All things considered, Sim AQUARIUM comes in handy for all users who are constantly looking for a desktop enhancement utility. It can be easily installed and configured by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

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  • This should still allow them to get the trait, but that Sim will be unemployed and need to find a new trade

At 23:00 a Past my Bedtime moodlet kicks in, which lasts until 5am. If awake between 6 and 10am, an It's Too Early moodlet will come up.


If a Sim's dad was a cop, the burglars best keep away. Sim children all grown up with this hidden trait will be able to stop burglars that break into their home. Getting burglarized seems pretty rare for me, but this trait could be fun.

Supernatural fans will react favorably when seeing a Supernatural creature nearby, and will often get a small moodlet simply for having one nearby. They may be better at befriending Supernaturals thanks to the variety of social options they get with them. Supernatural Fans will also get wishes to see specific types and interact with them.


Sailor Sims will get a +15 Sailin' moodlet while on a boat. Houseboats don't seem to count for this, unfortunately, or you could have a boost the entire time you're at home. Sims conceived on a boat have a good chance of being born with this trait. Sailors don't get seasick like other Sims. Catch rates for the Fishing skill are higher while on a boat. If you want to fish from a houseboat, be sure to leave some free space beside the fishing spot or it will be inaccessible to your Sim.

Leto85, a forum Moderator, has discovered how to reveal a Sim's hidden traits. You can have a look at the process by clicking this link.


Natural cooks can also learn to make foods they eat out in the world. My chef learned the ambrosia recipe from television. My other non-chef Sim spent a long time never learning any recipes from cookin' cable. This is with level 10 cooking and never having read a cooking recipe book. While we've confirmed any Sim with the cooking skill can learn a recipe from television, Natural Cooks may do so more frequently.

Sims with the Loves to Swim Trait are naturals in the water and enjoy swimming enough to get a +15 Wonderful Water moodlet while doing so, and get less tired while swimming. This trait also increases skill gains in the Diving skill which is a huge time saver because of how long it takes to gain the upper levels in that skill.


Logic Sim From Zeems

Perfectionist Sims take their time and do things right. Food quality, paintings and novels will all be made better with this trait. The problem is they take so much extra time to do everything that it can get annoying. Still, perfectionist writers and painters will be more likely to make great novels or masterpieces.

Use Other Sim In Idea Net Setter

Sims can mooch off other Sims if they take this trait. They'll be able to mooch money from others, but this doesn't always go down so well. Consider making a homeless Sim with the ability to mooch and try to survive that way.


Go to Settings tab and there you will find Activate screensaver button. Click on it and enter your activation code.

This is very much a roleplay trait. It provides no inspiration of lifetime wishes, and its only other effect is that Sims will have less flirting options, and hate flirting in general.


Like with firefighters, you'll need to seduce a maid NPC and marry them for this one to come into play. That should be easier to do than with the firefighter. This is one of the more useful traits. These Sims won't make anything dirty from using them.

Sims with Loves the Cold get a +10 Pleasantly Chilly moodlet when outside in a cool but not frigid temperature. Their love of the cold prevents them from freezing as fast as other Sims, delaying the appearance of moodlets leading to the Freezing death.


The de facto trait for fishermen. Sims who have this trait are amazing at fishing, plain and simple. They'll learn fishing faster, and catch more fish in a shorter period of time. Anglers can also have a blast while fishing. This can lead to an eternally happy self-employed Sim.

This is good for an Evil, Mean Spirited Sim, as they can easily make enemies by insulting other Sims. Make the inappropriate jerk Sim have high athletic skill to turn him into a real bully. They can also do inappropriate things, like rummage through other Sims' trash cans. They can find good items this way! Hey, one Sim's trash is another Sim's treasure right?


Actually, get them to tick just about anyone off and they can fight. Good with Inappropriate for getting the insults flying.

Excitable Sims are fun to watch at times. I think it's really cute how the female Sims say Wooo! Anyway, this will get your Sim a lot more positive moodlets during gameplay. They'll actually get moodlets from simple things, like phone calls, that other Sims do not. Make their favorite food something very high quality like lobster thermidor to get a great bump in mood every time they eat their favorite meal. This is a good trait for all sorts of Sims, because there are many ways the excited moodlet can appear.


Run All Sim In China Mobile

Technophobe is definitely not a trait I can relate to. Technophobic Sims hate all forms of electronics in the game. They'll occasionally get mad and break electronics around them. It can make for some funny interactions. Do this while visiting another Sim. They should never try to repair a broken electronic, because they can get a fatal shock. Technophobes cannot be couch potatoes.

Sim Aquarium Activation Code Software

It's easy to tell if you have this one, if the 'sneak here' option appears when moving the Sim. It's really not that useful, and is just for fun as far as I can tell. One would think this might make them better at the Criminal career track.


Your Sim will attract bigger audiences to shows, and be less likely to fail at tricks during performances. Overall, Natural Born Performers will raise skill levels faster as a Magician, Acrobat, or Singer.

There's no flat background and rigid/stiff fishies like in most aquarium screensavers today


Note that for the traits unlocked by seducing an NPC Sim, they'll lose their job when you marry them. This should still allow them to get the trait, but that Sim will be unemployed and need to find a new trade.

Screenshot of MSN Animated Aquarium

Irresistible gives Sims a boost in success rates when socializing with other Sims. It is a trait that goes very well with Charismatic and will help you to achieve its associated Lifetime Wish, reaching Max Influence with all Social Groups.


It will boost the quality of all food they cook. Since the 8 hour great meal moodlet is so long-lasting, a meal made by a natural cook is great for a long day at work.

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Bot Fans gain the Bot Building Skill 15% faster than other Sims and gain relationships with Plumbots much faster. They are able to activate a Robot Mode (self-click ability) that will put them in a cheesy Robot costume and allow them to behave as a Plumbot. Primarily, this will let them enter into Bot Arena competitions while visiting the Future World of Oasis Landing.


Click here to jump to Hidden Traits, or scroll to the bottom. This list is up to date as of the Showtime Expansion Pack. You can tell which traits require an expansion by the icon to the right of the description.

705x344 marine aquarium 3 2 pro v1 08 apk marine aquarium

Between the colourful and swaying corals various fish rule the scene. At the edge of the gravel area two Giant Clams bathing in light.


Mobile Sim Read Problem

Sims with the Schmoozer trait are great for any job that relies on boss and co-worker relationships to determine promotions. Sims will do much better when hanging with co-workers at work, and groveling to the boss. They'll be better at asking for things. This might go very well with Mooch. Sims posessing this trait are better at complimenting others. This is awesome for a politician to get campaign funding.

  • Finding some of these traits will require that your Sim start a relationship
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  • Sims with this trait can name their vehicles from the start, without building a relationship first
  • Sims can develop relationships with their cars, and this will help them to do so faster
  • Be careful not to eat meat on accident, or your Sim can get sick
  • They love to buy expensive things, so this trait is well suited to a Sim that wants to have a high net worth
  • It doesn't have a big impact on gameplay but will change how your Sim behaves
  • Sims posessing this trait are better at complimenting others
  • An important trait for any Sim that is going to take the art of sculpting seriously
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This is vital for Sims who want to earn a living playing guitar for tips. They'll earn much more, and get better in guitar faster. Considering your Sims can't play guitar for tips until the 5th level, boosting the rate the skill is learned is a huge plus if this is to be their primary source of income.

This is an excellent trait for self-employed Sims who will be making use of the consignment shop brought with the Ambitions expansion. You'll sell more items and at a higher value than without this trait. Good for painters, sculptors, inventors, gardeners and other types that usually sell their wares through the inventory interface.


700x409 Dream Aquarium Screensaver Mac

Making a Genius Trait Sim is a great way to eventually become Chess Grand Master. They'll be much better at chess over time, and will have more fun doing it making chess a great way to boost mood. These Sims will also gain logic faster, and be able to solve the unsolvable on the computer to earn money.

Have Sim Number Track Using Pc

Sims with Loves the Heat get a +10 Pleasantly Warm moodlet when outside in a warm but not sweltering temperature. Their love of the heat prevents them from getting sunburned as fast as other Sims.


Not only are Divas harder to impress (especially amongst other Divas) they are also more likely to get physical and slap another Sim in a fight over some trivial matter. They get several social interactions, and can praise themselves in a number of different ways. Most Sims seem put off by this behavior.

The ambitious trait will increase the lifetime happiness points gained from any wish, normal or lifetime, by 15%. So, if your Sim chose a lifetime wish worth 30,000 points, they'd get an additional 4,500 points.


Other than the time-sinking into daily activities, perfectionist Sims have another annoyance. They're compulsive about making the bed every day when they wake up. I often go so far as to cancel the action when I catch it. I'm not big on bed-making. My bedroom is not a display, and neither is my Sim's. Neither the perk or drawback of this trait seems to affect sculpting.

Hidden traits in the Sims 3 are passed on by Sims of certain careers to their offspring. Finding some of these traits will require that your Sim start a relationship. Others are much simpler to unlock, simply have a Sim in a certain career track have children, and they may get the trait. Please note that it appears to be random as to whether the child will actually get the trait from mom or dad's parenting.


With the Over-Emotional trait, Sims will experience a +25% boost to the effect of all positive moodlets. On the flip side, they'll also experience this effect on negative moodlets. Thus, it's best for Sims you know that you can keep in a good mood. Having a +25% boost makes services like those rendered at the day spa so much better, and provides boosts to beautifully decorated and enjoying music moodlets.

A good way to get the Gold Digger or Heart Breaker lifetime wishes. It will be harder to get them into romantic relationships, and they'll also occasionally desire to swap careers. This can be a bit chaotic, but makes for a neat type of Sim to play.


Great Key West Restaurant - Fogarty's

Excellent for a Heartbreaker Sim. This will keep the ladies in love with your suave Sim. Kisses will have a greater effect. It's extremely potent when coupled with the flirty trait and attractive lifetime reward. It's only really useful for making lovers, not friends. Keep in mind that romantic interests are not best friends.

They never get married, they just fraternize with 10 or more Sims, and do it well because flirty social actions are successful more often. They're great at flirting, and starting relationships earlier. They're less shy about it, and don't need to know the other Sim as well, plain and simple.


This trait is directed toward players who want to pursue Photography with World Adventures. It boosts the rate you learn the skill, and makes a nice impact on the value of all photos your Sim takes.

Supernatural Skeptic may be taken to help boost your Sim's preformance in the below careers, but will mostly direct how they respond autonomously to the Supernatural. Their disbelief in the mystical slows their learning in Witch and Fairy spellcasting and the Alchemy skill.


There are some neat effects for playing a heavy sleeper Sim. This trait will allow your Sim to listen to music in their sleep, without waking up, and enjoy the mood boost it provides. Put on your Sim's favorite music and drift off to la la land.

Only take this trait if your really like to watch Sims party. You'll be compelled to do it because you chose the trait. They can really liven up a party by cheering during the party, and everyone who's invited will show up even if they have to miss work. They'll get more fun out of dancing, as well.


Sim Card Number Recovery Software

Nasty things can happen to unlucky Sims, but the Reaper will never kill them. Taking this trait is like having a permenant death flower in their inventory. No matter how many times I deliberately killed my Sim, the reaper would never take them. This leaves the only way they can actually perish - old age. Sometimes when they wake up they'll get a feeling unlucky moodlet that causes a minor (-5) hit to mood.