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I love any airplane so long as it’s red, but Robert Hoff’s red Beech Staggerwing makes my knees weak every time I see it on the ramp at Idaho Falls (IDA). When he invited me for a ride in it a few years ago, I was transported into my personal aviation Heaven-on-Earth (or above Earth, to be precise).


Let your prospects answer their own objections. You may not need to overcome all of them. Prove the value, and let them sell themselves on your product.

In 1934 the “B” model came out with a fully retractable landing gear and a 225-hp Jacobs engine. These were followed by various horsepower Jacob-powered versions. The “C” model sported a lengthened fuselage. Some of these were powered by Jacobs engines and some by Wright engines. A Wright-powered “C” model was flown by Louise Thaden and Blanche Noyes to victory in the 1936 Bendix Race. I was able to meet and visit with Louise Thaden at Tullahoma, Tennessee in 1976.


Beechcraft Model D17S Staggerwing Specs1

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Bud and Breakfast offers a cannabis-friendly warm, social and safe location. They offer complementary gourmet breakfast daily, have a happy hour with cannabis appetizers, sweet treats and complementary beer and wine.


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The Beech Staggerwing’s dark and powerful looking form seemed to intimidate the other aircraft, making an impression on this twelve-year-old boy. Little did I know that some twenty years later I would own that very airplane.


All businesses need some assistance with website, app and platform development. If you have the right skills, you can start this cannabis-related business idea. Before you start designing your own website, you’ll need to first see what is happening in this industry.

Walter Beech was a part of Travel-Air when it closed its doors due to the Great Depression in 1931. Just one year earlier, Walter had married Olive Ann Mellor, a secretary at Travel-Air. Investing all of their resources, they decided to hire Ted Wells, a Travel-Air engineer, and develop their own aircraft. In the spring of 1932, they started work in part of the old Travel-Air factory in Wichita, Kansas. Walter’s audacious goal was to come up with an airplane that would land at 60 mph and cruise at 200 mph.


The Round Engine Round Up at Smiley Creek, with multiple Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing aircraft

Rushing will only hurt your negotiation process because it makes it seem like you only care about the final result. Worse, rushing makes it feel like you are pressuring the prospect.

Within two years, it was pressed into the war effort and given to the British RAF. Of the 24 taken, 22 were sent to Europe (sadly, 12 of those were sent to the bottom of the Atlantic when the ship carrying them was sunk by a German U-boat).


A guide to forklift class types There are a lot of types of forklifts but they are conveniently divided up into different forklift classes to help differentiate between the different categories of lift trucks. These are each referred to as a forklift class. There are six different forklift class types.

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Summary Having your own pentesting lab is useful for both learning about ethical hacking and conducting ethical hacking work as a paid professional. Your lab will consist of the hardware and software you use to simulate cyberattacks. Your main lab hardware will be your PC. Hak5 also makes a number of small devices that can be plugged into physical networks to simulate specific cyberattacks. Using the Kali Linux pentesting operating system is a must for pentesters these days. Kali can be installed directly on your PC, or you could run it off a DVD without installing it onto your hard drive. Some of the tools that are found in Kali Linux that are frequently used by pentesters include Nmap for exploring networks, Wireshark for looking at the data packets that are sent to and from computers through networks, and Metasploit as a network vulnerability scanning tool. OpenVAS and Nessus are other popular network vulnerability scanners. Obviously, as you learn the craft of ethical hacking (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=7404), you cannot target other people’s computers without their consent. Instead, there are applications that you can run on your own computer to use as your hacking targets. PentestBox is a vulnerable cyberattack target application that you can run in your Windows PC. VulnHub is a website where you can download a wide variety of vulnerable virtual machines that you can run in a virtualization client (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/content/uploads/files/download/420-craft-hacked-client.zip) as a target for you to attack.

If you’re running a shipping business, the need for a forklift cannot be overemphasized. While they are primarily used to move materials, they can also be used to raise, stack, lower, and remove large objects. They do the heavy lifting around the warehouse that plain manpower simply cannot. Forklifts are a major investment that we.


LTL freight shipping can be a great way to bridge that gap between standard shipping methods and renting a full truck. Read on to learn more about this shipping method and how it can save your company money.

  • Creative Minecraft servers let you build freely with infinite resources and invincibility
  • If this baking operation sounds right up your alley, this could be the cannabis-related business for you
  • If you have the right skills, you can start this cannabis-related business idea
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After placing your order, your file with be available for download. It can be used for personal or commercial use on your own products, but cannot be resold as graphics.

Another 18 “G” models were built after WWII. The “G” had a more streamlined cowling, a larger fin, and other refinements. But you could buy four new Bonanzas for the price of one “G” model, making it non-competitive financially and thus ending production.


However, you have to make sure you’re not giving up too much just to make a sale. Don’t depreciate your product for the sake of a sale.

This isn’t supposed to be you vs an opposing party. It’s you and a customer working together to find the best fit for both of you — you want it to feel like a win win. This requires careful planning and preparation. Here are 5 tips to ensure you and your customer both walk away feeling like you’ve won.


Baker is a leading CRM for the cannabis industry. They assist dispensaries in the United States of America to generate more revenue and build relationships with their customers in one comprehensive user-friendly platform.

If you love the idea of offering art classes, you can expand your business to include cannabis painting classes. You won’t be able to supply the marijuana, but you can offer a safe space for customers to use it and paint. Before you launch your new class, you’ll need to know what is in the market and how to remain competitive.


After completing payment in PayPal your will be redirected to the download page where you can download the files. The files will also be auto sent to your email. Ensure you check your email spam/junk folder; at times the email ends up in that folder.

Having an A & P license came in handy, as I spent all of my available time over the next four years rebuilding N114H. The Staggerwing was ready to fly again the spring of 1975 but I was not ready for it, with just a little Cessna 180 time. After about 10 hours dual from the former owner, I did solo it. Knees shaking—what a wonderful experience. I remember an early flight in it alone, just letting it climb with power up and accidentally going through 16,000 feet before realizing it does not need the oxygen as bad as I did. In the years since, N114H has taken us with speed and comfort over most of our country. It has never left us stuck overnight for a mechanical, although we did fly 2,000 miles without a working generator once.


Know your non-negotiables, and stick to them. Your non-negotiables are non-negotiable for a reason.

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The day was windy, dark, and rainy, as I followed my dad to the lobby at the big log hanger at the Idaho Falls Airport (IDA). Looking across the ramp, I saw several Champs, Cubs, Cessnas, and Stinsons, all tugging at their tie downs. I remember stopping to gaze at one airplane I had never seen before. Its dark and powerful looking form seemed to intimidate the other aircraft, making an impression on this twelve-year-old boy. Little did I know that some twenty years later I would own that very airplane.

Offering things for free lowers your solution’s (and company’s) perceived value. Don’t do it. Always get something in return. It’s a known psychological trick that if the customer has to give something up, even if it’s small, they will perceive your product as more valuable.


Final Thoughts on the Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing

Due to the current pandemic, the rules and regulations for maintaining a clean, safe working environment have changed. The CDC has developed guidelines that outline the best practices when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your facility.

Yoga classes are in high demand right now, combine them with cannabis and you might have a trending business idea. Marijuana is meant to relax the body and mind, which is a perfect state to be in when practising yoga.


There is a direct correlation between pricing and conviction (value). The less confident a prospect is that your product will solve their problem, the greater the pricing pressure.

In this article, we’ll look at what objection handling and negotiating are (and what they aren’t). Then we’ll go in-depth to look at 5 techniques for overcoming objections and negotiating for a sale, so you always walk away with a win.


The Staggerwing is, however, an electric airplane with both gear and flaps electrically driven. It is a somewhat complex airplane for its era and does need maintenance with mechanics familiar with its systems. A sound Staggerwing is not difficult to annual. I have a sort of progressive upkeep program, so all major components are overhauled every 10–15 years. That way it is not down for over a few months at a time. As of right now, N114H is pretty fresh but is getting a new cowling this spring.

Selling edibles with weed in them is still illegal but you can sell edibles with medical grade marijuana in them. You can test out which flavours your customers prefer while waiting for cannabis to become legal. If this baking operation sounds right up your alley, this could be the cannabis-related business for you.


Restoring a classic car, bringing an antique vehicle back to life or painting after body work is complete. ACC can do it all in a state-of-the-art blasting and paint booth.