Windows Media Player - There is hardly any Windows user who has not used Windows Media Player. This app was bundled with nearly each version of Windows and whether you like or dislike the software, it is likely you had a brush with it during your initial days with the.

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Windows XP SP2 may cause digital camera performance problems - Is your digital camera acting strangely since your XP SP2 upgrade? Things not quite right on the 1394 device front? If so, then you may need the Microsoft KB885222 update, which addresses these issues.


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Glonim 1/32 available - Glonim is a realtime patch for Windows that adds many "cool" features to the operating system, some probably never seen before. It can: Add animations in many styles to when most windows open and close. Tile your own bitmap images on the back of windows and application backgrounds and much more.

Car-To-Car Ad-hoc WLAN to be created by 2006 - Car makers BMW, Audi, Daimler Chrysler, Volkswagen, Renault and Fiat have won a German government grant to help develop the basis for a standard method for car-to-car wireless data. NOW is focusing on 802/11 technology and IPv6 to develop "inter-vehicle communication based on ad hoc networking principles". Essentially, it's exploring ways that moving vehicles can automatically set up temporary links with other cars, bikes and trucks in the vicinity, and share traffic information. With routing capabilities, the whole thing could become a huge "automobile Internet", with vehicles warning each other - and their drivers - about slow-downs, bad weather, accidents and other road problems.


ATI prepares two new chipsets - ATI is working to improve two chipsets. Its RS480 and RX480 families had some features that could certainly do with a sound tweaking. Both chipsets suffered from USB 2/0 slowdown, lack of LAN and Azalia-like audio.

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D-Link Gigabit Wired/108Mbps Wireless Gaming Network - While the D-Link wired/wireless gaming network components haven't been perfect or flawless, they have been great and easy to work with. I am much happier with the D-Link DI-624 router than I was with my previous router and am very pleased with how much more flexible and capable my network is now.


Check your Cypher import statement for typos. Labels, property names, relationship-types, and variables are case-sensitive.

HOC Half-Life 2 Benchmark - This is a new program that allows you to benchmark your system with today's most popular FPS-game, Half-Life 2. The program does not modify any registry-entries or configuration files, so it is completely safe to use. It contains 5 built in demos; you can set filtering methods, resolutions and much much more.


Mporting Data with Neo4j 4.x: Using neo4j-admin

Motorola E1000 3G Mobile Phone review - The first thing you notice about the E1000 is the large screen and at 34 x 44mm, with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, this 16bit display is excellent in use and very clear and easy to read. The second thing you notice is the odd button layout - there's a row of four buttons on each side of the display, which is similar to the design of the Siemens SX1, although not quite as brave as having the whole keypad down the side of the phone.

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AOL gets ready to launch free Web e-mail - America Online is testing a Web-based e-mail service that will compete with Yahoo Mail, Microsoft's Hotmail and Google's Gmail. The service, dubbed "AOL Mail on the Web," is expected to officially debut early next year for members, and later in the year for the public.

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Commodore 64 reincarnated on a chip - Ellsworth has squeezed the entire circuitry of a two-decade-old Commodore 64 home computer onto a single chip, which she has tucked neatly into a joystick that connects by a cable to a TV set. Called the Commodore 64 -the same as the computer system -her device can run 30 video games, mostly sports, racing and puzzles games from the early 1980s, all without the hassle of changing game cartridges. Sold by Mammoth Toys, based in New York, for $30, the Commodore 64 joystick has been a hot item on QVC this Christmas season, selling 70,000 units in one day when it was introduced on the shopping channel last month.


Advanced Guides: Unattended Windows 2000/XP Installations - Make a customized Windows Install CD with all the drivers already included. Let the install process go ahead 100% unattended, so you can get down to some real work, and leave the "click ok" job to the non-IT folks - Version 1/0.0.

Seagate External 200GB Hard Disk Drive review - Seagate's new drive features a very original design and a universal connectivity thanks to the support of two interfaces. As for the performance factor, our tests reveal some unpleasant things like surprisingly low results in WinBench 99 when FAT32 is in use. This is probably due to incorrect operation of the drive's controller or firmware with this particular benchmark. For example, we didn't have the same problem in FC-Test.


BTC 9019URF Wireless Keyboard - Depending on what your needs are, the BTC 9019URF keyboard may or may not be for you. For office work, the keyboard responds as a laptop would. Short, low-profile keys keep the strokes quiet and quick. If gaming is your thing, a wireless combo with separate mouse and keyboard would be a better decision due to the sluggish response and button placement.

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