First off, you need to download the Vehicle Creation files. You can find these here (click). Save it to "\SAMP Server\Sumo" to keep it easy to find. Notice how the other server files are there as well.

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Updating Thread Links For Working Hacks

Thanks for the quick reply mate. I am sure you hit the nail on the head with the alt tab problem. Is there anyway i can know whether or not constant speed is toggled? I would be interested in your configuration as long as it's as easy to implement ( i am by far no means an expert at this). If all i have to do is replace the config file with a new one, sure =).


Too many objects near to each other - Can cause severe FPS lag to some players. This is actually present in default GTA: SA, namely in Ganton & Idlewood.

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Simply press Left ALT once and it won't "shoot like a rocket". It's best if you press "Left ALT" as a pedestrian rather than in car.


RE: Dynamic Speed cam system

Secondly, drive around your map, do /zcheck on low places (and high ones if you set MAX_Z) to check for possible errors. If it says that you're below the Z_CHECK on a place where it shouldn't be, edit your gamemode file accordingly.

Assuming there are some places you need to protect, or you just want to edit your map or add objects, you probably don't want to re-create your map entirely. You can do this easily by loading your game mode AND loading the rdlMap filterscript. If you followed this tutorial entirely, you won't need to change anything. Use the rdlMap commands to add fences or other new objects. If you want to add a block without making your map ugly, use an airport road (object ID: 8171). The downside of this object is invisible.


Can somone please update this hack for me

Comments are behind 2 backslashes (//). You do not need to follow the comment format.

This version of mod_sa is pretty much like the original one, but has been updated by FYP and the team for the software to work for the latest version of SA:MP (0/3x). Please note that this will not work on MTA.


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Invisible-Collision Objects - The opposite of Non-Collision, many objects (typically larger land pieces) have invisible yet solid sections of land on them, leading to the ability to drive where you hadn't planned. Got Luck has this issue with the raised carpark object.

It's an include file in an arrayed format. This can also be "NO_BIKES", eg.


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Some of my maps have been unique. Low Water is currently 3rd most voted, i'll have you know.

You have now saved the game mode itself, this is the file The Sumo Server uses. You still need to test your map though before it gets added to the server.


Los Santos Role Play - Gamemode

This is by far the simplest way of spawning vehicles. It's done all in one go, and automaticlaly. When you are generating your map, with at least 2 unobstructed sumo rings, select the 'Auto Generate Spawns' option at the bottom. The map generator will then automatically create viable spawns and add them to the outputted map file.

When you have finished your map, type /savemap [Map name]. This will save all the objects you have created. Make sure to also regularly use /savemap while making your map: you don't want to lose your progress!


Sometimes when i enter a car it just flies in a random direction in the air like it's been shot out of a rocket. I have no idea what is causing this. Maybe if i disable the fly function out of the script all together?

You should now re-upload your map to the website. Either your map has already been stored correctly on the server if your map didn't have any flaws, either you still need to edit it a bit, which you can do using the "Edit" button on the map maker page. Just overwrite the already existing Map File there. IMPORTANT: When testing your map, you changed the include your map uses to "jSSumoTestMapName".


Non-Collision Objects - If you're Confucius, ignore this line. Some objects may look solid, but if you drive on them, may not be solid. Falling through them, make sure you've not used any of them without realising.

I am sure you hit the nail on the head with the alt tab problem. Is there anyway i can know whether or not constant speed (navigate here) is toggled? I would be interested in your configuration as long as it's as easy to implement ( i am by far no means an expert at this).


Large Vehicles (Dumper / Dozer) - Ensure it can get to most places. Smaller roads/paths can make it impossible for these to traverse.

Remove everything that's already written in this new file. Now copy-paste the Map File from the website.


Lastly, there may be an issue if you decide to run the 2 filterscripts (rdlMap& VehCreator) at the same time. Namely, they both use the command /help.

If someone decides to duel on your map, then it will always give this car. You need to specify: FORCE_DUEL_CARS = MODEL_ID of the vehicle you want. You can find the IDs here (click) (model names would work as well, but are much more likely to bug (~case sensitive)). Do not use this to spawn trams or trains, they work different!


AccountInfo[playerid][UserVehicle] = vehiclearray[veid][vehid]; // Internal stuff. Just so Sumo can track your vehicle.

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Createcam - Allows you to create a cam with speed limit that you want

Please tick the advanced box if any of the following apply, or any of the settings mentioned interest you. Note that after checking the box, the settings for them need manually editing after it has generated the map. This only adds the extra data to the map for later editing currently.

Thread: GTA SA:MP mod_sa 4.3.2 // Updated by FYP for 0.3x

If you have done everything correctly according to the tutorial, a command box will appear and stay there. As long as this command box is open, your server is online.

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CHANGE THIS LINE FROM THE DEFAULT CORE LINE. On your SUBMITTED MAP, it needs to go back to whatever it was before!


DISABLE_ACHIEVEMENTS: Just like the normal map generator. If set to 0, it will NOT disable achievements - they are enabled. If set to 1, achievements will not be rewarded. Use this when you have a map where you can achieve something fairly easy. For instance, a huge map including repairs: Evasive Action shouldn't be rewarded here!

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When you correctly finished your object, use /osave (= objectsave). Then, /create a new object and continue making your map. If you want to edit an already existing object, use /sel [ID] (= select). If you want to make a nice area with one single object, use /clone [ID].


I honestly can't see where it says i have disabled messaging. My visitor messages is set to "don't limit usage".

There are a few things we need to address before generating your vehicles this way. First of all, you have to make sure you already saved your objects (/savemap). If you followed this tutorial entirely, this should already have been done. If you haven't done this, you may lose your objects.


Scroll down to the newest logs & read the error there. Most of the times, it should clearly tell you what went wrong & how to fix it. If you don't know how to, reply here.

Reading the error and skipping to the line can be VERY enlightening! If you don't know how to fix it, reply in this topic.