Both Zika virus and malaria are particularly harmful to pregnant women. The information that is available regarding pregnant women and Zika virus is still quite limited, and additional research is required in order to better understand the complications associated with pregnancy and the virus.

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What Are the Symptoms of Zika

Oxitec has already released a large number of GM olive flies that were used to kill off wild pests that damage crops. In the Cayman Islands, 3 million GM mosquitoes were released, and in this case over 90 percent of the original natural native mosquito population was suppressed.


There are silhouettes of people moving around, but the video looks very much like a typical, universal innocuous attempt to capture the fireworks display. There is no groping, or even a glimpse of any of the alleged "Arab or North African" marauders.

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B, you deleted a tiny comment of mine, in which I simply quoted something chipnik said 1-2 months ago. Did you delete it by accident or on purpose? Knowing will help me adjust my future comments, to avoid offending anyone.


Immigration attorneys, solicitors, and consultants worldwide

In the United States, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas and Hawaii have confirmed Zika infections involving returning travelers who were likely bitten by mosquitoes while abroad. The CDC said there have been at least "a dozen or so" cases.

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Another wrinkle to figure out: Zika might spread through sex as well as mosquitoes. That would make it extremely odd among viruses.


Zika virus in Thailand - Thailand Forum

Hey but that is a good thing right? Don't women in Latin America need a break from their oppressive maternal roles?

Zika vs. Malaria: in pregnancy

No dengue cases have been reported in the Keys since 2021. Since the outbreak, local officials have fought the Aedes aegypti — the primary vector for dengue — using every means possible. They spend $1 million of their $10 million annual budget specifically trying to control this one species. It is one of 46 species of mosquitos that live in the Florida Keys, and accounts for 1 percent of the total mosquito population there.


The Zika virus was first detected in humans about 40 years ago in Uganda. It is spread by the same Aedes mosquito as dengue and chikunguya. Until a few months ago, investigators had no reported evidence it might be related to microcephaly.

Although there are many causes of microcephaly in babies, including infections during pregnancy, genetic problems, and exposure to toxic substances during pregnancy, the CDC says research has provided enough evidence to show that Zika is among those causes. Research has suggested that infection during the earliest stages of pregnancy, when a baby’s organs are still forming, seems to be linked to the worst outcomes.


The piggyBac transposon was discovered in cell cultures of the moth Trichopulsia, the cabbage looper, where it caused high rates of mutations in the baculovirus infecting the cells by jumping into its genes. This transposon was later found to be active in a wide range of species, including the fruitfly Drosophila, the mosquito transmitting yellow fever, Aedes aegypti, the medfly, Ceratitis capitata, and the original host, the cabbage looper.

As I stated there is no context for any of these "suspected cases of microcephaly" many are historic; they may have been reported in the last 3 months but the births occurred over a period of decades. Further the Brazilian health authorities have been dealing with the contemporary cases immediately during pre & post-natal checks, so it is highly likely that the 732 cases represent the sum total of the contemporary 'suspicious cases'.


You are required to *subscribe* to FB with your identity, whether you want to or not, giving Zuk the 'subscriber base' to attract web advertisers then equity investors, without a single media outlet warning of this 'comment deleted' zionet ponzi equities fraud. Comments that don't support and push the NWO radical right agenda become 'comment deleted', while zio-troll comments pushing 'Islamic SubHumans' proliferate.

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The CDC says that detecting local spread of Zika is difficult, as a person may not show symptoms for up to 2 weeks after infection, if at all. In addition, diagnosis and investigation of cases can take weeks.


Hmm this is difficult to explain quickly the best way of outlining the dangers of such false flag attacks seemingly in support of progressive ideas is to look at climate change battles since the neoliberals joined in and pretended to back climate change scientists. Before the assholes took control of the 'global warming agenda" as they inevitably refer to concern about our planet's climate, the climate change movement had succeeded in getting genuine measures to reduce CO2 emissions onto the table.

It is difficult to separate fact from fiction here. The point is, however, that when it comes to GM insects, there are many things to be concerned about, one being, what happens if someone receives a bite from one of these mosquitoes?


Headquartered in Teddington, Middlesex, UK, LGC Standards has a network of dedicated sales offices extending across 20 countries in 5 continents and more than 30 years experience in the distribution of reference materials. These high quality products and services are essential for accurate analytical measurement and quality control, ensuring sound decisions are made based on reliable data. We have an unparalleled breadth of ISO Guide 34 accredited reference material production in facilities at 4 sites across the UK, the US and Germany.

It is possible, but seems for now very unlikely, that it affects some unborn children. There is absolutely no reason to be concerned about it.


Examples are legion but maybe you're one of those people who find life easier if you go with the flow. Fine I no longer debate with such types. However you should be aware of two salient points - firstly if that is your bent you should know it is people such as you who blindly repeat such 'factoids' who will be scapegoated and hung out to dry once the truth does out. Not by ordinary humans but by the greedies moving to 'protect their position'. I doubt it will be you this time Denis, the assholes will be after a bigger target to blame than a part time astroturfer - which brings me to my next point. If you want to blindly follow what you are told, MoA is an unsuitable venue for you, you won't be able to sit like a factory farm cow munching & quietly ruminating.

Infected women and men can both pass the virus to sex partners - even if they haven’t shown symptoms of infection, according to the CDC. In addition, infected pregnant women can pass the virus (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=3624) on to their fetus.


Don't forget that in a few years most people will have immunity - what we're seeing is Zika in a population without immunity. I haven't seen any estimates of how long Zika immunity lasts - but in a year most people won't need a vaccine. Zika's been in Africa for years, herd immunity is established.

Karin @ 16, Incredible that they would've vaccinated pregnant women. NSNBC has shocking info on Vaccinations.


Has someone a vaccine they want to sell? Is this to damage Brazil's Olympics?

Anyway, there were plenty of reasons to suspect that the gender bender gene carried by piggyBac could jump from the mosquito into the virus (read this article). Since it's the virus that circulates in the blood stream, if a female OX513A transfers the gene to the virus as it is reproducing in the mosquito, and then mosquito bites a person, there’s a bigger problem.


AN UPSURGE in the number of foreign students was recorded by the Bureau of Immigration which said that more than 47,000 foreigners were no studying in vari-ous schools and learning institutions nationwide. Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. said the bureau’s stu-dent desk processed and approved in 2021 a total of 47,478 applications for student visa and special study permit.

Releasing Oxite’s GM fruit flies is a deeply flawed approach to reducing numbers of these pests, because large numbers of their offspring will die as maggots in the fruit. Not only does this fail to protect the crop, millions of GM fruit fly maggots (most dead, but some alive) will enter the food chain where they could pose risks to human health and the environment. Oxitec’s experiments should not go ahead until rules for safety testing and plans for labelling and segregation of contaminated fruits have been thoroughly debated and assessed.


It seems like the related posts were removed. Guess the thread became a problem.

James Melad, CALA-BARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batan-gas and Quezon) director and Supt. Hansel Marantan, who led the op-eration.


Zika typically causes mild symptoms, including fever, rash, and conjunctivitis, which usually last up to one week. Hospitalization and death following infection are rare.

The latest scare mongering is definitely targeted at the Olympics. Kinda reminds of the the campaign launched against South Africa about crime rate in J'burg during the World cup.


Wide circulation of dubious information predated the invention of print, and perhaps even the invention of writing. And establishing causality is often very hard. For example, hunter-gathering aborigines of Australia were attributing the conception of children to spirits dwelling near water springs. In a society in which every woman is sexually active and not every one bears children such an explanation is not that fanciful.

Epidemiologists first started paying attention to Zika in 2007, after an outbreak on the island of Yap in Micronesia. One study found that the virus (weblink) had infected 73 percent of the island’s population. The virus (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=8006) has since hopped along the Pacific islands. It made its way to South America in May 2021.


A number of "mild" viruses like this (mosquito transmission), some people never fully recover from. Doctors generally diagnose them with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or some other bullshit terminology.

Microcephaly, the so called "pinhead", is not easy to diagnose. There is no standard or certain border value for the size of a newborn baby that doctors can agree on. A baby head may look too small and develop perfectly well or it may look too small and not develop perfectly. Not every case gets regularly reported. There are possible structural reason why this years number differ a lot from last years numbers.


Coconut water is the clear to slightly cloudy liquid found in immature (green) coconuts. It is rich in potassium, contains a moderate amount of sugar, and modest amounts of sodium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, and phosphorus. Unlike coconut milk and coconut oil, it contains very little fat — less than 1 gram per cup.

The 270 cases were those linked to ZV out of the 732 that were examined by CT. The fact that only 6 of the babies themselves tested positive for the virus (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=3166) probably doesn’t mean much, particularly given that the problem here may not be the virus but genes that are jumping from the mosquitos into the virus and from the virus into the humans. How many of those 270 confirmed microcephalic babies’ mothers or fathers tested positive for the virus? Presumably “linked to Zika” means at least one of the parents tested positive for Zika antibodies.


Administrative fuck up and badly functioning general health system pure and simple. That is the argument made in Germany´s "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".

Zika vs. Malaria: prevention and treatment

It is worth noting that that 732 number has barely shifted in the 3 weeks that this has been an international story. We've been down this road before with Ebola, bird flu and the like every new confirmed case will generate a headline.


Firstly as other posters have correctly pointed out it seems to be an attempt to force changes in the social mores of conservative latin america. It is tough to justify continued opposition to contraception and abortion if the population is rife with rumours that becoming pregnant may be lethal. These stories incessantly imply that it isn't just the children of pregnant women infected with Zika who are at risk, but that the mothers are in danger too although those actual risks are never stated.

FWIW, as one living in the Amerikan OTA (over-the-air, aka "rabbit-ears antenna") TV ghetto, I don't have cable/satellite network access, and I tend to avoid US mainstream network news. So I check in daily with RT News - and, of course, the Internets.


In rare cases, Zika has been linked to Guillain-Barre syndrome. That disorder can cause partial or complete paralysis, usually starting in the legs, most often temporary. An increase in that illness had been seen in areas such as French Polynesia and Brazil, where a Zika epidemic had taken place. Studies increasingly show a link between the syndrome and Zika.

That is, instead of introducing newly-discovered or disclosed facts and investigation into the murky, ambiguous claims as the days progressed, RT simply layered on interviews with tendentious "experts". They also did a lot of "on-site" reporting featuring person-in-the-street interviews. But even these were misleading and disingenuous at best: they didn't interview actual victims or first-hand witnesses, or if they did they didn't televise them.


How is coconut water used

Thanks for covering this from the Who Benefits angle, b. I'd already dismissed the 'threat' on the factoidal/ statistical grounds you've outlined. I did briefly ponder the possibility that the un-heroic MSM stenographers benefited by having a topic to beat-up which wasn't embarrassingly obvious claptrap. But you've clipped the wings of that theory.

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What did CL's tests of coconut water find

Agricultural societies had more opportunities to get the connection between sex and birth correctly, but inheritance was more tricky. For example, serious people wrote that you can cause single-color ewes to bear two-color lambs by making them to look at a mix of white and black sticks. And for millenia many serious people believed that.

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Health experts are uncertain whether Zika causes microcephaly, a potentially severe birth defect involving brain damage. Since October 2021, Brazilian officials have reported more than 4,000 cases of microcephaly in areas with ongoing Zika transmission, up from roughly 150 cases in previous years. Health officials are concerned that this may be a result of infection in the fetus when a pregnant woman is infected.


Zika virus vs Dengue

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Manila Standard Today - Friday Issue

Agreed, at least up until late 2021. The unmodified version of this virus (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=8042) is not something to be concerned about. Flu symptoms for a couple days and it’s gone.


The usual suspects in Europe have never been happy since Brazil won the Olympics. They've done all they can to derail it or at least scare people form attending - From organizing fake mass protest against the Brazilian government about "corruption" etc etc and now this, Zika. As b pointed out, the virus (your domain name)'s been around for a while in Africa (where people have developed immunity to it).

If it was not a shootout or an ambush, was it a rubout? De Lima said: “Too early to tell.


There’s no treatment, but most people with symptoms do well with over-the-counter medications for aches and pains. The disease usually runs its course within a week or so.

Thanks to those pointing to the genetic modification of mosquitos in a sterilization program. The article linked by wendy davis @ 23 is sobering and plausible. We know well, or should, how genetic modifications in plants have unforeseen consequences.


Note that these mosquitoes don’t bite just humans. They suck blood from just about all available vertebrates, not even just the warm blooded ones. I once had a boa constrictor, BillBoa Baggins, who constantly had mosquitoes biting him. The GM viruses can therefore propagate in a huge reservoir of vertebrates.

Unfortunately, this kind of story is getting familiar. Zika’s global advance mirrors those of dengue fever and Chikungunya, two other mosquito-borne diseases that went from the Old World to the Americas. It’s also unlikely to be the last virus (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=8282) to spread and take hold in dense, tropical cities full of new humans to infect, especially with modern air travel.


Comparing 4000 to 25000 is nonsense. That’s like saying there’s no poverty problem in Brazil because there are areas in Sao Paulo where average wealth is higher than the average US wealth.

Key Facts About Zika Virus

A last ditch effort to stop a Russian-led military offensive in northern Syria ended in failure on Wednesday when the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) backed by the National Defense Forces (NDF) and heavy Russian air cover broke a 40-month siege on the villages of Nubl and al-Zahra in northwestern Aleppo province. The Obama administration had hoped that it could forestall the onslaught by cobbling together an eleventh-hour ceasefire agreement at the Geneva peace talks. But when the news that Syrian armored units had crashed through al Nusra’s defenses and forced the jihadists to retreat, UN envoy Staffan de Mistura suspended the negotiations tacitly acknowledging that the mission had failed.


The problem seems to be that no-one at Oxitec must have bothered to find out if tetracycline was already present in the areas where the GM mosquitoes were released. Tetracycline is used as an antibiotic in chicken factory farms and Brazil happens to be a major producer of chickens. So while initial releases of GM mosquitoes in areas where dengue and other diseases were rife had some success in suppressing these diseases, this early success is likely to be short term. Any bacteria that the mosquitoes are carrying will build up resistance to tetracycline and the bacteria may exchange genes with any viruses the mosquitoes carry.

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You can access a special print version by clicking the "Print" icon in the upper right corner of this report. You can then use your web browser's print functions to print the whole report or just selected pages.

It's my understanding that earthquakes and volcanoes on land and under the ocean increase when the sun cycle is very weak. Our current cycle is the weakest in a hundred years.


The singularity is near at hand- five years at the most. The pre-singularity has been real- but it hasn't been real fun.

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In Jul|2021 the Oxitec scientists published a paper crowing about how they reduced the Aedes aegypti population by 95% in this area of Brazil. Three months later it’s Houston, we gotta’ problem. Actually, at least one scientist, Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecher, saw the problem coming well ahead of time and in 2021 wrote a letter warning the Brazilian government, who are now scrambling to mitigate/cover-up/whatever.


The Megaworld Center Mall will be Iloilo’s first upscale future shopping mall. The Festive Walk is a wide stroll-ing area lined with shops of various signature brands.

From what some of these very worried people are saying, Oxitec couldn’t have chosen a worse transposon than piggyBac. Even though only 5% of the 1st generation mosquitoes survived, 5% of an enormous number is a very, very big number, and that number would be enriched with blood-sucking females. I mean for the few surviving males, it would be like Leo DiCraprio walking into a bar in Southern California, which is known for its blood-sucking females.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keeps an updated list of countries where Zika outbreaks have occurred. Pregnant women should speak to their obstetrician-gynecologist if they must travel to an affected area, as well as take precautions to prevent mosquito bites.

The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District first consulted with Oxitec when 28 people in Key West were infected with dengue in 2009 and 2021 — the first outbreak of the disease in Florida in 75 years. Dengue is also known as “breakbone fever” because it causes debilitating bone pain and flu-like symptoms. A severe form of the illness, dengue hemorrhagic fever, can lead to death, although rarely in areas with good medical care.


Does coconut water help re-hydrate as well as sports drinks

I dunno some self-fulfilling prophesy or racist fantasy also works - Rio is an exotic tropical place filled with sexy, many-hued people. What better setting for some tropical plague (god's punishment)? No one cares all that much what happens in Africa (see Ebola), but the gorgeous hedonists of Carnival made to pay?

Bill Gates and Monsanto have always been in the Rockefeller sphere. Gates' foundation supplied partial funding for the development of Oxitec GM mosquito. Intrexon which now owns Oxitec - guess who is a member of the board: Robt B Shapiro, former Chairman and CEO of Monsanto. Gates owns 500,000 share of Monsanto & actively pushes GMOs.