches and dents, normal wear. All keys and pedals are in perfect alignment and working. All playing parts work harmoniously, no sticking, comes with the piano bench shown in picture. Plays beautifully; has great sound.


YAMAHA ELCU-M02 Electone #279 

For purchase and delivery cost must be made through paypal, in advance of delivery. Payment MUST be within 24 hours of end of auction.

Yamaha Electone 315D Electric Organ/Synthesizer

Bewerten Sie mich auch positiv mit fünf Sternchen. Sollten Sie nicht zufrieden sein. Nehmen Sie unbedingt Kontakt auf, so wie eBay das auch verlangt. Schreiben Sie mir eine E-Mail, wir finden bestimmt eine Lösung. Die Sternchen-Bewertung ist für mich besonders wichtig. Auch wenn Sie den Eindruck haben. Dass die Abgabe von 4 statt 5 Sternchen immer noch gut sei, das stimmt leider nicht. Eine wirkliche Bestrafung für Verkäufer sind 1. 2 oder 3 Sternchen. Das schlägt sich auch auf die Betrachtung als Verkäufer durch eBay nieder.


Opera: A History in Documents

Up for auction is a vintage Weaver solid oak spinet piano. The Weaver Piano Co. of York Pa was sold in 1965 and any Weaver pianos found these days are collectors items. This particular spinet piano is in need of a tuning as it hasn't been played in many years.

Up for sale is one Vintage Vox pathfinder amp stand. It is pretty good shape for its age. But does show some rust( see pictures) It is from the 1960s and fits perfectly the Vox V1101 Pathfinder amplifier. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Item is sold as is. Shipping will be swift and through UPS. Item will be disassembled to save on shipping.


Shipping shall be USPS Priority shipping, Any USPS Insurance and or coverage or additional USPS services is the sole responsibility of the winning buyer. Any loss and or damage is the sole. Responsibility of the winning buyer. All Items Are Sold As Is, All Sales Are.

For sale is a Harmonium Guard mini; 8/60 from the Blood War set(Common) with no card. Mini is in good shape with minor flaws. Keep checking back with our auctions as we will be listing hundreds of D&D minis. I try to describe the item as best as I can.


If you're looking for a console, then Yamaha got the best one for you! This is Yamaha's latest console digital piano that features sample sets from Bösendorfer and CFX.


The item must be returned within 14 days in its original packaging and condition. Shipping- $3/98(includes Delivery Confirmation) for shipping. And handling in the continental USA. Save on shipping with multiple purchases. The first base s/h for the first or heaviest item and an additional 50% for each extra auction. Depending on size and destination. Sorry no international shipping. Thanks for viewing tdsohio AUCTION and p lease view my other auctions! Have a great day and good luck bidding!


The original box and packaging are also MINT. The NORD includes these accessories: Nord Sample Library and Piano Library with ac cord and USB cord.

Will sell and ship internationally, contact me for additional shipping charges. Thanks for stopping by The Organ Transplant!


Mark Schubin: That’s not an area I’ve researched yet (but, given that Poulsen was a telephone engineer, he might have been working on the answering machine). I look forward to learning more!

I believe it is because it has a libretto (it’s the only silent movie I know of that has one). The libretto was written by Fausto Maria Martini (separately from the screenplay) and was published with several still images from the movie.


Credit cards, of any kind will be accepted for payment. PLEASE NOTE: the $100 shipping fee listed here is just an educated guess. The actual cost for moving/shipping depends on how the buyer makes those arrangements. The buyer is responsible of all moving/shipping charges. And any(if any) damage done to the piano in the course of moving/shipping the piano. Please contact seller if any questions.

If the above makes you want to read the book yourself, I offer two cautions: First, it’s a pretty silly story. Second, like some other literature of its time, it is full of bigoted ethnic, racial, and religious stereotypes, though the last is at least partially cancelled by the very end of the book.


Comes with all manuals and brochures, original receipt and several cartridges that change the style of music played. Excellent working condition- like new! Cost over $15,000 back in days, Organ is located at Flossmoor in Illinois. Serious inquires please contact me for viewing this wonderful family musical instrument!

Yamaha Electone B-12 Series Vintage Japan

I don't have the keyboard now, but the manual will be useful/ of interest to someone. It is in good condition, no markings or writing inside.


Best home digital piano 

Buyer to arrange for moving and transporting organ. Please note: Organ is heavy and needs to go down a flight of stairs. We are located in Incline Village. NV(North Lake Tahoe) Don't forget to make an offer- you never know what I will accept! Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Thanks for looking!

The Sheet Music is in a protective sleeve with cardboard backing and is shipped out as such. None of the music has been trimmed. The images are either taken by a digital camera or a scanner. The scanner images might not show all of the edges because of the size limitation of the scanner. But the sheet music is fully intact with no trimmed edges(unless otherwise stated) I have an unbelievably large collection of sheet music to sell- thousands and thousands. I will be listing and listing and listing them- so my advice is if you are interested in sheet music and perhaps looking for certain pieces- mark me down as a Favorite Seller- and keep checking back to my auctions. I would be happy to answer questions- and I'll even create a WISH LIST- if you want to be notified if I list a certain piece of music. The collection I have been commissioned to sell is too large to catalog before I list them- I'll be creating a catalog/inventory on eBay day by day as I put them up for auction. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.


If for some reason the item is damaged during transit. Please notify me within 48 hours of receipt of the item and ship it back within 7 days. I will refund what you paid for the item, but it is your responsibility for the return shipping back to me. All items will be carefully packed and you will get a delivery conformation number. I will post the tracking number once the item is shipped. Most items are shipped via USPS Priority mail unless otherwise noted. Large items are usually shipped via Fedex unless indicated otherwise. If you have any concerns or requests regarding shipping or packaging please contact me right away. I try to ship items within two business days. If special shipping is requested there may be an extra charge to cover packaging. Postage, or handling based on the nature of your request.

Yamaha E-70 U Organ Electone Synthesizer PICK UP ONLY; No Ship

In most cases, an electronic “keyboard” that comes with weighted keys is generally referred to as a digital piano while the term keyboard is usually used to describe instruments that have non-weighted keys. Weighted keyboards provide better key action and playing piano experience.


Yamaha Electone EL60 EL-60 organ and stool

Just add your favorite computer recording program or MIDI sound module! You'll receive all of the following in this Kraft Music BUNDLE: Kawai VPC1- Virtual Piano Controller The VPC1 is a professional MIDI keyboard controller developed especially for use with virtual piano software. Featuring unparalleled keyboard action realism, impressive hardware/software flexibility, stunning piano-like design, and strong backing from the industry's leading developers. At the heart of the VPC1 is Kawai's latest'RM3 Grand II' wooden-key keyboard action, which combines realistic materials, motion, and mechanism to recreate the exceptional touch of the finest concert grand pianos. Complementing the VPC1's ultra-realistic keyboard action is the included F-30 triple pedal accessory. Built-in'Approved Touch Curve' settings for popular virtual piano packages and VPC Editor software help to deliver the ultimate virtual piano experience for the home, studio, and stage. Quiklok WS-550- Heavy Duty Adjustable Keyboard Stand This stand is portable. Heavy duty, and height adjustable. It is one of our most popular stands, and one that we frequently recommend for its versitility and its ability to hold larger stage pianos and controllers. Yamaha HS5- 5" Powered Studio Monitor Speaker(Includes 2) Improving on the success of the original HS line launched in 2006.



Overdrive, effects rate and depth, transpose and preset. It has built-in analog effects such as: Chorus, Tremolo, and Wah-wah. The Wah-wah effect can be controlled by key velocity, modulation wheel or from an external foot controller. There are 32 presets in the ELECTRIC PIANO. The first 17 are basic keyboard sounds without effects and the remaining 15 presets are popular combinations of sounds and effects. The first 22 presets are selectable via the front panel: all 32 can be selected through MIDI.

Yamaha AR100 Electone Organ. Excellent condition

Keywords specific to this image: Antique Advertising. LOS1A3C99 093257_los1_145 Product Pricing& What We Deliver At times we receive inquiries about our pricing. Especially for vintage advertising or historical halftone prints, and are asked why our prices are consistently higher than some other sellers of similar items. For the first five years of our business, we asked our primary consumer base what they wanted.


Yamaha Electone church Organ DK-40 model

For sale is this very beautiful button accordion made by Hohner in. moreGermany. The model ERICA in very good used condition with brand new straps. All switchers and buttons work precisely. The tuning is really good(new gaskets) ideal for folk music. If you have any questions about this item. Let me know by writing an e-mail to. International Bidders are welcome. Please ask for shipping-costs Das Akkordeon kann gern nach Absprache besichtigt und probegespielt werden.

Korg PA50 Professional Arranger Keyboard Piano

Photos of the interior will be posted soon. If you are interested please don't be afraid to make an offer. All reasonable offers are given ample consideration and treated with the utmost respect. PLEASE READ THESE REQUIREMENTS FOR PURCHASE: Local pickup only. Buyer arranges and pays for moving or shipping. Will of course take longer than three days to ship. I am a Cincinnati area piano tuner-technician with many years experience in the field(established 1974) Over the years I have collected a number of interesting eighteenth. Nineteenth century pianos and I occasionally sell them, along with a sampling of modern pianos as well. My pianos are also featured on my website at PIANOCINCINNATI.COM and this listing may end early if it sells through my website or elsewhere. All of my listings are local pickup only.


Some notes from the composer fron the first inside page: The Fresco painters had to work quickly before the plaster dried. I am sure that the only good thing the American bombers did, and inadvertently, in World War II, was to uncover the rough sketches(sinopie) underneath the fresco paintings. The force of the bombs they dropped made the first layer of plaster fall and left the sketches bare, so that we would know the secrets of the great fresco masters. They might practice, almost like instrumental performers, on sketch paper beforehand, but when the actual painting was to be realized they had to work quickly. This undoubtedly contributed to the energy and size of their work. I have tried to work as quickly as I could, hoping that the forethought, as in the case of the fresco painters, would lie behind, and not before, the next note.

1960's WURLITZER spinet piano - black

A LARGE QUANTITY OF VINTAGE BRASS ORGAN REEDS. This auction is for 155 organ reeds made from brass. As can be seen from the picture they vary in size from about an inch long to a bit over 3 inches long. These came out of a Victorian peddle pump organ that was dismantled do to wood worm and although it had not work for some time due to bellows failure I think that the reeds are mostly in good order. These as said are solid brass and are quite weighty and would probably make a few pounds for scrap. However it would be nice to think that they could be reused. PLEASE NOTE I ONLY ACCEPT PAY PAL OR CASH ON COLLECTION. POSTAGE AND PACKING WILL BE CHARGED AT COST.


Baldwin Spinet Piano Local Pickup near Atlanta

This item will be professionally printed in our archive department as soon as your order is received. Ready for dispatch the following day. Delivery With millions of items in stock. We aim to despatch your order within one working day. Please see below for further details. United Kingdom FREE DELIVERY on ALL UK orders over £15! Standard delivery to the UK is by Royal Mail First Class. Which usually takes one working day. Express delivery to the UK is via UPS and is guaranteed to be delivered the day after the order is despatched. A signature is required on delivery.

When I say that “most sources” “these days” say that Dafne was the first opera, of course that means that some sources these days and other sources in the past disagree about what the first opera is. Some put it later; others put it earlier. And even among the sources calling Dafne the first there’s some doubt.


The Casio PX-160 not only provides awesome sound quality but also comes with class-compliant USB connectivity. You can easily connect the device with your PC or Mac without having to download extra drivers.

Baldwin Spinet Piano with Bench in Excellent Condition