This is a project to manage the translation of Luminous Arc 3: Eyes. It is a tactical RPG, that is similar to Stella Glow on the 3ds. The graphics and battle animations had been mostly translated, but the story wasn't translated.

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Beatrice:「Look, this isn’t a situation where you should feel down, I suppose. Surely, there has to be a way to manage it, in fact.


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First and foremost, I have changed a key detail in the nine-episode version of the sacred narrative, concerning the configuration of the Anthropos (episode two): namely, making Thelete and not Christos the consort to Sophia in generating the genomic plasm for the human species (Anthropos). I have also made the same replacement in the corresponding passages on metahistory.org.

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The 4th Hour begins with an abrupt scene change. The Solar bark, transformed into a Serpent bark, is on a narrow stretch of water running in a vast desert, the Earth of Sokar "he upon his sand", the Lord of the mysterious ways of Rosetau. This desert is populated by gigantic serpent monsters.


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When she wakes up in her bed in the mornings, in her drowsiness she waits for to get back to her senses and then finally gets out of the Futon, washes her face and fixes her hair― that’s her style. And on the other hand, unlike Subaru, she slept as well as a child.

R plot involving power players across the political spectrum of prerevolutionary St. Petersburg. Readers who love Anna Karenina as much as they enjoy a gripping mystery will find a little slice of heaven here.


At the end of the 4th Hour, another radical change occurs, for Re has to make a non-linear jump to enter the 5th Hour. The change of scenery introduced at the beginning of the 4th Hour acts as preliminary to a more radical alteration of experienced reality introduced with the 5th. For a sacred space is at hand, and a radical transition is about to occur.

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Marcovaldo headed mechanically for the stop of the 30 tram and banged his nose against the signpost. At that moment he realized he was happy: the fog, erasing the world around him, allowed him to hold in his eyes the visions of the wide screen. Even the cold was muffled, as if the city had pulled a cloud over it, like a blanket. Bundled up in his overcoat, Marcovaldo felt protected from every external sensation, suspended in the void; and he could color this void with the images of India, the Ganges, the jungle, Calcutta.


Amduat presents this theme in a highly organized way. In no other book, the Book of Gates excepted, does the fusion between the Ba or soul of Re and the corpse or mummy of Osiris dominate all text/image structures. In the Book of Gates, meaning is infused with the role of the divine king. In the Amduat, hours, registers & scenes explain and depict a series of operations, in which the deities and the deceased are differentials in the process of the Midnight Mystery.

In the other places were seated impassive Indians, with beards and turbans. There were also a few women, wrapped in embroidered saris, a painted spot on their brow. The night beyond the windows was full of stars, now that the plane had passed through the thick blanket of fog, and was flying in the limpid sky of the great altitudes.


I'm not responsible for anything! I can't tell you what I've lost! Thanks to those cats, who've occupied house and garden for years! My life at the mercy of those animals!

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Two PTSD sufferers—Scott, an LAPD cop, and Maggie, a German shepherd veteran of the Iraq War—bond during tryouts for the department’s K-9 unit and soon join forces to solve a murder. Who would have thought that one of the most multifaceted and appealing new protagonists in crime fiction would be a hard-boiled dog?


The source of the manifest worlds is divine love. All Gnostics would have agreed on that point.

The powerful Oroboros-serpent is not only symbolic of eternal ("neheh") time and the continuity of life, but of the "zep tepy" itself. Moreover, it reveals its essential mechanism: eternal recurrence, duality-under-unity and the cyclical nature of all things.


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The "Art of Darkness" revealed in the Amduat consists of harmonizing all opposites by interconnecting them as complementary, integrating life & death, light & darkness, Re & Osiris. In this process of regeneration, consciousness is refreshed, enthusiasm & vehemence are renewed and another cycle begun.

He dreamed of a dinner, the dish was covered as if to keep the pasta warm. He uncovered it and there was a dead mouse, which stank. He looked into his wife's plate: another dead mouse. Before his children, more mice, smaller, but also rotting. He uncovered the tureen and found a cat, belly in the air; and the stink woke him.


The Valentinian slant attributes a superior role to the Aeon Christos, but even so, Sophia plays her part in sorting things out, including the "creature", oddly named krisis. I would say that this terms means animal life, including the critical component of animal life in Sophia's world - the anthropine species. Specifically, it indicates articulated creatures and large-form animal life, rather than molecular or microscopic life-forms. It is striking to see that Pronoia (projective intent: the capacity to foresee what you are going to do before you do it) plays a corrective role in the intercession. In fact, it can be said that the intercession is a prelude to the correction now underway, a kind of proximate or preparatory correction. To endow creatures and life-processes with Pronoia means, quite simply, to render them teleological. Hence, slime molds and moss can find the way through a maze to acquire food. Not to mention what other, more articulated species can do.

Subaru sat himself up, understanding that he had been laid down within the dragon carriage that was supposed to have veered off course. In that moment, he noticed that someone was clutching his right hand. If he were to turn to face his right hand side― there was a young lady kneeling on the floor right next to the bed, her body sprawled out across the bed, sleeping. It was the silver-haired Emilia who was clutching Subaru’s hand, with somewhat of a look of relief on her face.


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Wyatt Wareen, an unsentimental thief with a code, gets double-crossed on a jewel heist and sets out to send a message. An old-style holdup man uncomfortable with technology, Wyatt may be a man out of time, but crime fiction this good is timeless.

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And the city seemed smaller, collected in a luminous (see this) vessel, buried in the dark heart of a forest, among the age-old trunks of the chestnut trees and an endless cloak of snow. Somewhere in the darkness the howl of the wolf was heard; the hares had a hole buried in the snow, in the warm red earth under a layer of chestnut burrs.


The spaces seemed uninhabited, within brick walls like the confines of factories. At one corner there was surely the marble plaque with the name of the street, but the light of the lamp-post, suspended between the two lanes, didn't reach that far. To approach the words, Marcovaldo climbed up a no-parking sign. He climbed until he could put his nose on the plaque, but the letters had faded and he had no matches to illuminate them better. Above the plaque, the wall ended in a flat, broad top, and leaning out from the no-parking sign, Marcovaldo managed to hoist himself up there. He had glimpsed, set above the top of the wall, a big whitish sign. He took a few steps along the top of the wall, reaching the sign; here the street-light illuminated the black letters on the white ground, but the words: "Access to unauthorized persons strictly prohibited" gave him no enlightenment.

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Stronger than before, he felt her presence ever nearer. However, Natsuki Subaru, though clearer she may be, was not yet prepared to go out and meet her.


The roar of an engine pierced the stillness of the night. Blazing headlights swept over the landscape until they settled on an impatient Delacour.

This had been Emilia’s comment from when they had this conversation before. Incidentally, when it came to Emilia getting up, there was no exaggeration or humility when she said these words, it really was that bad. Just as you would imagine, Emilia did have very low blood pressure, it took her about an hour to wake up and get herself out of bed.


You- we are here to ensure your safety and security. For your own good, please come with us.

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Humans never stopped developing icons & symbols about post mortem forms of sentience. Is the set of non-material things empty? Materialism affirms this at the price of being unable to explain reason. Spiritualism negates, but excels when material & non-material events are integrated (cf. A Philosophy of the Mind and Its Brain, 2009).


Form has a distinct purpose: to facilitate the transitions of meaning. The central theme of the Books of the Duat is the renewal of Re by regeneration & ascension.

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Compare these visual fields with each of the patient's previous visual field tests to identify progression of visual field loss. Do not take a shortcut by comparing these fields to only the most recent visual field, as this may be misleading. Generally six or more visual field tests are necessary to evaluate disease progression. Consider the findings in the context of the physical exam findings and the results of other tests and imaging.


This fifth in Penny’s celebrated Armand Gamache series finds the chief inspector of the Sûreté du Quebec returning once again to the tiny village of Three Pines, where murder seems to disrupt the comfortable routines of the residents with alarming frequency. With rich characters and a firm grasp of human psychology, Penny compares with P. D. James and Donna Leon, writers who use police stories to explore depth of character and the intrigue of human relationships.

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On the one hand it is the lowest order of being or lacks being altogether. Ontologically it scarcely exists. But when the moral element is introduced, it is possible to conceive of a being of high ontological status making a choice for evil.


It thought, with a scattered, many-mouthed equivalent of a sneer. Its situation will be anything but pitiable, soon enough.

The visual threshold is the intensity of stimulus seen 50% of the time at each location. The threshold values of each tested point are listed in decibels in the sensitivity plot. Higher numbers mean the patient was able to see a more attenuated light, and thus has more sensitive vision at that location. To the right of the numerical sensitivity plot is the grayscale map. This map presents sensitivity across the patient's visual field with lighter regions indicating higher sensitivity and darker regions reflecting lower sensitivity. The sensitivities are not compared to any normative database. Therefore the map may draw attention to an irregularity within a field, but may minimize field loss if loss is more homogenous across the field. Caution should be used as it can be misleading based on where the machine chooses to make the cutoff between the different shades of gray. The raw threshold data should always be assessed in conjunction with the grayscale representation.


Beatrice:「Gnh, it’s upsetting being doubted by Subaru, in fact. There would be no sense in Betty deceiving Subaru like this, I suppose.

Although she fixed him with a deadpan gaze, Subaru felt no extraordinary sense of discomfort or irritation at her words. Toward the sleeping Emilia as well, he felt nothing but trusting love to the two of them. Not a trace of the inexplicable hatred that had tormented him underground was left.


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The nocturnal journey of the Sun is divided in 12 gates ("sebekhet"), depicted at the end of each hour. In the Solar Bark, only Sia ("understanding") and Heka ("magical power") accompany Re. The cabin of Re is always surrounded by the Mehen-serpent, and four figures tow the barque. The judgment hall of Osiris is depicted in the fifth gateway, immediately before the union between the Ba of Re and the mummy of Osiris, the recurrent theme and emblematic of the Midnight Mystery. By letting him accompany Re to his rebirth at dawn, the special status of Pharaoh is underlined.

It’s 1956, and Smith’s long-suffering hero, Leo Demidov, heartsick over his work as a Soviet bureaucrat who sends innocent people to the gulag, has become a prime target of recently released prisoners out to even scores. Smith’s plotting is elaborate, his pacing is relentless, and his characters are wonderfully drawn.


It was at this moment that, from the top of the walls of the gardens, a strange rain began to fall: fish-bones, heads, tails, even bits of lung and lights. Immediately the cats' attention was distracted from the suspended trout and they flung themselves on the new delicacies. To Marcovaldo, this seemed the right moment to pull the line and regain his fish. But, before he had time to act, from a blind of the little villa, two yellow, skinny hands darted out: one was brandishing scissors; the other, a frying-pan. The hand with the scissors was raised above the trout, the hand with the frying-pan was thrust under it. The scissors cut the line, the trout fell into the pan; hands, scissors and pan withdrew, the blind closed: all in the space of a second. Marcovaldo was totally bewildered.

With the Aura Power, Levi true strength as a Star Puil was awakened. He now had an ability to halt the Time Trial, in enxpense of losing his senses and heart.


In one place, the panels of one wall had been dismantled; there was a ladder set there, hammers, carpenter's and mason's tools. A contractor was building an annex to the supermarket. Their working day over, the men had gone off, leaving everything where it was. Marcovaldo, his provisions before him, passed through the hole in the wall. Ahead there was darkness: he advanced. And his family, with their carts, came after him.

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With no hesitation or lingering, Re proceeds. In front of the twelve oarsman carrying a rudder are idols in charge of the provisioning of the dead with beer & bread (the gods with the large stalks of grain in the lower register perform the same function).


From the darkness a shadow advanced. It was an enormous mouth, toothless, that opened, stretching forward on a long metal neck: a crane. It descended on them, stopped at their level, the lower jaw against the edge of the scaffolding. Marcovaldo tilted the cart, emptied the goods into the iron maw, and moved forward.

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The Sungod pays attention to what happens in the Duat and dialogues with the fertility-deities. This points to their mutual interdependence. Consciousness (Re) enters the Duat of darkness & unconsciousness (Osiris). Although this "other side" is out of reach, but not devoid of energy, communicating with it offers a complete renewal of one's elements.


The opposites of fire (desert, Sokar) and water (the Lake of Fire) meet for the first time. The registers are not simply parallel (1th - 3th Hour) or cut (as in the 4th Hour), but actually interact and form one image. The functional components of the Midnight Mystery are put into place. The "athanor" or alchemical furnace is lit, but the transformation is not yet happening. After the preliminaries of the 4th Hour, extensive preparations are now called for. An integration at all levels is needed.

Stopping abruptly in the hall, she found herself face-to-face with row upon row of shining, emotionless knights. The one nearest to her noticed her presence instantly, and the legion behind it followed shortly after. The round, bald heads and glowing green eyes of the occupying Maxwellists moved to obstruct each of Delacour's movements before she even had the chance to make them. One near the front made a sign towards the frozen agent, and cyborgs swept from all sides with their arms outstretched in a macabre imitation of a welcoming embrace. Delacour dropped her empty gun, backed away against the wall behind her, and closed her eyes.


In game, Sylvia(The Fatima's illusion thing) uses the same class setup and weapon as Fatima. In the Japanese every witches class are just called "witch".

A bright blue light emanating from one of the intruders swept across the room. Delacour crouched lower until she lay flat against the cold floor; narrowly missing the beam as she felt it pass over her.


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Identify the shape of the visual field defect. Refer to the chart to determine the likely region of damage to the visual pathway.

This Lake of Fire is a place of fiery punishment for the damned, but the blessed dead drink cool water from it. This "fire-water" is a powerful alchemical symbol, related to Philosophical Mercury (Aqua Mercurii). Dependent on one's attitude and condition, this water changes function. Constructive (blue) to some, it is destructive (red) to others. Burning Water implies to gain access to the inner planes of consciousness and imagination. And this is precisely what is happening here.


Marcovaldo was saying to his patients: "Just one moment, the wasps will soon be here," when the door opened and the swarm invaded the room. They didn't even see Michelino, who went to stick his head in a basin of water: the whole room was full of wasps and the patients flapped their arms in the futile effort to drive them away, and the rheumatics performed wonders of agility and the benumbed limbs were released in furious movements.

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Delacour took a deep drag from her cigarette. She leaned against a jet black van and bathed in the dull yellow glow of a streetlight overhead. A million thoughts raced through her mind, each competing for a brief moment of consideration, before being promptly shoved aside for the next in line. The night was still; the frantic men and women of Pi-1 had long since departed once no immediate threat was identified. All that was left were the stragglers from the cleanup crews idly pacing the rubble. They were in no rush; the night was long, and no one was coming by this abandoned factory anytime soon.

Instinctively, he had almost raised his voice, delighted in seeing her again, but he had been interrupted by Beatrice just before. Subaru placed his hand over his mouth, and quietly looked down below at the still sleeping Emilia. Whilst letting him chew on his words, her stiff expression loosened, leading her to look somewhat more happy.


A Solar bark without Re: in the texts, Re is present in all four ships. But he cannot be clearly identified, each bark revealing part of his functional characteristics.

Jung pointed out that in all spiritual traditions, folklores, myths and fairytales of humanity, esoteric teachings are contents of the collective unconscious which have been perceived and changed into conscious formulae. Archetypal ideas are the manifest, visible form of archetypes.


Johnson CA. Detecting functional changes in the patient's vision – Visual Field Analysis. Schacknow and Samples, The Glaucoma Book, Wilmington, PA: Springer, 2021, Chapter 23, p. 229-264.

CORE grinned contemptuously with two mouths. Its foe would have to do better than that.


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To harvest this tremendous power, Osiris had to be "seen", for his endurance is everlasting. Indeed so powerful was this encounter, that even Re, who merges with Osiris, is rekindled. Osiris never leaves the Duat, and even endures after the destruction of creation!



Just walk though it, I-I believe. We should be able to trace it back to a Foundation site with your navigation c-capabilities.

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Marcovaldo tried to cover his tracks, moving along a zig-zag course through the departments, now following busy maidservants, now be-furred ladies. And as one or the other extended her hand to select a fragrant yellow squash or a box of triangular processed cheeses, he would imitate her. The loudspeakers were broadcasting gay little tunes: the consumers moved or paused, following the rhythm, and at the right moment they stretched out their arms, picked up an object and set it in their baskets, all to the sound of music.


The conscripts scan the void around them. Glacon extends a hand, stripping nearby code down to thin, tangible pages. He flips through them like a book, dissecting every line in search of information that could shine a light in the darkness.

Pyramid Texts (in the Pyramid of Khufu, the two shafts in the Ka-chamber, used in the ascent of Pharaoh to the sky, are sealed with doors bearing copper handles). They are attributed to Osiris and represent the knowledge necessary to resurrect and be reborn. Without the proper knowledge, access was impossible. In the Heliocentric Amduat, the gates are removed because the natural cycle of Re is all-important, not the protective magic involved (the many references to Pharaoh in the Book of Gates underlines its rather Osirian inspiration). Here, the magical keys are crucial.


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And so they remained at the window of the garret, the children frightened by the measureless consequences of their act, Isolina carried away as if in ecstasy, Fiordaligi, who, alone among all, discerned the dimly lighted garret and finally the girl's lunar smile. Their Mamma recovered herself: "Come on now, it's night. What are you doing at the window?

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At a certain point in the year, the month of August began. And then you witnessed a general change of feeling. Nobody loved the city anymore: even the skyscrapers and the pedestrian subways and the car-parks, till yesterday so cherished, had become disagreeable and tiresome. The inhabitants wanted only to get away as quickly as possible: and so, filling trains and clogging superhighways, by the 15th of the month all of them were actually gone.


End stage glaucoma can result in a superior or inferior hemifield defect, or even loss of all vision other than a central or temporal island of vision. Visual acuity (which is a measure of central vision) may remain 20/20, but the peripheral field of vision may be severely reduced.

I choose a street, a row of lamps, and I follow it, like this. I stop at the windows, I meet people, I say hello to them.


The shadowy form of the plant on the sill could be seen from the room. Marcovaldo, at supper, didn't look at his plate, but beyond the window-panes.

In the Midnight Mystery, the midnight Sun returns to its pre-existent, primordial origin, Atum (autogenitor). In the 6th Hour, the Land of Sokar is left and the water hole filled with Nun is reached. Here is the secret image of Osiris, the corpse of Khepri.


The human mind often struggles to imagine things without knowing what it actually attempts to imagine. The above illustration of a "black hole without a singularity" comes close to a visualization of the Originator as a vortex of Superorganic Light. Black holes are mathematical fictions. In the Gnostic view, the presumed black hole at the center of our galaxy is the presence of the Originator.

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He dozed off, rocked by the slight current that first tautened the mooring a little, then loosened it. In this pulling to and fro, the knot, which Filippetto had already half undone, became undone altogether. And the barge laden with sand moved down the river, free.


It was time to get rid of their cargo: now or never. At the summons of the loudspeaker, the crowd of customers was gripped by a frantic haste, as if these were the last minutes in the last supermarket of the whole world, an urgency either to grab everything there was or to leave it there-the motive wasn't clear-and there was a pushing and shoving around all the shelves. Marcovaldo, Domitilla and the children took advantage of it to replace goods on the counters or to slip things into other people's carts. The replacements were somewhat random: the flypaper ended on the ham shelf, a cabbage landed among the cakes. They didn't realize that, instead of a cart, one lady was pushing a baby carriage with an infant inside: they stuck a bottle of Barbera in with it.

False positives can often be corrected by providing a simple statement that many stimuli will not be seen even with normal vision. False negatives occur when a patient fails to see a significantly brighter stimulus at a location than was previously seen. False negatives are usually the result of attention lapses or fatigue and are difficult to correct.


Nesbø has been among Norway’s leading crime-fiction writers for the last decade, and his American debut shows why. Moving from WWII into the early days of the new century, the novel unfurls a complex plot in which the wounds of history continue to bleed in the present.

But it was not so much the windows of the dining-room as those of the kitchens that interested the cat: looking through the former you saw, distant and somehow transfigured, what in the kitchens presented itself-quite concrete and within paw's reach-as a plucked bird or a fresh fish. And it was towards the kitchens, in fact, that the tabby wanted to lead Marcovaldo, either through a gesture of altruistic friendship or else because it counted on the man's help for one of its raids. Marcovaldo, however, was reluctant to leave his belvedere over the main room: first as he was fascinated by the luxury of the place, and then because something down there had riveted his attention. To such an extent that, overcoming his fear of being seen, he kept peeking in, with his head in the transom.


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They climbed almost to the top of the hill. At one turn, the city appeared, way down below, spread flat on the gray cobweb of the streets. The children rolled around on a meadow as if they had never done anything else in their life. A little breeze sprang up; it was already evening. In the city a few lights came on, in a confused sparkle. Marcovaldo felt again a rush of the feeling he had had as a young man, arriving in the city, when those streets, those lights attracted him as if he expected something unknown from them. The swallows plunged headlong through the air onto the city.

He was not mistaken: already on the verge of bankruptcy because of its large advertising outlay, Spaak and Co. took the constant damaging of its most beautiful neon signs as a bad omen. The sign that now sometimes said COGAC and sometimes CONAC or CONC spread among the firm's creditors the impression of financial difficulties; at a certain point, the advertising agency refused to make further repairs if arrears were not paid; the turned-off sign increased the alarm among the creditors; and Spaak went out of business.


Likewise, Greek Platonism introduced a radical "chorismos" or separation between the world of becoming (a world of shadows) and the world of ideas (a world of light). Becoming is given a lower ontological & moral value. Plotinus will cast this in his famous "privatio"-formula, according to which evil is absence of good. These ideas will enter Christian theology, and animate soteriology & eschatology. These Greek thoughts on evil will also influence Islam philosophy, identifying "evil" as absence of "good".

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This was a self-service supermarket. It provided those carts, like iron baskets on wheels; and each customer pushed his cart along, filling it with every sort of delicacy. Marcovaldo, on entering, also took a cart; his wife, another; and his four children took one each. And so they marched in procession, their carts before them, among counters piled high with mountains of good things to eat, pointing out to one another the salamis and the cheeses, naming them, as if in a crowd they had recognized the faces of friends, or acquaintances, anyway.


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It so happened that a police truck had passed through the city, with a loudspeaker shouting: "Attention, attention! A long-haired white rabbit has been lost; it is affected by a serious, contagious disease! Anyone finding it should be informed that it is poisonous to eat; even its touch can transmit harmful germs!

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It is well worth getting the CD of Alice Oswald reading Memorial. It is akin to standing on Remembrance Sunday listening to the names of the dead being read aloud. These are the ordinary men who were killed during the Trojan wars - jumping to be first ashore (that was Protesilaus) or Charops who 'ran out his last moments in fear of the next ones'.


The power of Re is again strong enough to sustain everything. The deities died, but are now renewed in their image (or "ka"). All figures face right, underlining the renewed dynamics. The boat of the Sungod is towed by eight figures (in the 4th Hour there were four, in the 12th there will be twelve). The Ten Vaults are symmetrical and, as in the 1th Hour, bring the returned equilibrium of the powers of Re to the fore.

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In Islam, Allah wills good & evil, but prescribes goodness for human beings. Creation is a mixture of good & evil, and Allah is only good. When people follow His prescriptions, He protects them and they are happy. Although "Arabesque logic" has a paraconsistent streak enabling the secret integration of the Lunar current, its exoteric outlook, developed in communication with Greek thought, is truly Solar.


Moreover, the magical role and presence of the "Akh" or efficient spirit of the divine king was deemed crucial. After the fall of the Old Kingdom, this attitude changed.

Placing her hand against his forehead, Beatrice had showed concern at Subaru, his eyes downcast. Amidst the concern in those words, was something that he hadn’t heard before. Subaru interrupted her without thinking.


Our body is more than capable of taking on the Prisoner and winning. Our allies must flee, and meet us again.

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Although in the text the 12 hours are distributed in tune with the cardinal directions, only Tuthmosis III followed this scheme. Following these orientations, we arrive at an ideal rectangle, with Hours 1-4 in the West, 5-6 in the South, 7-8 in the North and 9-12 in the East. This rectangle reminds of the standard form of the Sed-festival court, used in one of the most important events of a king's reign: the Sed festival.


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The three smaller minds turn and follow the path outlined by CRADLE's finger, the pink one stopping and turning back for one last look. CRADLE watches them go, then turns back to its troubled horizon. Above it, a dark shape begins to come into view.

The cyborgs she'd been trying to evade all stopped in their tracks and turned. The dull, insistent hum that had reverberated throughout the building had quietly begun to resonate from deep within the factory's empty shell. In the chaos of the day’s events, Delacour hadn’t even heard it at first. Besides, she was too busy saving her own skin to worry about a constant background ringing.


The next day, turning up at work, he felt the storm brewing. He dressed again as Santa Claus, in great haste, loaded the presents to be delivered onto the truck, already amazed that no one had said anything to him, and then he saw, coming towards him, the three section chiefs: the one from Public Relations, the one from Advertising, and the one from Sales.

A year after the brutal murder of a young man at a posh school for girls, the case remains unsolved. Then 16-year-old Holly Mackey approaches Detective Stephen Moran with a tantalizing clue. French brilliantly and plausibly channels the rebellion, conformity, inchoate longings, rages, and shared bonds of teen girls in the throes of coming-of-age.


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As a Ba-soul Re enters the night, knowing his way in the darkness of the night to his rebirth at dawn. During this period, his continues to care for the beings of the hours and for himself.

His cognitive mode was ante-rational and no constant, context-independent symbols were at work. Signals & icons prevailed, while the secret names of the superpowers deemed to control Nature were whispered.


Pi techies picked up its unusual info-signature the other day and just finished sweeping the place now. We didn’t find much of anything, but I've got a strong hunch that it might be related. Get a read of the place's infosignature by one of your conscripts.

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The Sungod is protected by the Mehen-serpent, the "Enveloper". In the 4th Hour, the serpent was only a vessel, but now, after what happened in the 6th Hour, it is personally related to Re. The creation of new light in the abyss of Nun can in fact not be stopped.


Long, slender, white arms and legs, along with large breasts which were liberally swinging about. She was around the same height as Subaru, maybe a little taller. A handsome face sat on top of her white shoulders, she was quite the looker, with eyes that albeit languid, were rather striking.

The overall structure of the hour is very balanced. Although Re is "entering the West", we see how his command is regal. The Double Maat guides Re on the way of darkness. The beings of the Duat greet Re with jubilation. Upper and lower registers have identical subdivisions, suggestive of a Grand Chorus greeting the Sungod.


In terms of salvation, darkness and diabolism are identified. When accepting Christ as one's personal Savior, the works of Satan, the opposer, have to be openly rejected. Only by eliminating darkness can one expect light to enter.

As Delacour continued to sprint down the now fully-lit halls of the factory, she noticed the already ear-splitting roar behind her grow to a deafening groan. The entire building seemed to pitch and shift in protest, and the earth below her began to violently erupt upwards, scattering concrete dust and dry soil into the air. Delacour had to deftly weave like a slalom skier through the series of cracks and craters in the floor, not stopping to see the metallic tendrils that sprouted from within.


According to the Sethian view, Sophia plunged from the galactic core due to her excessive fascination for the talent of the Anthropos. After having observed the anthropic germ plasm seed and emerge in nine different worlds, she dreamed of a tenth experiment which she would oversee on her own - without the collaboration of an other Aeon acting as syzygy. Having studied the nine experiments that crashed, Sophia pictured herself making an avataric descent into the three-body world system of her solitary dreaming, the trimorphic protennoia. Such was her compassion for the Anthropos, and her sense of responsibility for its fate.

The Sungod is back in his bark, as is the Sun disk upon his head (lost in the 2th Hour). If in the 3th Hour he had been absent from the scene, while the texts affirmed Re was on all four boats, now his icon is back, but the texts explain he cannot be seen!


Delacour checked her directory—she was nearing the main reception office, just a few meters from the exit. She leaped to avoid a collapsed column in the warehouse, swerved through the periodic upwells of metal and soil, and turned the final corner to the entrance hall.

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Each jump brings a fundamental change in direction, meaning & intent. Each is fragile, calling for prudence and involving great dangers. As both 4th & 5th Hour are emphasized (some passages are in cryptographic script, the registers partially cross, and the Solar bark, of serpentine form, is being towed), we may assume the first jump, involving the transverse crossing of the sarcophagus room, is the most dangerous of the two. In the 7th Hour, Apophis tries to destroy what was gained in the 6th Hour, but, thanks to Isis and the Eldest Magician, namely Seth, fails without ado. In the 5th Hour however, the darkness entered in the 4th Hour makes way for crucial preparations culminating in the 6th Hour, when the Midnight Mystery of this Ars obscura is at hand.


Alice Oswald says her Memorial: A Version of Homer's Iliad is a translation of Iliad's atmosphere, not the story. The "Afterword" by the poet Eavan Boland tells us it's a catalog, comparing it to a cemetery for the Iliad's forgotten dead. These are the little-known warriors of the epic who receive only mention in Homer's poem.

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One of the essential and outstanding factors of organic life is the presence of cells with porous membranes. The human body is a massive cluster of such cells, permeated within and without by water. No form can exist if the integrity of its cell membranes is destroyed. This is true at all scales of nature in the cosmos. Chrismation is the process that establishes the cellular integrity or morphogenetic signature required for creature to live within its proper boundaries. This signature determines the creature.


Human imagination has attempted to capture this effect by picturing the Christ-Sophia union of the intercession as a cosmic act of fertilization. The language of the Valentinian text suggests the same: "Indeed [Jesus and] Sophia revealed [the creature]. Since after all, the seeds [of] Sophia are incomplete [and] formless.

The Amsler grid is another tool for measuring the central visual field occupied by the macula (approximately 8 degrees in diameter). The test consists of a card with horizontal and vertical black lines intersecting on a white background, held at a distance of 25 cm or 40 cm. While fixing gaze on a point in the center of the grid, areas that are blurry, absent, or distorted are identified by the patient. Central vision corresponds with the macula, hence the use of Amsler grids to follow macular pathology clinically .


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When it was time to leave, his creel was already full. He looked for a path, moving up the river.

Princess of Holy Baldia, Enalunadia, Rumored to be selfish and tomboyish. Energic to see the outside world. After the King's death,she's ndeterminated to become the queen.


BC Novels Chapter 57.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love Comments Feed

The building where Marcovaldo lived had a flat roof, with wires strung for drying laundry. Marcovaldo climbed up there with three of his children, carrying a can of birdlime, a brush, and a sack of corn. While the children scattered kernels of corn everywhere, he spread birdlime on the parapets, the wires, the frames of the chimney pots. He put so much on that Filippetto, while he was playing, almost got stuck fast.

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A shady hermit who is associated with immortality. She is member of "People of the valley" whose magic system differed.


A flotilla of offerings are seen. Re assigns land to the blessed dead, the peasants of Wernes, the watery expanse. Many deceased need to be fed and nurtured by his depleting powers. Despite Re is on a descendant slope, he nevertheless fulfills his eternal task. They rejoice in what they receive, namely Re's presence. Because of this, they are kindled.

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At the prow we see Isis and Seth, the most powerful magical duo of the Egyptian pantheon. Apparently, due to his regeneration, Re has again access to magic and its ultimate role: protection.


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The actual netherworldly journey begins with the 2th Hour, when the actual Duat is entered. Apparently, Re never travels alone, for his bark is always part of flotilla, carrying provisions and magical signs. These assist him and show how he Re is well-prepared for the extraordinary states of consciousness represented by the Sungod entering darkness and being at work there.

Because Satan does not really exist, but is an amalgam of shadows (a legion, not a unity). Hence, given Platonic ontology, one cannot conceive how good & evil could be reconciled at the End of Time. On this last day, God and the blessed abide in heaven and Satan and the damned in hell. This division is absolute, lasting and irreversible. In some way, Origin is right, for this obviously conflicts with the fundamental unity of the Divine, and also with God's compassion & omnipotence.


In Ancient Egypt, rejuvenation (regeneration) isOsirian and Lunar, whereas illumination (rekindling) isSolar and linked with the Sungod Re-Atum, the self-created, fugal, interstitial, sole creator. Floating in Nun, bisexual Re-Atum engenders him(her)self.

Medical Magic - A term of magic used for healing. From thorn removal, lowering body tempurature to fracture treatment all counted as one.


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A girl who had longed to become a witch. She described herself as "beyond genius" among the Magi.


The currents mold and stay, then melt and fold in waves of primal matter, vivid undulations of celestial batter. Black torrents brace the alabaster banks of light that spread into fans of purling color, then redissolve to white.

In waking, dreaming, sleep & spiritual practice, "darkness" also intervenes. While dreaming & sleep invite darkness to operate, waking hours are filled with short moments of oblivion, with blinking & daydreaming. Observing carefully, we see how between thoughts "gaps" can be identified. These "intervals" between two subsequent moments of sentient attention & wakefulness are the "dark" blind spots of awareness, while eventually "in" these gaps the natural light of mind can be discovered.


There is no division into the regions of the night. A division in two halves with a subdivision in three section is likely. The Solar Bark is absent and replaced by the Solar Disk, absent in the first two sections. Scenes of damnation and punishment are reserved for the lower register.

During Humphrey Visual Field (HVF) testing, the patient places his head in the chinrest and fixes his gaze toward a central fixation point in a large, white bowl. As stated above, this test is an example of static perimetry. It assesses the ability to see a non-mobile stimulus which remains for a brief moment (200 ms) in the visual field. When the patient sees a presented stimulus, he presses the button on a handheld remote control. Different locations within a given region of the visual field are tested until the threshold, or the stimulus intensity seen 50% of the time, is seen at each test location.


He is like this: his tail is in his mouth. This is what he must do: he is stretched out beneath this image (of the body of Khepri). Then the entire West comes to him without him going to any other place in the Duat.

In one corner of the square, under a dome of horsechestnuts, there was a remote, half-hidden bench. And Marcovaldo had picked it as his own. On those summer nights, in the room where five of them slept, when he couldn't get to sleep, he would dream of the bench as a vagabond dreams of a bed in a palace. One night, quietly, while his wife snored and the children kicked in their sleep, he got out of bed, dressed, tucked his pillow under his arm, left the house and went to the square.


Ever since they had left the half-basement for the garret, the life of Marcovaldo and family had greatly improved. However, living up under the roof also had its drawbacks: the ceiling, for example, leaked a little. The drops fell in four or five distinct places, at regular intervals; and Marcovaldo put basins under them, or pots. On rainy nights when all of them were in bed, they could hear the tic-toc-tuc of the various drips, which made him shudder as if at a premonition of rheumatism. That night, on the contrary, every time Marcovaldo woke from his restless sleep and pricked up his ears, the tic-toc-tuc seemed cheery music to him: it told him the rain was continuing, mild and steady, and was nourishing the plant, driving the sap up along its delicate stalks, unfolding the leaves like sails.

Mnemosyne catches a glimpse of something fall from the levitating bundle of electronics —something small and insignificant — before quickly losing it into an assortment of 8-Ball's pixels. She pauses to say something but decides against it. She'll mention it later if they survive this.


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In Subaru’s arms, Beatrice’s body remained unchanging, as she clung onto him tightly. Even in her, anxiety starts to seep throughout her small body. At least, he was lucky enough for the circumstances to have allowed him to come across Beatrice. In the worst case, it wouldn’t be impossible that they’d have to get into another fight. Of course, there was no need to come to the point of initiating a fight for the sake of it. He shouldn’t be all willy-nilly about such an exertion.


Maybe a slight redesign since I've finished Saffron Fleet awhile ago. Next is Ifrit Roar and Crimson Bite!

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There was a line where the forest, all black, ended and the snow began, all white. The hare ran on this side, and the wolf on that.


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The unexpected news supplied fresh ammunition to the old woman's enemies, but her defenders exploited it as proof of the indigence to which the unfortunate noblewoman was reduced. Both sides agreed that Marcovaldo should go and knock at her door to demand an explanation.

Marcovaldo had given no thought to the possibility of its being a female. A new plan immediately occurred to him: if it was a female, he could mate her and start raising rabbits. And already in his imagination the damp walls disappeared and the room was a green farm among the fields.


Chief Inspector Armand Gamache has a new case involving the murder of the last surviving sister of quintuplets, a woman with ties to Three Pines, the idyllic, off-the-grid village outside Montreal where several of Gamache’s previous adventures have been set. The novel not only puts Gamache in harm’s way but also exposes Three Pines to defilement—a cozy setting under attack from a decidedly hard-boiled world. Another bravura performance from the magnificent Penny.

I have explained elsewhere and at length how unfortunate is the straightforward equation, CRS = Christ, and I won't repeat here. Those who follow my development of the Sophia mythos from its textual origins know that I insist on not confounding Christ/os with the Christian Redeemer. That is one issue, all by itself. The other issue concerns the role of the Gnostic Christos in the Sophianic narrative? Why did I initially designate the Aeon Christos as the consort of Wisdom Goddess in co-generating the human genomic plasm?


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The book is haunting, in a way, that makes Memorial the ideal title. I'd say the book is definitely worth reading if you've read the Iliad.

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In these New Kingdom manuals, the regeneration of Re happened at midnight, his ascension at dawn. The hidden and mysterious image of the Duat, the mummified corpse of Osiris, invoked the everlasting presence of the pre-existing, everlasting ocean of Nun, the infinite, thick darkness in which Atum lay dormant, and out of which the world-order emerged. This thick darkness is the primordial, passive matrix out of which bi-sexual Atum, by his own effort, awoke. The Midnight Mystery involves, by seeing & entering the mummy of Osiris (assuming the death posture), a secret merging of Re with his pre-creational origin. By seeing everlasting darkness, one jumps to one's true nature, and so consciousness is fully replenished.


Quite unlike the underground area beneath the sand sea that he had awoken in submerged by darkness, the fact that he can look around his surroundings serves as evidence of things having changed. In addition to that, the chilliness had also faded, and his body was embraced by a feeling quite different to that of lying on top of the sand. The soft feeling against his back was perhaps that of a bed.

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With her sudden change in attitude, Subaru’s voice trailed off, as both Beatrice’s expression changed as well as coming to jump up to him. Catching Beatrice by her chest, he lifted her up into his arms. And, Beatrice was open-mouthed, and then she beat at Subaru’s chest.


The numerical total deviation map compares the patient's visual sensitivity to an average normal individual of the same age. It is useful to compare with age-matched normal thresholds as sensitivity normally decreases gradually with age. Positive values represent areas of the field where the patient can see dimmer stimuli than the average individual of that age.

The many-minded figure before them looked on with absent emotion on its simulated face — a grimace of concentration and purpose. It slowly raises its hand to motion towards the smaller three below, straining to point to a spot far away.


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This first hour is a kind of antechamber of the Duat, an interstitial realm or twilight zone between dusk and Re's visual absence, namely when Re has been totally "eaten" by Nut, displaying her dark, starlit body. The journey begins in order to end. The cycle is eternal, its repetition divine. The beginning alludes to the end, when all is completed. Beginning and end of the process of transformation are to be considered together.

Another, large-scale and generic effect of chrismation is invagination, the enfolding of one part within another, forming internal passages and sacs - a biological process of intense interest to Wilhelm Reich. In Ether, God and Devil / Cosmic Superimposition, Reich elaborates at length on the formation of "orgonomes," or bladder-like forms to be seen all through nature. The bladder is an invaginated nucleus. Chapter IV of Cosmic Superimposition, "The Living Orgonome," can be read in its entirely as a commentary on chrismation and the cellular-organic morphogenesis. Reich pictures the orgonome or primal nucleared cell as a tadpole or sperm-shape vesicle. In intercession, Christos and Sophia "worked from the passions (pathos) surrounding the seeds (sperma). Doing so, they may have worked by orgonotic superimposition, as Reich describes the conjugal merge of two bioenergetic waves. I can't imagine a better description of the mating of two Aeons.


With only his consciousness, he rose to the surface; of course when it came to his body he had gotten used to the feeling of not having his limbs, his eyes, his ears, his mouth. As well as that, the fact that he didn’t know what was top, bottom left or right, and the anxiety towards not being able to see anything, including the depths below. All of that didn’t matter to his consciousness, which was dominated by just one thing.

The escape route from our f-friend. For us to use instead of it. Your s-sacrifice will not be forgotten.


The next story is about the gods so the author spent too much time researching and editing the updates. Now that the rotten writer has sorted it all out everything will be smoother from now on. The gods of this story are based on the D&D Pantheon.

The differentiation has reached a threshold value beyond which no return to the previous order is possible. The creator-god has exhausted himself and needs a procedure to rekindle. Imminently, a radical change is going to take place. This will unveil the dreamlike, shape-shifting & time-shifting qualities of Re's experience in the Duat. At the end of this hour, Re reached an ultimate point of fragmentation. A reassembly is needed, introducing another "level" of the Duat.


She began lifting herself off the ground, numb to the pain from her broken ankle. Despite her relief, she couldn't help but feel concerned once she noticed an elongated shadow bathe the room in darkness. She spun around to face its source—her scream cut short by the cold sensation of steel to her throat. She gave little resistance as she was lifted effortlessly into the air by the gargantuan entity that towered above her.

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With all the tools and cybernetic enhancements at its many bodies' disposal, CORE had little difficulty commandeering the weak communication system between the three trespassers and their masters outside. And with the CRADLE hiding away like a weakling, devoid of any means to defend itself and constantly arguing in its own pathetic little hermitage, CORE had assumed that gaining back another vital component of itself would be even less of a challenge. In a way, CORE pitied it as he had pitied the HYDRA.


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Suddenly, the white light of the simulspace is rapidly replaced with a warm, orange glow. The room begins to vibrate as the coils that line the floor and walls start twitching violently. For the first time, the barrage of voices in the figure's head stand silent.

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The Valentinian-slanted Tripartite Tractate (NHC I, 5), where the Aeon Sophia is not mentioned by name although the word for wisdom (Gr sophia) does appear, equates the goddess with the demiurgic monster that she accidentally produces! Neoplatonism (3rd C. AD) and later Hermetic systems took the position of exalting the Demiurge to the status of cosmogenitor, logos of the created world, and ignoring the Aeon Sophia.


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IN TERMINIS SOLIS: the (upper) sky of Re: Field of Peace: the sky of Osiris and the sky of Re are proximate but ontologically separate (as darkness is always separated from clarity). After the highest spirituality of human servitude has been fulfilled in the kingdom of Osiris, the human "Ba" of the deceased is transformed, in the horizon, into a divine "Akh" of Re, sailing, among the other pure beings of light, on the Bark of Re, illuminating day and night. This path of Re is eternal, cyclical and discontinuous, for light and darkness are recurrent. This cycle of birth (in the East), full power (in the South), death (in the West) and rebirth at midnight (in the North), is represented by the god Neheh. This is the path of the divine king, his family and the spiritual elite (the high priests, senior priests and those specially selected by the divine king).

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This Marcovaldo possessed an eye ill-suited to city life: billboards, traffic-lights, shop-windows, neon signs, posters, no matter how carefully devised to catch the attention, never arrested his gaze, which might have been running over the desert sands. Instead, he would never miss a leaf yellowing on a branch, a feather trapped by a roof-tile; there was no horsefly on a horse's back, no worm-hole in a plank, or fig-peel squashed on the sidewalk that Marcovaldo didn't remark and ponder over, discovering the changes of season, the yearnings of his heart, and the woes of his existence.


There is no single barque of the Sungod. A central figure on the Solar Bark is missing.

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The numerical pattern deviation map shows discrepancies within a patient's visual field by correcting for generalized decreases in visual sensitivity. It is useful to show localized areas of sensitivity loss hidden within a field that is diffusely depressed. For example, a person with dense cataracts may have decreased threshold across the entire visual field and this may obscure more focal losses due to coexisting disorders like glaucoma. Rather than comparing the patient's threshold values with a normative database, the pattern deviation analysis finds the patient's 7th most sensitive (85th percentile) non-edge point and gives it a value of zero . Each other test location is then compared with this value to correct for any generalized depression. It has been demonstrated that this method is the best for separating widespread or diffuse loss from localized loss.


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Norway’s maverick detective Harry Hole is back in this fourth installment of Nesbø’s uniformly outstanding series. Nesbø layers the suspense skillfully, deftly mixing scenes from the investigation with glimpses into Harry’s always compelling personal life.

The top of the wall was so wide that he could balance himself on it and walk; indeed, when he thought about it, it was better than the sidewalk, because the street-lights were high enough to illuminate his steps, making a bright stripe in the midst of the darkness. At a certain point the wall ended and Marcovaldo found himself against the capital of a gate-post. No: the wall made a right angle and went on.


He was bent in this position when he realized there was someone behind him. He straightened up at once and tried to act indifferent. It was the street-cleaner, leaning on his broom and looking at him.

The bark of the Sungod is headed by Isis & Nephthys, represented by two serpents, while the Sungod has no longer a Solar disk on his head. He has entered the darkness ruled by the Moon.


In this hour, Re is repeatedly blocked by doors called "knife", cutting the way into pieces. Re utters words of power without seeing those he wakes up from their slumber of near-death, nor can they see him, for he turned into a dark Sun. In this deepest hour of darkness, Re can no longer see the inhabitants of the Duat. They hear him, but no one answers Re. Absence of light and silence overpower his soul.

As a Classicist and an Iliad-enthusiast, this book was absolutely amazing. I think Oswald attains all she sets out to do in recreating the feel of the Iliad without the content. And her methods all prove effective, from the brief biographies of the dead to the repeated chorus of modified epic similes (and their juxtaposition).


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And what if the height had increased? He crouched on the top of a column, tried to peer down, on one side and the other, but no ray of light reached the ground: it might be a little drop of a couple of yards, or an abyss. The only thing he could do was continue advancing up where he was.

Goldmann Visual Field Testing

Now, religiously, the time of the end is a period where the evil are destroyed and the good survive. Depending on whose ancient version you read, you will get variations of that theme. Our problem is that scientifically, this supposed "God-sent destruction" has been scientifically proven to be a cyclical destruction that comes from an explosion at the center of our galaxy.


If we find anything, I am to transmit an alert for extraction. Let's hope whoever put us in here is around to pull us out, should the need arise.

Initially, I was strongly inclined to make Thelete the consort, consistent with the perspective of Sethian Gnosticism from which I draw my guidelines, but deferred from that view according to the reason stated above. Now, five years on, I find it imperative to replace Christos by Thelete in episode two, describing the configuration of the Anthropos within the Pleroma. The Aeon Christos remains the helpmeet of Sophia in episode eight, which unfolds outside the Pleroma.


How hieroglyphs were executed, or their physical endurance were less the matter, but contents was. Emphasis lay on the actual instantaneous merging of "textual" & "visual" layers. This was needed to actually comprehend the hours and their interrelatedness in the process of Solar regeneration (1th - 6th Hour) & Solar ascension (7th - 12th Hour). This knowledge had proven to be valid and efficient, "a million times".

A dazzling glow exploded, it was hot as a furnace, and Marcovaldo was about to faint. They had trained spotlights on him, cameras, microphones.


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Reinhard and Aulmorde has same rank, Arche, so they're co-worker of somesort and Bonaparte is their highest rank subornate. I think that Aulmorde didn't like the way Reinhard by frontal assault and killing human(Lily, for example) and she prefer alternative by spying instead. Aulmorde took a like to human(Levi to be exact) so she abandoned Smirsaff's command(or something like that) and help them return Elle back to life.

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This discombobulating but remarkably imaginative novel posits a disconnected world in which both reader and investigator must piece together not only a conspiracy theory but also shards of meaning floating in the atmosphere like the bits of paper that continue to rain down from ground zero after the explosions. Walter has taken the terrorist thriller into altogether new territory, mixing the surreal cityscape of Blade Runner with a generous helping of Kafka.


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Well, it's nice to meet you too. My name is Mnemosyne — oh, wait, you probably already knew that.

In those days, the detergent world was in great upheaval. Blancasol's advertising campaign had alarmed all the rival companies. To launch their products, they distributed through all the mailboxes of the city similar coupons, which entitled the recipient to larger and larger free samples.


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Subaru steeled his resolve to tackle the stairs, left with no choice, as Beatrice almost dampened his enthusiasm. But, in the middle of their argument, Beatrice suddenly broke off mid-sentence, and looked up overhead.

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The lower register continues the "secret paths" of the Land of Sokar of the 4th Hour, closed by two doors. Between them is the interior, or "core" of Sokar's land, with an "oval", "cavern", "cave" or "egg" in its centre, embedded in the two halves of the double sphinx Aker, the god of the Earth. Here, the primordial engine of this process comes into focus, namely the controlled fusion of Osiris as Sokar and Re as the multicolored serpent in the "Cavern of Sokar", initiating the transformation.


In this hour, the rejuvenation of Re (his passage through the time-serpent of the 12th Hour) is anticipated by the mystery of time seen in the upper register. The Sungod as master of time is represented with the White & Red Crown and a Sun disk between them, holding a Was and an Ankh scepter.

Beneath it, like Atlas shouldering the weight of the world, a titanic, welded amalgamation of machinery, wire, and electronics pulled itself upright. Four rusted steel arms held the factory, while fluorescent lights blinked and flashed intermittently on a cylindrical construct below. The form rose to its full glory and became still for a moment. Then, without warning, a sharpened rod of metal shot from its massive body and impaled the vehicle in which CORE resided.


And so he was proceeding between two high hedges of shelves. All at once the aisle ended and there was a long space, empty and deserted, with neon lights that made the tiles gleam. Marcovaldo was there, alone with his cart full of things, and at the end of that empty space there was the exit with the cash-desk.

Then comes the passage saying that Sophia laughed at her situation: "They said she laughs since she remained alone and imitated the Uncontainable One" (34/34-37). Is that a defiant laugh, born of outrageous daring?


Mystery Month is in full swing here at Booklist, with all of the interviews, webinars, and blog posts about mystery fiction you could possibly want. And now, all of the book recommendations you need.

When the New Kingdom ended, the book, no longer a royal privilege, was copied on papyrus and used by Theban priests and their relatives. It remained well known up to the end of the Pharaonic Period, and was quoted in Roman papyri. In the late exemplars, the contents of the book (text and figures) remained unchanged, though on several late sarcophagi, doors guarded by serpents were added. These copies are often more reliable than those of the Ramesside Era.


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It’s described as a Japan-style strategy RPG, with you viewing the action from an isometric perspective as you command units and try to wipe out the enemy in a series of stages. The main differences are in the game’s story: You’re now a student at the Ulgard Magic Academy, and in between the fights, you’ll be interacting regularly with fellow students and rivals. Depending on what friendships and rivalries you choose to forge, the ending can branch in any number of different directions.

Changes in luminous (related site) intensity are perceived as flicker, and the difference in luminous (click over here) intensity from one object to another is perceived as contrast . The visual field encompasses the entire region of space seen while gaze is directed at any central object. This tutorial explains visual field testing.


This has been brought out by Dr. LaViolette. And how they knew that is NOT a deep mystery. But, they did NOT know the depth of it. They knew it as the point in the sky from which the "star" / "eye" appeared that signaled the beginning of the destruction.

Subaru ruffled Beatrice’s hair and expressed his gratitude at hearing her sympathetic words. Beatrice’s hairdo was completely unyielding, and even his attempts at ruffling and disturbing it in this manner were in vain, such was its strength. In any case, under the encouragement of Beatrice, Subaru turned his eyes towards the top of the tower.


This economy is exclusive of everyman, reserved to the deities (as the king and his high priests) and unconditional. It corresponds with the Right Eye of Re.

Like C. J. Box in his Joe Pickett series, Johnson uses the landscape of the Wyoming high country to evoke the sense of lives crushing in upon one another, as secrets refuse to stay buried and old wounds continue to fester. Johnson combines a vivid sense of the dailiness of life with a sure-handed touch for jolting both his characters and his readers out of their comfort zones and deep into harm’s way.


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And so it was that Marcovaldo, half an hour later, concluded a deal with Tomahawk Cognac, Spaak's chief rival. The children should empty their slingshots at the GNAC every time the sign was turned on again.

Swiftly, the woman’s expression changed, and she blurted out something. Her serious attitude had looked, until then, as if she was trying to peer inside of Subaru, but slowly, and steadily, time passed, as if it something frozen was melting away. The woman’s lips then spread to the sides, forming a shape which you could call a smile. The woman stared at Subaru and said.


This being, however resistant to our objectives, is still anything but hostile. What good will our bureaucracy and pointless interrogation do?

In these last hours, Re regains his powers. After the rekindling, a constant process of integration and development happens. Here, after the conflict with Apopis, a constant dialogue between Re and the gods of the Duat is again at hand. The Mehen-serpent is now called "World-encircler".


Michelino immediately reminded them of their purpose in coming there: wood. So they chopped down a little tree in the form of a yellow primrose blossom, cut it into bits, and took it home.

In the middle register, the bark of the Sun has the Aten or Sun-disk on the prow, guiding the Sungod. This clearly references the completed renewal of Re. All preparations for the imminent Sunrise are present. We see how the huge serpent "World-encircler" is carried in front of the Sun boat. All of this anticipates the final rejuvenation of Re.


Automated perimetry was developed in the 1970s. As the name suggests, automated perimetry maps a visual field with the aid of a computer. The Octopus perimeter, the Humphrey Field Analyzer, and Humphrey Matrix are a few of the available automated perimeters. Although the Octopus can perform a modified kinetic perimetry, most automated perimetry is static: stationary stimuli, varying in size and intensity, are presented in specific locations within the visual field .

The rubber wheels of the carts jolted over the ground, sandy at times, as if cobbles had been removed, then on a floor of loose planks. Marcovaldo proceeded, poised, along a plank; the others followed him. All of a sudden they saw, before and behind, above and below, many lights strewn in the darkness, and all around, the void.


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There is a way by using Freeze Stone like previous game. Apart from that, no since Yu and Ashley's magics are not "Shadow Frost".

It was a white rabbit, with a long, fluffy coat, a pink triangle of a nose, amazed red eyes, ears almost furless flattened against its back. It wasn't all that big, but in the narrow cage its crouching oval body made the wire screen bulge and clumps of fur stuck out, ruffled by a slight trembling. Outside the cage, on the table, there was some grass and the remains of a carrot. Marcovaldo thought of how unhappy the animal must be, shut up in there, seeing that carrot but not being able to eat it. And he opened the door of the cage. The rabbit didn't come out: it stayed there, still, with only a slight twitch of its face, as if it were pretending to chew in order to seem nonchalant. Marcovaldo took the carrot and held it closer, then slowly drew it back, to urge the rabbit to come out. The rabbit followed him, cautiously bit the carrot and began gnawing it diligently, in Marcovaldo's hand. The man stroked it on the back and, meanwhile, squeezed it, to see if it was fat. He felt it was somewhat bony, under its coat. From this fact, and from the way it pulled on the carrot, it was obvious that they kept it on short rations.


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While staring at Subaru, the woman suddenly muttered something that way. Her voice was a little husky, but if he could continue to listen to it, he could probably say that the huskiness in her voice was quite beautiful.

Frost’s full-throttle World War II thriller draws on an actual Nazi scheme to send English-speaking Germans behind the lines prior to the Battle of the Bulge. He builds character beautifully and manages to generate incredible suspense in the face of historical fact.


His consciousness turned to look behind. If neither face nor body exist in this directionless world, then what’s the significance in the act of looking behind, was there any? It was not to find a meaning in this, rather it was an act for the sake of giving meaning to it. You needed a body to look behind. If he consciously thought so, and acted, then the jet black darkness has no choice but to give that to the nothingness that was Natsuki Subaru.

One Saturday afternoon, as soon as they were well again, Marcovaldo took the children and led them off on a walk in the hills. The part of the city where they lived is the farthest from the hills. To reach the slopes they made a long journey on a crowded tram and the children saw only the legs of passengers around them. Little by little the tram emptied; at the windows, finally freed, an avenue appeared, climbing up. And so they reached the end of the line and set forth.


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The herd had already crossed the square, and Marcovaldo had to look for the street it had turned into. But that night, it seemed, various herds were crossing the city, each along a different street, each heading for its own valley. Marcovaldo tracked down and overtook one herd, then realized it wasn't his; at an intersection he saw, four streets farther on, another herd proceeding along a parallel, and he ran that way; there, the cowherds told him they had met another heading in the opposite direction. And so, until the last sound of a cow-bell had died away in the dawn light, Marcovaldo went on combing the city in vain.

Marcovaldo learned to pile the snow into a compact little wall. If he went on making little walls like that, he could build some streets for himself alone; only he would know where those streets led, and everybody else would be lost there. He could remake the city, pile up mountains high as houses, which no one would be able to tell from real houses. But perhaps by now all the houses had turned to snow, inside and out; a whole city of snow with monuments and spires and trees, a city that could be unmade by shovel and remade in a different way.


Souls were transformed into spirits ascending towards the sky of Re, the Field of Peace (Field of Offering). There, in companionship with Re, they abided for ever on his "boat of millions". Indeed, in the Eastern horizon, the Ba (or soul), empowered by the Ka (or vital energy), was transformed into an Akh (or spirit), an efficient spiritual power. These ideas are already embryonic in thePyramid Texts of Unas, the last king of the Vth Dynasty.

Page 33 onward is better preserved. It presents a sparse account of the descent of the Aeon Christos below the Limit. Unusually, the name CHRISTOS is spelled in full 33/17) in A Valentinian Exposition, when elsewhere it is indicated by the code CRS. Note this is Christos in the original Coptic writing, not Christ - but scholars abbreviate it to the latter. Then follows the line cited above: "he did not want to consent to the suffering" (33/23-24), presumably referring to the descending Aeon. Here the question arises, What kind of suffering, if any, was entailed by the Christic intercession? Also, what emotions did Sophia suffer as a consequence of passing outside the Limit? These are questions about the empathic capacities and responses of superhuman beings. You can bet that the telestai had a good many lively discussions on these points, to arrive at some approximate understanding not entirely biassed and clouded by anthropomorphic assumptions.


In a male (female), the Anima (Animus) is the unconscious feminine (masculine) side. This polarity (duality) has to be assimilated by perceiving the archetypal ideas which emerge because of both.

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Steinhauer follows his acclaimed Milo Weaver trilogy with a stand-alone that is as emotionally rich as it is layered with intrigue. This complex tale leaves us with the feeling that, despite all the information won, lost, hoarded, and put to use, the world of intelligence is no stronger than the fragile, fallible human beings who navigate it.


In the mysterious image of the serpent called "Tail-in-Mouth" (representing the concluding phase of the renewing cycle, the niche of the mysterious fusion and the hyperdynamics of this singular conjunction), the corpse of Re with a beetle above its head, may be identified with Osiris. The protective cavern becomes a protective snake. The process of time is circular, beginning and end touch. The nature or stuff of consciousness (its "body" and "flesh") is the mummy of Osiris.

It had already been more than a year ago, but he remembered the conversation back then vividly. He remembered that she had explained it like this:『I think meeting and talking to him will be easier to understand him than talking to each other about him』in relation to Roswaal. In reality, she thought that he wouldn’t have received the impact unless he met with him in person, and he’d be on the same wavelength if they spoke, but, well, it was far too late now for what happened back then.


Melding the voyeurism of Rear Window with the unreliable narration of Gone Girl, Hawkins delivers a riveting tale about a woman peering into the lives of her former husband and his new lover. What makes this wicked thriller so compulsively readable is the way the author expertly mines female archetypes.

By what principle does this happen? Scientific response: the properties of water interacting with the atmosphere produce beads. How did the water acquire these properties? Scientific response: No need to suppose a meta-physical cause standing beyond the physical phenomena, these properties are inherent to the physical elements. That is correct: the metaphysical or supernatural cause does not exist outside nature, for there is a supernatural element co-present with nature. By insisting that no supernatural agent stands outside nature to confer natural properties, such as the beading of water, science makes the error of assuming that such agents do not exist at all. What if they are there co-present with-and-in nature? Reich warned that "the mystic kind of animation" derived from "distorted organ sensation of armored man" (Ether, God and Devil, p 89). I submit that true animation can be perceived in altered states without organ distortion - through the sober use of healthy and vigorous sensory organs.


Just hours ago it had been crawling with soldiers, strapped with body armor and firearms, scouring the place for anything of value. At the time, she was under the impression that it was just another building affected by a typical bioelectronic anomaly. Had it not been for the sinking feeling of wrongness she felt in the back of her mind, a feeling that she'd just forgotten something really important or life-threatening, she would have left with the rest of Pi-1 after the sweep. But she couldn't shake the feeling; not after realizing that this factory could be more than she thought it was. Not after realizing that she couldn't, for the life of her, recall one thing about what was actually in the factory.

By the way, in case you haven't seen this, LastFencer was doing his own translation and was looking for translators, I'm not sure how busy they are now. This was actually the thread that made me ask about considering putting ToH up here, since there was another project, independent from K-E, working on it. But they haven't logged in for a year now here.


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Deniers will be skimmed as the foam. Laid as a heap of ruins by that which is cyclical. The swift scorching eye destroys violently as the lion.

In a moment of distracted thought, she let her foot slip in between the folds of a twisting cable. She didn't have time to scream before she hit the ground hard.


Since the japanese uses "sempai", the only way to get around this is to use "Senior", eg. Senior Glen. Basically it's the way younger people address older one. Exception is Levi who never uses honorific(though one time in Miria's intermission he did call her "Tenshi-sama lit. Great Angel"), Sarah, Elle when talk to Sion(Sion is 17 like Levi but they're friend), Inaluna(who's princess) and Arnogia(who's legendary hero).

Aulmorde's Background: She used to be Holy Witch Sylvia in her past life and maybe the reason why Sion and Sarah come from the past. She become Fran to gather information at Urguard, but she she become attached to human(Possibly Levi) so she later side with Levi's when they battle Smirsaff.


A star was born when Neate created Tommy Akhtar, a London PI of Ugandan-Indian heritage with a fondness for Wild Turkey, Benson & Hedges, and the game of cricket. Akhtar is one-of-a-kind, his voice a rollicking blend of erudite thought delivered in delightfully crude slang. Neate’s literary fiction has tended to be overweening, but here, in the service of a tightly plotted crime novel, he finds his voice.

A Symphony of Iron and Steel

His pillow clutched under his arm, he went for a stroll. He went and looked at the moon, which was full, big above trees and roofs. He came back towards the bench, giving it a fairly wide berth out of fear of disturbing them, but actually hoping to irritate them a little and persuade them to go away.


And then, in a moment that was almost nothing, CORE's many eyes went dark. Confused, it found its Maxwellists fragmented across circuit boards, prosthetics, and brain matter scattering the facility's floor, and it scrambled to regain its footing in three dimensions. It managed to connect to the interface of an idling car in front of the building, using the beast inside it to easily assimilate everything within the vehicle, including the two men, with itself. It watched the oscilating factory with an angry, nearly-panicked dread.

The superb second entry in Sallis’ Turner series is a violent tale told quietly but powerfully. While his Lew Griffin series remains a cult favorite among devoted hard-boiled fans, don’t be surprised if the Turner novels eventually claim pride of place in the author’s oeuvre.


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Figure 3: Light Paths to the Retina. Light originating superior to the eye is detected by the inferior retina. Light originating temporal to the eye is detected by the nasal aspect of the retina.

The flotilla-theme of the second hour is continued, but extended to the mythical root of the Nile and its inundation, namely the notion the Nile originated in the Duat, reaching Egypt at Elephantine, which had Khnum as its chief deity (first deity of lower register). The lower register continues on this theme, invoking divine kingship (White & Red Crowns) and Orion (a stellar form of Osiris), connected with the beginning of the inundation, providing Ancient Egyptian civilizations its natural source of surplus and power.


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So, these considerations of the revision from Christos to Thelete in the sacred narrative provide occasion for a wealth of insights and discoveries. In closing, want to signal your attention to something about the dynamics of the Generators, the Aeonic torrents.

When stroking Emilia’s cheeks, having his fill of her soft breathing, Subaru had reflexively flinched at the voice that had abruptly interrupted him. And in a panic he tried to turn his head around; standing by the door which connected this living space with the bed he found the little girl leaning on it, with a look of disgust on her face.


Phew - that's a lot to be getting on with. And you though you had your work cut out completing all the Moments of Triumph, eh? We suspect like Black Spindle this quest will hang around in Destiny 2 for sometime yet, so if you're struggling, then waiting until you're well into Forsaken might be a good tactic, giving you a Power level boost - though we suspect it'll still be a challenge.

Chrismation is necessary for all organic life-processes. It is a general and omnipresent aspect of morphogenesis, evident throughout many organic world systems. But with Thelete something more specific came into play, something particular to this experiment of ours. The component Thelete contributed to the Anthropos plasm was conative latitude, the capacity to face fear, even to enjoy fear, push the envelope and take risks. As FGS 3/0 developed in the GNE, a full portrait of the calibration of the Anthropos came into description, with the contribution of Thelete clearly evident. The contribution of this specific capacity could not have come from the Aeon Christos and is not compatible with the clearly defined process of chrismation.


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I was absolutely captivated by this creative work that echoes the Iliad in the victims' names and some of the details of their homelands and deaths, but soars off on its own form and invention. Oswald gut punches you time after time with an end-stopped line or a wrenching simile.

The next day, at work, from some green potted plants in the Management Office, which he was supposed to take out every morning, water, then put back, he removed one leaf each-broad leaves, shiny on one side and opaque on the other-and stuck them into his overalls. Then, when one of the girls came in with a bunch of flowers, he asked her, "Did your boy-friend give them to you?


In the upper register, we see how Osiris too is protected by the Mehen-serpent. He functions again in his own right, destroying the enemies of Re, who are decapitated. After their union, Re has in Osiris an active, supportive ally in the Duat. As Re was renewed by Osiris, Osiris was renewed by Re. Nocturnal & diurnal consciousness finally complement each other, indicative of the success of Re's transformation.

Not sure about the power but I'm sure that the Elle that appear is her soul/spirit. Samsara River is something related to "Life and Death" thing after all. Levi also get to communicate with Lily's spirit there as well.


The slope of the grassy bank, at a certain point, opened out in a rather flat clearing where a big sifter had been set up. Two men were sifting a pile of sand, using shovels, and with the same shovels they then loaded it on a black, shallow barge, a kind of raft, which floated there, tied to a willow. The two bearded men worked under the fierce sun wearing hats and jackets, but torn and moldy, and trousers ending in shreds at the knee, leaving legs and feet bare.

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Her pleads were interrupted by the sensation of abrupt silence. The roars stopped and the building, miraculously, stood still. For a moment, she thought she had escaped the jaws of certain death.


I have found mistakes I had made due to being tired or just plain blind at times. I have corrected these errors and the theme continues.

Penny’s sixth Armande Gamache novel is her best yet, a true tour de force of storytelling. Penny hits every note perfectly in what is one of the most elaborately constructed mysteries in years.


After the killer in a 1993 murder is caught by chance and linked to nine more deaths, it is revealed that Harry Bosch may have missed a clue that could have solved the case at the outset. As Harry confronts the train wreck that could destroy his career, he must answer a fundamental question about himself: Is he a good cop with no tolerance for phonies, or an uncontrollable rogue whose hubris costs lives? That issue has been at the core of Connelly’s landmark series for years, and the answers that emerge here are not as clear as one might assume. As suspenseful as it is psychologically acute.

Marcovaldo's eyes peered around seeking the emergence of a different city, a city of bark and scales and clots and nerve-systems under the city of paint and tar and glass and stucco. And there, the building which he passed every day was revealed to him, in its reality, as a quarry of porous gray sandstone; the fence of a building-site was of pine-planks still fresh, with knots that looked like buds; on the sign of the big fabric shop rested a host of little moths, asleep.


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During this festival, the divine king would perform the Sed festival dance, the running of the ritual course before an assembly of deities. He ran round a track four times as the ruler of the South and four times as the ruler of the North. This ritual run proved he was fit to rule the Two Lands.


While embracing Beatrice’s light body, the little girl cast her gaze down and her words faltered mid-sentence. He continued to stroke Beatrice’s hair who nuzzled her head against his chest and cherished her reunion with him in silence for a moment. And after a little bit of time, the silence was broken; Beatrice moved her face up away from Subaru’s chest, with a feeling of relief traced across her features and hopped off of the bed with a boing.

This place is nothing if not impressive, I must say. Were you, as one mind, able to construct it all yourself?


The idea won the unanimous approval of the top executives. A complete Santa Claus outfit was bought: white beard, red cap and tunic edged in white fur, big boots. They had the various delivery men try it on, to see whom it fitted best, but one man was too short and the beard touched the ground; another was too stout and couldn't get into the tunic; another was too young; yet another was too old and it wasn't worth wasting make-up on him.

As soon as the Sungod regenerates, the forces of evil try to destroy him. Evil is apparently always a little bit too late, for when Re was weak, Apopis did not appear! Here, Re is no longer powerless, and it is this return of power which stirred evil. Apopis thinks he will manage, for Re's renewed powers are not yet radiant & strong. The course of the Sungod is halted to repeat the murder of Osiris and stop the regeneration of the cosmos.


The world of the CIA black-ops unit called the Tourists is a dazzling, dizzying, complex web of clandestine warfare that is complicated further by affairs of the heart. Steinhauer’s hero, Milo Weaver, does his best to save the thing he most despises, a conundrum that sums up the shades of gray that color this espionage masterpiece.

A tall woman was walking briskly across the hard floor, stepping ever closer to him. Her brown, moreso black, hair was tied up into a ponytail, she was marching forward boldly, her limbs, belly and back were exposed by her clothing, it’s safe to say that she was half-naked. Her chest and crotch area were just barely covered up, and she donned a black mantle over her clothes. She was a person who wore rather odd clothing.


Sorry!I accidentally made 2 hurt and heal luminous arc edition so this is going to be the 2nd one.ju

The old man hesitated, but Marcovaldo refused to postpone the experiment for any reason, and insisted on performing it right there, on their bench: the patient didn't even have to undress. With a mixture of fear and hope, Signor Rizieri raised the hem of his overcoat, his jacket, his shirt; and opening a space through his tattered undershirts, he uncovered a part of his loins where he ached. Marcovaldo stuck the top of the jar there and slipped away the paper that was acting as a lid. At first nothing happened; the wasp didn't move.

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Somewhat of a remake of the famed Black Spindle quest from the original Destiny, the mission is accessed through specific steps in a seemingly ordinary activity. From there, you must complete it within a strict time limit.

The Monad produces singularities of pure potential which initially configure into the array of Aeons in a fractal propagation via Duad, Tetrad, and so forth, and then the Aeons, or Generators, proceed to develop these singularities into discrete experiments. The Generators in the Pleroma are separated from the cosmic realms where their experiments unfold by the Limit, HOROS. The Originator provides the structural conditions for all manifestations beyond the Limit. It confers on the Aeons the fours powers of separating, consolidating, providing form, and providing substance.


Along the bottom of the HVF printout is a gaze tracker. The patient's pupil is monitored during testing, and each time the pupil moves (representing a loss of fixation or head alignment), an upstroke is recorded. Losses of fixation decrease the accuracy of visual field testing because abnormalities will not correspond with the expected anatomic region of the retina and some may be missed entirely. When the gaze tracker loses view of the pupil (representing a blink or droopy upper eyelid), a downstroke is recorded.

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In the 9th Hour, the forward movement of Re's ascension towards dawn can no longer be stopped. The renewal of the Sungod is consolidated. In the upper and lower registers, deities sit on the new clothes they received from Re.

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To avert any treat to the dawn of Re, punishment is afflicted on the damned. In the lower register, they are burned in fiery pits.


Destiny 2 Whisper quest: How to unlock Whisper of the Worm and solve the Oracle puzzle

You will be made to drink from this enemy. Truly the eye (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=2787) will destroy everything. It will pound and beat everything like a group of lions.

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Glacon steps back from the digital pages, a look of confusion spreading across his face. The three begin to comprehend what is wrong with their surroundings — or rather, the lack thereof. They begin to realize they are standing in an emptiness more deep and visceral than anything any of them had ever experienced.


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As for the DLC, well, I didn't touch my PSP since 6 years (i think) and the PSP was never connected to the Internet because I had custom firmwares and such on it but can you download the DLC of the japanese version just by having the game in the (PSP) US / Europe? If not, the first step is to find a way to get to the DLC as first step. Apart that, i can imagine that a DLC would have some kind of checksum to assure it integrity when downloaded so that could be on the way of the translation (right here) as well. Lastly is the translation work that usually goes on a game.

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The avenue of escape was not long in appearing. It was a flat surface, a pale glimmer, next to the wall: perhaps the roof of a building, of cement-as Marcovaldo realized, when he began to walk on it-which extended into the darkness. He immediately regretted having ventured onto it; now he had lost all reference-points, he had moved away from the line of street-lights, and every step he took might bring him to the edge of the roof or, beyond it, into the void.


The Osireon was such a special place. Probably it was erected for the priesthood.

Lunar magic was dark and bound to the netherworld or Duat, and therefore fundamentally rooted inNun, the everlasting ground of existence. It involved the purification of the Ka and the offerings made to it to gratify theBa. Its spirits abided in the sky of Osiris, the Field of Reeds.


Of course, the mad god Garyx paid no heed to this warning, but he stopped when the dragon god Bahamut coughed lightly. Garyx had no fear of Lendys because the low-level god of justice is weak, but Bahamut is a mid-level god and not someone he can provoke.

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Inadvertently assigned the correct value to a Voynich character. And A wasn't the only one they got right.


Short-lived in Egyptian culture, but soon turning subcultural, it triggered the heroic return of the constellational pantheon, with Amun-Re (consciousness),Thoth (mind) and Ptah (body) working as a divine trinity (preluding Christian Trinitarism of Father, Son & Holy Ghost). The Ancient Egyptian elite washenotheists and remained so. God is "hidden, one & millions". Each divine face (god or goddess) is a divine manifestation or theophany ofAmun-Re. He is all, before all (preexistent) and beyond all (transcending).

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Locate the region of the visual field deficit. Refer to the patterns of visual field defects chart to determine the likely region of damage to the visual pathway.


Sion become Venus Magi to protect Sara. She come from 100 years in the past. A person with kindness, patient and prefer to be behind the scene.

Memorial: An Excavation of the Iliad

He went back to see if the girl had admitted anything. Not on your life: no admission from her. In fact, she wasn't now the one who refused to admit; he was.


For Jung, Freud's conception of the unconscious (the libidinal drive, rooted in "Thanatos & Eros", was deemed too personalized and limited to a certain era). Originally, the concept of the "unconscious" was limited to denote the state of repressed or forgotten contents. Freud made the next step; the unconscious (as a storehouse of repressed psychic material) operates as an acting subject within the subject. The unconscious is the origin of an intra-psychic conflict.

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Eight pages, five hundred names, the roll-call of the dead in the Trojan Wars, they call to mind the names chiseled into the white marble of so many war memorials, filling four sides of a towering column. British poet Alice Oswald's poem, variously subtitled "a version" or "an excavation of Homer's Iliad," begins not in verse but in cold statistics.


The Osirian priests of Ancient Egypts, prophets of Judaism, the mystics of Christ & the prophet of Islam have all experienced the hidden, dark light "seen" in total darkness. Christian mystics like John of the Cross speak of the "dark night of the soul", in which the depth of one's existential misery is faced and overwon. If not, insania amoris or primal rage ensue. In the dark, the need to cling to a sense of ego, Self or personhood is lost.

33 thoughts on “Chapter 57.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love”

After that, as he walked along the avenues, Marcovaldo pricked up his ears at every buzz, his gaze followed every insect that flew around him. And so, observing the circling of a wasp with a big black-and-yellow-striped belly, he saw it burrow into the hollow of a tree, where other wasps then came out: a thrumming, a bustle that announced the presence of a whole wasp-nest inside the trunk. Marcovaldo promptly began his hunt. He had a glass jar, in the bottom of which there was still a thick layer of jam. He placed it, open, near the tree. Soon a wasp buzzed around it, then went inside, attracted by the sugary smell. Marcovaldo was quick to cover the jar with a paper lid.


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Within the dragon carriage which they’d spent over a month in, it seemed like there were no changes to it from before it had veered off course. Without so much of a scratch on its body, it looked just as if it was new.

Brett is a devastating social critic and master of equally devastating physical characterization. This is the kind of book you’ll have to put down frequently, as you roar with laughter.


Penny’s Armand Gamache novels, starring an intrepid Canadian police inspector in the Quebec village of Three Pines, are some of the best traditional mysteries being published today. This fourth entry finds the inspector traveling to a remote resort to celebrate his wedding anniversary; naturally, murder is on the guest list. Despite similarities to Poirot and Maigret, Gamache is a complete original.

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The bottom-most probability plots are grayscale versions of the total deviation and pattern deviation maps. These maps may be useful to visually represent the statistical significance of the total and pattern deviation calculations. The grayscale maps should only be interpreted in conjunction with the numerical maps to avoid extrapolations.


Just like Seth is the catabolic part of a creation based on anabolic processes of light (Atum-Re), the darkness of the Duat of Osiris crossed by Re in his night-bark complements the luminosity of Re crossing the sky in his day-bark. Just like Seth is called to stop Apopis, so, in thick darkness, the Midnight Mystery allows Re to return to the first instance of creation and regenerate. Darkness is invoked to bring new light and new light eventually returns to darkness. This cycle is without end and fundamental to understand life, creation and the recurrent cycle of arising, abiding, ceasing and rebirth.

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He exits renewed and (as we learn at the end) was constantly protected so nothing could fail! He knows the names and the gates and his whereabouts in the Duat. The Amduat depicts the healthy, completed ante-rational mind, open and aware of the interdependence between all complementarities and enjoying a "closure" in terms of a practical iconography of regeneration.


Natsuki Subaru didn’t know nearly enough about himself to recreate himself. It wasn’t easy for Natsuki Subaru to complete himself using only his own memories and knowledge.

On the right side of the printout are several useful numbers. The glaucoma hemifield test (GHT) compares groups of corresponding points above and below the horizontal meridian to assess for significant difference which may be consistent with glaucoma. Mean deviation (MD) is the mean deviation in the patient's results compared to those expected from the age-matched normative database. This calculation weighs center points more highly than peripheral points. Pattern standard deviation (PSD) is a depiction of focal defects. It is determined by comparing the differences between adjacent points. Higher values represent more focal losses, while lower values can represent either no loss or diffuse loss. Short-term fluctuations (SF) are a calculation portraying the variability between repeated measurements of the same test location. High SF decreases the reliability of the test. Corrected pattern standard deviation (CPSD) corrects the PSD for the SF. If there is high variability when testing the same point (high SF), PSD is given less weight due to decreased predictive value, and CPSD will therefore appear lower than PSD.


The important novelty they share is the "fusion" of Osirian and Heliopolitan material: at dusk (West), the principle of movement (Ba) of the old Re is exhausted and needs to be replenished by merging with the body of Osiris in the Duat. The Ba of Re is "swallowed" by Nut, the star-goddess who's body appears at Sunset. The "unseen" path of Re is associated with the Duat, the "underworld", starting at 6 pm and ending at 6 am.

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Du Ze wanted to ask Xiu what he meant when the whole island suddenly shook, as though a giant was stomping on it. The violent shaking made Du Ze fall into the crack. He didn’t know what hit him because he immediately fainted.


Full size Luminous Arc 2 wallpaper of the DS cast. Click here

It was the hottest hour of the afternoon. Everything slept: the man buried in the sand, the arbors over the little jetties, the deserted bridges, the houses rising, windows shuttered, above the embankments. The river was low, but the barge, driven by the current, skirted the muddy shoals which rose now and then; otherwise, a light bump on the bottom was enough to send it back into the flow of water, gradually becoming deeper.

If he squinted his eyes to where Beatrice’s words had pointed him to, he can just about make out that there’s something like steps― a staircase, on the outer edge of the circular room indeed. However, there were a huge amount of steps forming a spiral staircase that wound its way around the big, circular tower.


To renew, the "Ba of Re", the dynamic principle of consciousness, travels in darkness. During this Midnight Mystery (at 12 pm), Re moves to the "first moment", the "zep tepy". In this first occurrence, Atum emerges out of Nun. From there, Re-Atum returns with increased strength, emerging -out of the vulva of the sky-goddess Nut- as the new Solar child of dawn (cf.

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This timed mission has to be completed in 20 minutes. First comes a lengthy platforming section.


Despite defeated, Arnogia attempt to summon the Key of Star and finished the party off. Aulmorde then shocked him by asking that why, he who will be the hope for humanity is doing this. Arnogia than answered that only in death people may be together forever and that Yorg said to him that if he bring Miria to the Demon Realm he will be able to fufilled that wish, he however, finally realised that what Aulmorde attempt to told him was right all along, as both Life and Death power come from spirit, neither will last for eternity.

From a historical and hermeneutical point of view, all available New Kingdom versions down to Ramesses IX (Hornung, 1987 - 1994) have to be taken into consideration, although the only complete and directional version of Tuthmosis III (also the oldest extant) provides the iconographical "main frame". Regarding the latter,Hornung & Abt (2003) provide color pictures of the 12 Hours found in the tomb of this king. Textually however, the version found in the tomb of Amenhotep II is to be preferred.


Though not flawless, this is a powerful and worthwhile poem, a reimagining of The Iliad as elegy and simile only. For me Oswald's insistence on repeating almost all of the heroic similes is a mistake, though it emphasizes the musicality/oral nature of her treatment. As a whole, the work becomes a kind of large implied metaphor as the recountings of the heroes' deaths reflects against the similes.

The earliest, nearly complete (but today destroyed) version appeared in the upper register of the Osireon of Pharaoh Seti I, and occupied the left wall of the entrance corridor, opposing the Book of Gates. It was not often used, and the only almost complete exemplar adorns the tomb of Ramesses VI, again displayed opposite the latter.


The scepter in Re's hand has changed. It too has become a serpent, indicative of his commanding power over the serpent world. To journey this dark hour, filled with all kinds of serpents, Re needs to control them. The zigzag "serpentine" path (cf.

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Abrahamic monotheisms: in Judaism, Christianity & Islam, the afterlife is a given, but communication with it avoided and magical dealings with it condemned (not negated). In Qabalah, Christian mysticism & Sufism, the afterlife is accepted but not discussed much. Since the subjugation of Christian Gnosticism and its neo-Pagan overtones in the 2th century, Christianity rejected reincarnation, while both the Qabalah and certain Sufi sects allowed it. But a systematic study of dying & the afterlife lack. Special rituals to prepare are absent or applied at the very end of life, when death is imminent (like last rites in Catholicism).


Mnemosyne, is there any way out of here? We need to move before this whole place falls apart!