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To unlock the car, you simply have to keep the smart key in your pocket. The Passat senses when you are near, and there's no need to press a button on the door like with "smart keys" from other brands.


I'm about to return to BMW (a 2021 3-Series 320d xDrive) and have done the same again. Brilliant Company offering a product that really delivers on all that it promises.

Well, if thats the case why did someone start a thread on the subject? I agree, a big hp diesel doesn't really interest me as a TVR owner, but I am curious as to how fast these things are relative to very fast standard cars.


The most complete Canadian mechanic's tools catalog. Find everything you need to fill your garage and toolbox! MPR Tools & Equipment is the.

BMW 330d Touring Automatik Sport-Line

While the new, sharper design looks longer and wider than the previous generation car, the 2021 Passat sedan is 2mm (0/08 inches) shorter. The overall height is 1,456mm (57/3 inches), down by 14mm (0/55 inches) to improve handling. Despite this, headroom is 26mm (1 inch) more ample because the seats are positioned closer to the ground. Engineers played around with the MQB modular platform until they managed to extend the wheelbase by 79 mm (3/11 inches) to 2,791 mm (109/9 inches), resulting in a much more spacious interior.


BMW X1 sDrive18d M Sport Navig

Re the diesels, I'm aware and agree that some cars do have a problem with poorly designed gear ratio's. My daily TDi hack is a cruiser and not a bruiser. The bruiser comes out at weekends.

Minimalistyczny tuning BMW E46 330D Touring

As standard, this 240 horsepower diesel is accompanied by VW’s Dynamic Chassis Control system (magnetic dampers) and progressive steering from the GTI Performance Pack (not as finger-tippy though). Everything is tailored through the familiar ‘Comfort’, ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Individual’ modes.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is the most advanced tech feature on the new Passat if you exclude the digital dash. Just press a car-shaped button to the right of the steering wheel, set the following distance and be amazed when acceleration and braking are taken care of automatically. However, we think the idea of using it on your journey to work, as Volkswagen suggests in its commercials, is silly. The job of driving the Passat is already made extremely simple by the DSG gearbox, which comes with an Auto Hold function. Trust us when we say that your right foot will not feel as relaxed in some BMW and Mercedes models as it does here, so ACC isn't needed.

BMW: результаты продаж в США

The Passat has always had a 5-star safety rating, no matter what tests EuroNCAP imposes. There aren't any ugly surprises with the eighth generation, as Volkswagen engineers were proactive with the rigidity of the chassis and the variety of airbags included as standard.

ROAD TEST: BMW’s gripping new 2021 model
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5 Sport Bili auto – TEST: BMW 2 Active Tourer 69%

Escort Mk II rally cars never had any problem and I think the Roush proves it's the set-up not the live axle that dictates whether it can go round corners. Ford sell a racing version of the Mustang called the FR500C. It competes with the best European cars can throw at it and beats them all. The Americans have a very refreshing approach to engineering - if it' ain't broke don't fix it and don't make something complicated if you can make it simple.


Another problem is that with basic halogen headlights and 16-inch wheels, the 2021 Passat might as well have been designed in 2005. However, that's just every German company's way of reaching into your pockets.

The resolution of the Active Info Display is 1440 x 540 pixels, so it's about the same as an average tablet. It's not quite as good as Audi's Virtual Cockpit, but compared to a standard analog cluster, it's a lot more entertaining and practical. Volkswagen says its aim was to make driving safer by keeping your eyes closer to the road. However, it also has high entertainment value, impressing all your friends with a feature that not available on their C-Class or 3 Series.


So könnte der neue BMW Z4 aussehen

Terry from Northampton with a BMW 3 Series F30 318d 143 said: I found the 318d was cheaper than the 320d with better spec thrown in. The car was ok to drive and lively when I needed it, but I wanted the power of the 320d. The dealer informed me the engine is the same in both models but they're just chipped differently. It got me thinking and my search started for a reputable product to fit to my one year old car. I was a bit nervous but ordered the chip on Friday and was delivered 9am Saturday morning. The photo guidance is really easy to follow and everything just clicked in. I took it for an initial drive round the block on and checked for engine lights or black smoke, but things were good.

Он-лайн каталог запчастей BMW

AutoEnginuity would like to announce the release of Giotto scan tool software. Giotto is a first of its kind touch-based scan tool making the user-experience faster and smarter, while remaining a powerful tool.


The Mustang GT was pitted against an Exige and wasn't so far behind IIRC. The Exige is a definitive focused stripped-out road legal, largely impractical, noisy, track car on semi-slick tyres costing a lot of money and the Mustang was a stock 1600kg 300bhp air-conditioned, leather armchair 4 seater GT on (I assume)the stock 235/55 tyres? For all Clarksons "Stig vs me", he'd said on many occasions that the Exige was simple to drive on the limit and from the way the tail was going, he seemed to be playing with the limit. So it proved a Lotus-designed, dedicated track car on semi-slick sticky tyres handles better than a stock American muscle car on a small track that physically favoured the Exige in any event.

Tråden om BMW-nyheter/rykter/snakk etc 1 2 3 4

Volkswagen tried to make a super-Passat before. For example, the B5/5 offered a W8 4/0-liter engine with 275 PS between 2001 and 2004. However, only 10,000 units were sold. When the B6 came out a year later, the overcomplicated 8-cylinder was replaced by the 3/6-liter VR6. Of course, using two turbochargers on the 2/0 TDI is a smarter idea, more in tune with the times.


Now when changing from a Live Data tab to the DTC, Test OnBoard, or OnBoard Test Results the delay will be reduced • Improved connection times by testing faster protocols first. Saves 7 to 10 seconds on a new model vehicle's connection time, while only introducing a few milliseconds to the slower protocol vehicles • Improved trouble code retrieval by only pulling generic OBD-II trouble codes when working on a powertrain system.

EVO commented that it was the Roush that felt like it had an IRS and the Vette the live axle when driving them. The Vette came 10th in the same test the Roush came 3rd. The high g generated by Vettes is largely a product of the wide tyres and low CofG created by that unfeasibly low engine and lightweight materials like plastic and balsa wood. Ride quality is dictated by springs and dampers and my Mustang, even modified, rides more comfortably than my C5 Z06 did.

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The interior is definitely a premium one, a cut above any regular mid-size sedan. Everything feels nice to the touch, but the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is superior in terms of design, although it's to be expected considering the price gap. The Passat's cabin only comes alive at night, as blue ambient lighting washer over the doors and footwells. All the buttons and switches are illuminated in white, somewhat reminiscent of classic Nokia phones.


BMW y MINI en test drive

On the highway, the engine settles down at around 2,100rpm while you travel at 130 km/h in total comfort. However, even in Eco mode, we only managed 7/2 l/100km under these parameters. When we encountered regular city traffic, the numbers quickly climbed to 9/7 l/100km (24 mpg US) without us being zealous with the throttle.

BMW Autohaus Pre-Owned Specials

John from Ashton Keynes with a BMW 3 Series E90 335d 286 said: Just a quick note to say many thanks for the prompt delivery. I fitted the device this afternoon and am very pleased indeed with the results - as you said, the throttle response is much more linear and consequently the car is significantly easier to drive. My wife has just been out for a drive and is also delighted with the results, so many thanks.

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Needless to say if one was to speculate my car would no doubt do the Top Gear track in 1:25/0 - 1:26/0 which is very impressive. As already said, all these mods can be done to a Mustang GT for not huge money.


However, the BMW 330d (you can try here) and Audi A4 3/0 TDI are worthy competitors, getting to the magic speed in 5/6s and 5/3s, respectively. Even though the Passat is not a gold medallist, it still comes home victorious from a confrontation with superior opponents.

Despite our niggles, the outward visibility, cabin space, ergonomics and soundproofing levels are all perfect. These Germans are annoyingly good at what they do!


BMW 430i Coupe Test Drive Review

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I think American cars are coming on in leaps and bounds and offer remarkable value. I know some people winge about import duty and VAT but they forget that UK cars are subject to 10% car tax and VAT too. Much depends on the dollar which at the moment is really weak so $2 to the £ is like a day in a toy shop.


On a BMW-centric point, what also ran the TG track in 1:28 was a BMW M3 CSL (on those semi-slick tyres good for carving a second or so out of the time - but I've no idea in what conditions to truly compare). It was also 2 seconds faster than a Monaro VXR and nearly a second faster than a 911 Carrera S (not so far behind a GT3). The Roush costs about £40k in this country but if you do what myself and most owners do, you just supercharge one yourself, change the suspension for better dampers or adjustables, add a set of lowering springs and hey presto, same thing for £10k less.

Now my car since then has had a further £1000 worth of suspension mods done to it in the form of Steeda LCA's, Steeda adjustable UCA, Steeda rear swaybar with HD links, Steeda adjustable panhard bar, Panhard brace, G-Brace and adjustable upper mounts for camber adjustment. All the mods were easy enough to fit in my driveway. Now let me say this a Saleen and Roush is a great handling car. Pretty much on par with a base M3 so certainly not poor.


What you saw was the production Shelby GT500 with 500 hp and the 5/4 litre cast iron supercharged engine. That car weighs 4000lbs and is widely criticised, even in the US, for being overweight. The overall weight, much of it in the nose compromises handling (it ran the TG track in the same time as a lesser powered Monaro VXR). The "point" of the GT500 is to allow drag-race mad Americans the luxury of tuning it to silly levels of power as the stock 4/6 3v all-alloy unit has a limit of around 550hp.

BMW Group: Autonomous road test license granted

As I said, we have all sorts of cars racing from 911 GT3s, Tuscans, Cerberas, M6, RS4, Viper, Corvette etc etc. The diesel is an anomaly, but its there because no one has done this before.


On the road, the Passat 2/0 BiTDI 4Motion feels pretty much the same as any model, with a hint of nose-heaviness on the limit. A "premium" steering system with very little feedback stops us from calling it fun-to-drive, but the power delivered by the engine is addictive.

BMW Skips First Manufacturer Group Test

The 240 PS diesel engine does a great job of waking you up in the morning, but for the sweet spot of the range, most rational customers will look further down the price list than this BiTDI model. That's too bad because they will be missing out on a great GT car.


Remember, these are manufacturer specific codes only. Refer to our Generic OBD II code list for definitions on all other BMW diagnostic trouble codes.

VIDEO: Test 2021 BMW R NineT Urban G/S


The Musting GT4 race car did rather well in it's first outing at Silverstone. The live axle equiped Mustang won round two against European opposition with their "better" IRS. Not a bad result against Aston, BMW, Lotus, Porsche, Maserati etc.

Matthew from Pinner with a BMW 3 Series E90 330d (this site) 245 said: A very very good product. A noticeable difference in economy (roughly 5-10%) and you can 100% feel the additional performance. Makes a huge difference in the lower rev range reducing turbo lag. It makes driving swiftly effortless, with the added benefit of improved economy. I have had my car from new in 2021 and installed the unit almost as soon as I'd purchased it. I have had multiple services at BMW service centres over the last 5 years and removed the unit beforehand (just in case) and they have never noticed. I'm not sure if they have an issue with these kits or not, but my experience with BMW is that they'll do anything to get out of a warranty repair, so just to be on the safe side. CHIP Express on the otherhand have given absolutely amazing customer service and support. This is hugely appreciated and gives me further confidence in the product and company, I will never run a turbo diesel without one again!


BMW E46 330D 6 Speed

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Reacția acestui șofer de BMW i-a salvat

The 2021 Volkswagen Passat saloon has already impressed us when powered by a normal 2/0-liter TDI. It's a fine package of refinement and predictability that most (predominantly older male) customers seem to enjoy. However, it's also much more of a status symbol compared to the old generation, thanks to sharp styling and headline-grabbing technology.


2007 bmw 1 Series diesel red

I'm not saying it is but I've run my supercharged Mustang alongside a 500hp BMW M5 V10 and a 911 GT2 and everything is relative and what we're talking about here is what you can buy for the money and whether a chipped diesel is superior, not just to a Mustang, but an equivalently priced Mustang. After all, if you're allowed to modify your diesel, you should be allowed to modify the Mustang or else compare stock to stock.

New Passats have the most interesting dash of any Volkswagen. However, that's not saying much at all. The long strip that defines the dash turns from a trim piece to an air vent and back to a trim piece again. It's nice, but Mercedes' brushed aluminum vents are undoubtedly more interesting. From the shape of the steering wheel to the placement of the analog clock, everything is as restrained as flatpack furniture.