DVD Power-to-Molex adapter (Xecuter CK3 Lite). This isn't required if you are using the Xecuter X360USB tool, as it is already built in. If you are using the X360USBPro tool, you will need this adapter.

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If you are using the Xecuter X360USB tool, connect the Molex cable to the Molex adapter on the USB tool, and then connect the other end to the Molex-to-outlet adapter. Connect the USB tool to the DVD drive using the standard power cable (unless you are flashing a Lite-On, in which case refer to the next step). If you are using the X360USBPro, connect the CK3 Lite to the DVD drive using the power cable, and then connect the CK3 Lite to the outlet using the Molex-to-outlet adapter.