Alan MacphersonBuena Park, CA (July 28, 2008)–Yamaha Corporation of America has created Steinberg North America as a separate department within the company’s Music Marketing Group. It replaces Steinberg Software, formerly a part of the Music Production Department of the Pro Audio & Combo Division. The new department’s responsibilities include marketing Steinberg music production software, including Cubase 4, VST instruments, Nuendo and WaveLab, in the United States and Canada.

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Fine-tune it with the functions seen in this part of the manual. In the end, you will get a Style including all the Style Elements, the four Pads, the four Keyboard Sets and a Chord Sequence containing the chords recognized in the source MIDI Song.


The pitch also varies, creating a delay sound which swells and shimmers. You can also control the delay time using a modulation source.

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Shaping the sound of the lead voice |507 ▪▪ Use the Ratio control to set how much gain reduction you prefer when your voice level goes above the threshold. The range is from 1:1 (no gain reduction) to Inf:1 (maximum vocal gain reduction ). A typical setting for Ratio is 4:1. The number on the left side of the: (colon) symbol is how loud the peaks in your singing have to be in order to achieve a 1 dB gain increase.


Playing the manual accompaniment 1 Be sure the Bass & Lower Backing function is active. When it is, the Backing icon appears in the Lower Sound’s area. If the icon does not appear, see below how to activate it.

When this function is activated, the Solo OSC [n] indicator (n = oscillator number) blinks on the page header. While in this situation, you can select a different oscillator to be soloed.


For more realistic results, we suggest to consider the actual range of the real instrument. Wrap Around Meaning 1. 12 Maximum transposition (in semitones) of the track, referred to the original Key/Chord of the Style pattern. Memorize the key range and wrap-around ▪▪ Write the Style Settings.

The loop is a cycling portion of a sampled sound. Looping is a technique used to reduce the sampling time, cycling a portion of the sound to create the sustaining phase of the sound. After the attack stage, most sounds repeat the same waveform during their sustain stage.


This is very useful when programming a drum or percussion track, where you may want to program the bass drum on a first phase, the snare drum on a second phase, and the hi-hat and cymbals during the following phases. Exit from record 1 When finished recording, touch the Done button to exit the Step Record mode.

To select a Fill, turn the AUTO FILL on, then press the corresponding VARIATION. To loop the Fill, keep the VARIATION button pressed.


Editing the MIDI Songs |359 Jump to a different measure 1 Touch the Go/Catch button to go to a different measure. The Go To Measure dialog will appear: 2 Enter a target measure and touch OK to confirm The first event available in the target measure will be selected. Insert events ▪▪ Touch the Insert button to insert an event at the current Position (M). A Note event with default values will be inserted. Delete events ▪▪ Select an event, then touch the Delete button to delete it.

Importing a MIDI Groove is a step in the general procedure of creating an Audio Groove from an audio sample. You can find the procedure described on page 481. The Import Groove operation is described on page 488.


Steinberg Feels Heat From Apple’s Logic Pro Studio, Lowers Cubase 4 Price In North America

The search will continue in the background. Ask info for an item ▪▪ Touch one of the items found to select it, then touch the Info button to see relevant information. Touch OK to close the Info dialog.

Editing the Style Settings 18 |203 Editing the Style Settings Mixing the individual Accompaniment Sounds Adjusting the volume of the individual Accompaniment Sounds As you can do with the Keyboard Sounds, you can adjust the volume of the individual Accompaniment Sounds. This will allow for finer balancing between Accompaniment Sounds.


For example, if the Open Hi-Hat and Closed Hi-Hat are assigned the same Exclusive Group, playing an Open Hi-Hat will stop the Closed Hi-Hat playing. Exclusive Group Meaning None No Exclusive Group assigned.

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Touch the Select button to open the file selector. Only Standard MIDI Files in format 0 can be loaded.


Choosing the mono/poly mode ▪▪ Use the Poly and Mono radio buttons to choose whether the Sound will play polyphonically (playing chords) or monophonically (one voice at a time). Choosing triggering mode ▪▪ When the selected mode is Poly, use the Single Trigger checkbox to choose the triggering mode.

Editing the Sounds |439 Synchronizing the LFO with the key strokes ▪▪ Select the Key Sync checkbox to synchronize the LFO to the key strokes. Key Sync Meaning On The LFO will restart each time you play a note, and an independent LFO will operate for each note.


Legato will make the second note’s attack smoother. Envelope and LFO will not be retriggered. This is particularly effective with wind instrument and analog synth-type sounds.

Introduction |5 Play and write songs You can play Songs in MID and MP3 formats. With both Songs and Styles, you can show lyrics for the singer and chords for your fellow guitarist. Any MIDI Song track can be converted into a readable score. Markers allow for jumping back to a passage you wish to repeat, for example in a piece you are studying or rehearsing. Use the video output to display lyrics or score on an external monitor, making it perfect for karaoke or band leading.


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Imported MIDI events When importing, only the events allowed for recording are imported (as shown in the table on page 229). Some controllers are reset at the end of the pattern.

Recording MP3 Songs |365 Overdubbing MP3 Songs MP3 Songs are compressed audio. Compression replaces the original audio stream with encoded audio, taking less space while preserving high sound quality. Overdubbing is the process of recording audio over existing audio. When overdubbing an MP3 Song in MP3 Record mode, you recompress a compressed file, and artifacts will be amplified. If you transpose the MP3 Song, pitch-shifting artifacts will be added and further degrade the resulting audio.


EG Time Meaning Attack Time over which the volume will change after note-on until it reaches the attack level. If the start level is 0, this will be the rise time of the sound. Decay Time over which the volume will change from when it reaches the attack level until it reaches the break point level.

CG-500 CG Software & DeckLink 4K Extreme

Introduction |13 Player area Songs can be played back by the onboard Player (see page 68). You can play Sounds (selected via the Keyboard Sets) and Pads along with the Songs. Metronome and Tempo area Use these controls to practice with the metronome and control the Tempo of the metronome, the Styles and the Songs (see page 47). Scale keypad (Pa700 ORIENTAL only) Use the mini-keyboard to modify the Quarter Tone Scale, and the four Scale Preset buttons to select one of the preset scales.


The measures are not removed from the Song. Note All notes in the selected range.

To delete all the events of the same type from the whole Song, go back to the M001/01/000 position, and select one of these commands. The events on the very first tick (M001/01.


Editing the MIDI Songs 5 |351 Use the Bottom Note and Top Note parameters to set key range to delete. These parameters are available only when the All or Note option is selected. If you select the same note as the Bottom and Top parameters, you can select a single percussive instrument in a Drum Kit.

When the signal level exceeds the threshold, the gate opens and the reverb sound is output. Normally, set “[G]Input Reverb Mix” to Dry (the gate is controlled only by the dry sound). If you wish to extend the gate time, set the “[G]Input Reverb Mix” value higher and adjust the “Threshold” value.


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The effects |537 Adapting reverb to the room size Pa700 includes a master offset for all the reverbs. Use it to adjust reverb tails to the room where you are playing.

Overwrite Copied data replace all data at the target position. Use the From Track parameter to choose the source track, and the To Track parameter to choose the target. Track Meaning All All tracks will be copied.


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As with any mixer, you can adjust the volume level of each Sound, therefore changing the balance between the different Sounds on the keyboard. Adjust a Sound’s volume from the display 1 While in the Main page, touch the Volume tab to select the Volume pane. Accompaniment Groups Keyboard Sounds 2 Touch the mixer channel whose volume level you want to change.


Pad name Pad bank Pad location 2 Touch to open the Pad Select window You may change the name of the Pad. Touch the Text Edit ( the virtual keyboard and edit the name.

Navigation area Use these controls to go through the menus, pages and parameters, and search for the various musical resources (see page 23). Sounds (and Set Lists) area Sounds are what you can play on the keyboard (see page 37). Here you can choose Sound sets saved as Keyboard Sets in a dedicated library. Or you can choose Set Lists from the SongBook, that are collections of Sound sets with an associated Style or Song.


DeckLink 4K Extreme is an open standard capture card and is perfect for the development of Linux based video applications. The availability of a free, well documented SDK facilitates developing specific solutions to meet your needs or to work with solutions developed by others. A free download of Blackmagic Design Media Express is available for capture and playback when using DeckLink 4K Extreme with Linux operating systems.

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Editing the Style Settings |213 Choosing and mixing the Pads You can assign four Pads to each Style. The new combination of Pads can then be written into the Style Settings. Choosing the Pads Open the Pad Select window 1 Be sure to be in the main page of the Style Play or Song Play mode.


Datavideo CG-500 CG Software & DeckLink 4K Extreme

The remaining connections include two SDI outputs, an HDMI output, and Component, Composite, S-Video, XLR, RS-422, and genlock on an included breakout cable. The card also features an internal SD/HD keyer and broadcast-quality up/down/cross conversion. DeckLink 4K Extreme is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux based workstations and media servers and supports a comprehensive list of software (please see below).

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Customizing the Keyboard Sets |145 Transposing the Upper Sounds to a different octave All Upper Sounds can be transposed to an upper or lower octave at the press of a single button. Transpose the Upper Sounds one octave up ▪▪ Press the UPPER OCTAVE + button on the control panel. Transpose the Upper Sounds one octave down ▪▪ Press the UPPER OCTAVE - button on the control panel. Reset the octave transposition ▪▪ Press both UPPER OCTAVE buttons together.


For vocals, the gain of a narrow parametric band is typically reduced to overcome room or voice resonances and smooth the sound although experienced users may boost a band felt to be missing in a particular voice as well. EQ Band Frequency Gain Q Low 20 Hz. 1.

Making new sounds with Sampling |469 Deleting samples You can delete a sample, all the unused samples, or all the samples. Accessing the Delete Sample dialog ▪▪ While in any page of Sample editing section, choose the Delete command from the page menu to open the Delete Sample dialog. Deleting a sample ▪▪ Select the Selected option, choose the sample to be deleted, and touch OK to confirm.


The Blackmagic Design DeckLink 4K Extreme Capture & Playback Card features two SDI inputs supporting 6G and 3G capability, assignable in the Blackmagic Control Panel. With all the latest firmware updates installed, you can ingest DCI 4K, 4:2:2, or UHD 4K, YUV, 4:2:2 by single-link 6G-SDI. The second input shuts off in this setup. DCI 4K, 4:2:2 can also be ingested via the HDMI input with the latest firmware installed.

However, since MIDI Songs are already dynamically mixed by the original creators, their volume may automatically change during playback. The volume of the MIDI Song tracks will be reset when choosing a different Song.


Record 1 Press the PLAY/STOP ( ) button to begin recording. A 1-measure precount will play before the recording actually begins.

Editing the Sounds |383 Choosing the Mono note priority ▪▪ When the selected mode is Mono, use the Priority pop-up menu to specify which note will be given priority when two or more notes are played simultaneously. Priority Meaning Low The lowest note will take priority. High The highest note will take priority. Last The last note will take priority. Holding notes ▪▪ Select the Hold checkbox to let the notes play even after releasing the keys.


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Editing the Sounds |401 ▪▪ Use the AMS and Int(ensity) parameters to choose the AMS modulation source and its intensity. When the Intensity parameter has a positive value, the selected Offset point will depend on the AMS value. For example, with the Velocity AMS, playing softly will select the Off or 1st Offset, while playing loudly will select the 6th or No Attack Offset.

Editing the Styles and Pads 22 |263 Editing the Styles and Pads Editing the track parameters For each Style Element, and the Pad, you can edit various track parameters. Hint: In the edit pages where the Style Element abbreviation appears, you can choose a Style Element by pressing the corresponding button on the control panel (VARIATION1.


This will happen if the Global checkbox in the Main page > Mic/Guitar tab is not selected. Changing the global Voice/Guitar Preset The global Voice/Guitar Preset is the general setting you use when there is no ‘local’ Voice/Guitar Preset in a SongBook Entry.

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After a while, the list of items found will start showing on the display. The time needed to complete a search depends on the type and size of the device(s) and the number of items. Only one search at a time can be carried on.


Recording the Styles and Pads |257 Recording strummings ▪▪ Press one of the keys in the octave from C1 to B1 to select a strumming type. By pressing these keys, you play fast strumming samples.

This page allows you to cut, trim or normalize a sample, as well as edit the loop points. The sample can be played over the full keyboard.


Listening the MIDI Songs in Sequencer mode 2 |317 Touch the name of the Song to open the Song Selection window. Current path Device 3 Browse through the files and folders.

Multisample diagram Samples Zones ▪▪ Scroll the zones by using the list of samples on the left of the page. Use the big button with an arrow on top and to the bottom of the list to scroll the list up or down.


Using the voice/guitar effects |515 Controlling the effects from the display Effects can add ambience, improve or transform your lead voice or guitar sound, add a pedal or rack effect, add a guitar amplifier and cabinet model. They are always included in any Voice/Guitar Preset as separate FX blocks, that you can turn on/off or edit. Accessing the effect controls ▪▪ Go to the Main page > Mic/Guitar pane.

Using the SongBook |105 Pads and Keyboard Sets will also be recalled. Keyboard Set #1 will be selected. Any TXT file associated with the Entry will be shown in the Lyrics page.

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Pad Type Meaning One Shot When you press one of the PAD buttons, the corresponding Pad is only played once. This is useful for playing Hits or Sequences that must only play once.


Editing the Voice/Guitar Presets 3 |525 While in the FX Edit page, choose the Paste FX command from the page menu to paste the effect, then press the EXIT button to return to the previous page. Copy more FX blocks ▪▪ Repeat the above procedure for all the FX blocks you wish to copy. Write the edited preset ▪▪ While in the Style Play/Song Play > Voice/Guitar Preset > FX page, choose the Write Voice/Guitar Preset command from the page menu to save the preset. For more details, see the next page.

Editing the Sounds |419 Modulating the filters You can modulate the filter cutoff frequency of the selected oscillator. Modulation will add dynamic timbre variation. Programming realtime filter modulation ▪▪ Go to the Sound > Filter > Modulation page. When the filter type is Low Pass Resonance, the parameters for filter B will not be editable (dimmed). Tracking the cutoff frequency across the keyboard Keyboard Tracking changes the timbre quality across the keyboard.


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Choosing the Voice/Guitar Presets ▪▪ Use the Select button to choose a different Voice/Guitar Preset. Choosing the effects 1 Touch the name of an effect to access editing.

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It can compress User Samples when saving them, or in batch. Sample compression allows for doubling the available Sampling memory. Compressed samples can no longer be decompressed. If you want to keep the original samples, please save a copy before compressing them. Compressing User Samples when writing them You can compress a User Sample while writing it to the internal memory.

EG Level Meaning Start Change in cutoff frequency at the time of note-on. Attack Change in cutoff frequency after the attack time has elapsed. Break (Break Point) Change in cutoff frequency after the decay time has elapsed. Sustain Change in cutoff frequency that will be maintained from after the slope time has elapsed until note-off occur.


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For example, a Normal-triggered oscillator will always play, while a Legato-triggered oscillator will only play when a note is played legato. Trigger Mode (How) Meaning Normal The oscillator always plays when a key, or another triggering control chosen in the first menu, is pressed.

Amplitude is the volume of the oscillators. Pan is the position of the oscillators in the stereo panorama. With amplitude envelope you can make the sound volume vary over time.


Playing the Sounds |43 Choosing a Keyboard Set from a Style or a SongBook Entry There are four matched Keyboard Sets in each Style or SongBook Entry, fine-tuned for the containing Style or SongBook Entry. You can choose them from the control panel or from the display. Choose a Keyboard Set from the control panel ▪▪ Press one of the buttons in the KEYBOARD SET section under the display. Select a Keyboard Set from the display 1 While in the Main page, be sure the Kbd Set pane is selected.

Introduction |7 Before starting to play. What’s in the box After you get your Pa700, please check that all the following items are included in the package.


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Editing the Styles and Pads |273 Editing the Style/Pad sequences You can edit the Style/Pad sequence data in the Style/Pad Record > Style/ Pad Edit section. With Pads, you cannot select a track or Style Element to edit.

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Recording MIDI Songs |339 Step Recording a Backing Sequence Song The Step Backing Sequence mode allows you to enter single chords, to create or edit the Style (Ch/Acc) part of a Song. This mode lets you enter chords even if you are not a keyboard player, or fix any error made playing chords or selecting Style controls, during a Backing Sequence (Quick Record) recording. In this mode, you can only edit Songs created using the Backing Sequence (Quick Record) recording mode.


Customizing the Songs 3 |309 Use the SMF Drum & Bass Mode - Bass Trk pop-up menu to choose one of the Song tracks to be used as the Bass track. Letting a MIDI Song start immediately MIDI Songs (MID and KAR files) may contain a silent setup measure at the beginning.

By pressing these keys, you can play arpeggios or power chords. You can either play a free arpeggio with the six guitar chords assigned to the keys from C to A, or play one of the faster arpeggios on the higher keys.


In addition to setting the size of the room, you can model its shape and materials by adjusting the diffusion characteristics of both the initial reflections and the main reverberant wash, and via separate controls for the high, mid, and low decay times. The O-verb also includes randomization, for richer and smoother reverb timbres.

Editing the Sounds |381 Limiting the number of oscillators when polyphony is low ▪▪ Use the Low priority parameter to allow the highest-numbered oscillators to be turned off when the instrument is short on voices. Keep in mind that, with a dense polyphony, missing oscillators might not even be heard.


Track Type Meaning Drum Drum track. This type of track is not transposed by the arranger, and is used for Drum Kits made of Drum Sounds. It can be affected by Drum Mapping. With Pads, this is used for both Drum and Percussion sounds.

Editing the Sounds |385 Detecting Legato Two notes can be considered legato when there is very little or no time between them (and they can even be overlapping). You can adjust the instrument’s sensitivity to detect legato. Legato can be used as an oscillator trigger, when you assign one of the Legato triggers to the OSC Trigger Mode parameter (in the Sound Edit > Basic > OSC Basic page).


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The Save Song window will appear. Current path Storage device This window is very similar to the Media > Save page.

Velocity Meaning 0. 127 Velocity value. The Top value is always higher than the Bottom value.


Recording the Styles and Pads 4 |247 When you reach the passage containing the note to be deleted, play the note on the keyboard. Keep it pressed, up to the last note to be deleted. If the note is at the beginning of the sequence, press the note before starting it. 5 When finished, release the Delete Note button and the note to be deleted, and press START/STOP again to stop the sequence. Listening to the results ▪▪ Press the START/STOP button to check how it works.

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This is very useful when transcribing an existing score, or in need for a higher grade of detail, and is particularly suitable to create drum and percussion tracks. In Overdub Step Recording mode you will add to existing events, while in Overwrite Step Recording mode you will overwrite all existing events.


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For example, if you inserted an Intro event lasting for 4 measures, you can insert 4 empty measure after this event, and a Variation event at the end of the Intro, beginning at the 4th empty measure. Inserting measures ▪▪ Choose the Insert Measures command from the page menu, to insert an empty measure starting from the current measure.

At the start of the note, the input is at maximum volume. This slows down the LFO Frequency to 1/0Hz, but also modulates the Depth to 0–so the tremolo doesn’t have any effect.


Customizing the Keyboard Sets 14 |135 Customizing the Keyboard Sets Playing different Sounds with the left and right hand Splitting the keyboard Split the keyboard into a Lower (left hand) and Upper (right hand) part ▪▪ Press the SPLIT button on the control panel to light up its indicator. The keyboard will be divided into a Lower (left hand) and Upper (right hand) part.

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Saving MIDI Songs |361 ▪▪ If no Song is selected, a new Song file will be created on the target device. To deselect a selected Song, touch anywhere else in the Song list, or select the same storage device again.


KORG supplies a huge amount of professionally crafted Styles and Pads with Pa700. However, you are free to customize them, or create totally new Styles and Pads on your own. Styles and Pads share most of the same structure and recording/editing operations.

This is the time during which the sound goes from the sustaining phase, to zero. The Release is triggered by releasing a key.


Advanced editing of the Sound sets |177 Programming the key and velocity range You can program a key and velocity zone for each of the Keyboard Sounds. Key range is useful to create a set of Keyboard Sounds playing in different zones of the keyboard. For example, you may have French Horns and Woodwinds playing in the center range of the keyboard, while only Woodwinds play on the higher range.

Effect parameters |595 Stereo Flanger This effect gives a significant swell and movement of pitch to the sound. It is more effective when applied to a sound with a lot of harmonics.


Montage Cubase Setup Issues

Playing the Songs |73 Playing a Song Starting, stopping and controlling the Player Pa700 features a set of Player controls in the PLAYER section. Start the Player ▪▪ Press the PLAY/STOP ( ) button. While the Song is playing, the indicators in the display will show the current position.

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Customizing the Keyboard Sets |139 Playing two or three Sounds at the same time You can play up to three layered Sounds on the keyboard. This is useful to add, for example, a layer of Strings or Synth Pads to a Grand Piano sound. The Sounds will be assigned to the Upper part of the keyboard. When the SPLIT button indicator is turned off (Full Keyboard mode), the Upper parts will play on the full range of the keyboard, as it happens on an acoustic piano.


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The controller will be automatically deactivated. Toggle Use the controller to ‘toggle’ its function between activated and deactivated. The assigned controller type and status is shown by the indicators on the assignable switches. Indicator status Meaning Off No DNC function assigned.

Pad Sync Meaning Off No synchronization. The sequence will start as soon as you press the PAD button. Continued Like a Fill, the pattern will start immediately, in sync with the Arranger’s or Player’s Tempo.


Speed Slow/Fast Touch this button to switch the rotating speaker’s speed (from slow to fast, or vice-versa). Changing the Tone/Noise settings Go to the Tone/Noise page ▪▪ Touch the Tone/Noise tab to show the Tone/Noise page. Program the Tone parameter Tone is the waveshape of the drawbars, producing the raw timbre.

Setting the Volume and Play/Mute status Access the Volume/Pan page ▪▪ Go to the Mixer/Tuning > Volume/Pan page, and find the Volume and Play/ Mute controls. Set the individual Sound’s Volume ▪▪ Keep a virtual volume slider held on the screen, and drag it to the desired level. As an alternative, use the VALUE control to change the volume level of the selected mixer channel.


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With a setting of 0, no modulation will be applied. With a setting of 12/00, the pitch will change up to one octave.

Making new sounds with Sampling |477 Use this option with care, since you may delete samples you would like to preserve, to be later used in new multisamples still to be created. Deleting all the multisamples ▪▪ Select the All Multisamples option, and touch OK to confirm. Deleting all the samples, multisamples and drum samples ▪▪ Select the All Samples, Multisamples, Drum Samples option, and touch OK to confirm. Select this command to delete all samples, multisamples and drum samples from the RAM memory.


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Effect parameters |589 Black Chorus/Flanger This models a Danish-made stereo chorus + pitch modulator & flanger. Although this effect was originally intended for guitar, it was also used by numerous keyboard players. Used with electric piano, it produces a distinctive tone.

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Editing the Sounds |429 Setting the pan’s basic position ▪▪ Use the Pan parameter to set the stereo position (panorama) of the selected oscillator. This parameter is not available when editing a Drum Kit. Use the individual Pan control for each key instead. Pan Meaning Rand(om) The sound will be heard from a different location at each note-on.


This is an offset to the normal value received from the source. Feeding the master effects back to the MFX1 input Master effects are set in parallel, but you can set them in a serial chain by sending the output of the MFX2 processor back to the input of the MFX1 processor.

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View which layer is playing ▪▪ Play a note on the keyboard. Depending on the velocity, an indicator will turn on on the extreme right of the page, next to the layer that is playing.


Introduction |9 Overview of the instrument The following pages show the functional areas of the front and real panels. Front panel The front panel is where you can find the instrument’s controls and the loudspeakers.

The songs in the selected set are assigned to the SET LIST buttons on the control panel. Choose a page The songs in the selected Set List are organized in ‘pages’ of nine (each page matches the SET LIST buttons).


Effect parameters |551 DEL (Delay) L/C/R Delay This multitap delay outputs three Tap signals to the left, right, and center respectively. You can also adjust the left and right spread of the delay sound.

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You can decide what to show in the SongBook lists. Please note that the Artist and Key fields of all the supplied Entries have been intentionally left empty.


Editing the Sounds |389 Oscillator triggering Triggering Mode is how the oscillator will start after pressing a key or a controller. Choosing the oscillator triggering mode ▪▪ Use the first OSC Trigger Mode > Mode pop-up menu to choose the event triggering the selected oscillator. Trigger Mode (What) Meaning Note On The oscillator starts playing when a note is played. Note Off (VOn) The oscillator starts playing when a note is released.

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Connecting the audio inputs |503 For more accurate control of the microphone or guitar input, you can check the input level in the Global > Mic Setup > EQ/Dynamics page, or the Global > Guitar Setup > Setup page. With a microphone or line audio device, keep the level so that this indicator remains green most of the time, with orange appearing at signal peaks.


Editing the Style Settings |211 Memorize the Drum Kit mapping ▪▪ Write the Style Settings. Turning the key range on/off and setting the wrap-around point Accompaniment Sounds, like the acoustic instruments they imitate, sound better in their natural range.

Get the Behringer U-Phoria UM2 USB Audio Interface while it’s hot! When it’s time to make recording history, you need the best audio interface you can get, and you need one you can count on.


Advanced editing of the Sound sets |161 Adjusting the send to the master effects for the Drum Families On Drum/Percussion tracks, you can access a separate Drum/Percussion mixer, and adjust the level of the direct (dry) signal sent from each Drum Family to separate master effects. The Drum/Percussion channel is then sent to the main mixer, and can use the channel’s master effects.

Effect parameters |617 Stereo Vibrato This effect causes the pitch of the input signal to shimmer. Using the AutoFade allows you to increase or decrease the shimmering speed.


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This is where the Tempo, Scale and Effect events are recorded. Use the Event pop-up menu to choose the type of event to delete.

Choosing a Damper pedal mode ▪▪ Use the Damper Mode pop-up menu to choose how the Damper pedal will work on the selected oscillator. Damper Mode Meaning Normal The Damper pedal works as usual: by keeping it pressed, the note decay is lengthened, to simulate the longer note decay of an acoustic piano.


To set a track to the Guitar type, go to the Style Record > Style Track Controls > Type/Trigger/Tension page. After having selected a Guitar track, the Style/Pad Record > Guitar Mode page will become available.

Making new sounds with Sampling |459 Use the Zoom controls to change the size of the waveform shown in the diagram. When a button is greyed-out, it means the maximum or minimum value has been reached. Increase the vertical size Decrease the horizontal size Full zoom out Increase the horizontal size Decrease the vertical size Full zoom in Changing the sample length When recording, you may have included exceeding materials at the beginning and/or ending of the sample.


Assign them to the Keyboard, Accompaniment or Song tracks, as you would do with any other Sound or Drum Kit. Drum Kits are better suited for the Drum or Percussion track. When done, save the Sound set (Keyboard Set, SongBook Entry, Style Settings, MIDI Song) to preserve your editing.

Pitch Mode Meaning Normal Linear bending. Fixed Scale When this parameter is turned on on an oscillator, Pitch Bend and Sub Scale have no effect on its tuning. The relevant parameters are greyed out and non-selectable.


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This however requires that you choose the right language in Pa700, and save the TXT file with the correct text encoding from a personal computer. To save a TXT file with the correct encoding, you can use a Windows PC or Mac with an advanced text editor.

Effect parameters |599 c: Sweep Mode c: Src This parameter switches the flanger control mode. With “Sweep Mode” = EG, the flanger will sweep using the envelope generator. This envelope generator is included in the envelope flanger, and not related to the Pitch EG, Filter EG, or Amp EG. The “Src” parameter selects the source that starts the envelope generator. If you select, for example, Gate, the envelope generator will start when the note-on message is received.