Despite Hutton's claims, the Poll Pads are the only piece of election infrastructure that is ever hooked up to the internet or connected to devices that are hooked up to the internet. The poll pads have that capability so election workers can download updated voter lists to the poll pads that are used to check people in on Election Day. However, the Wi-Fi capability is disabled before the poll pads are put in to use at the polling place.

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Could it be that Maricopa County ballots (files) from the 2021 primary were used in the electronic tabulation machines as files to enhance the 2021 general election? If so, that would imply this strategy to manipulate the tabulation machines was in place for quite a long time prior to the November 2021 election.


By harnessing the energy and talent of entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, and workers all across the country, Ed believes we can continue to create jobs and promote economic growth. He is a firm believer that strong competition, coupled with a level-playing field, fosters economic prosperity.

Senate panel advances high-speed internet commission bill

The upshot for the presidential race is that we should have a pretty good idea of where things are headed on election night, even if no candidate is able to clinch 270 electoral votes (which is the threshold required to win) until later in the week. We should get near-complete results in Florida in a matter of hours; Arizona and North Carolina will release the vast majority of their ballots very quickly, although if the race is too close to call they may not provide a final answer for days.


I am told that they are looking into some of the books to ensure that all is well before a substantive person is appointed. So, I think it is for the good of Niger Delta because of the history of the amnesty programme itself.

Incarceration is not the solution when someone is experiencing substance use disorder. Ed knows we must prioritize treatment, community support, and education in order to begin to solve our opioid crisis.


The 1st State Senate District

Called the Limiting Section 230 Immunity to Good Samaritans Act, the bill would require companies to undertake a “duty of good faith” in order to receive the protections of Section 230, instituting significant penalties for companies who do not uphold that duty. The result would be a major new avenue for users to sue platforms for improper moderation practices.

SIM swapping is an insidious form of mobile phone fraud that is often used to steal large amounts of cryptocurrencies and other items of value from victims. All too frequently, the scam involves bribing or tricking employees at mobile phone stores into seizing control of the target’s phone number and diverting all texts and phone calls to the attacker’s mobile device.


But unauthorized SIM swaps enable even low-skilled thieves to quickly turn a victim’s life upside down and wrest control over a great deal of their online identities and finances. What’s more, the security options available to wireless customers concerned about SIM swapping — such as personal identification number (PIN) codes — are largely ineffective against crooked or clueless mobile phone store employees.

Our gun violence epidemic has gone too far. Too many lives have been lost and it’s time for our elected leaders to step up and take action.


Former President Obama was initiated by the Club to contact all candidates and inform them when and how they would quit the race and fall-in-line behind Joe Biden. Clyburn was then triggered to initiate his endorsement and begin the rapid-fire process.

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Michaels hasn’t had too much in the way of support, but he does have party backing. So, regardless of the Democrats strength in the district, they obviously see that he at least has some kind of shot here.

The Democrats first and only choice is Assemblywoman Monique Limon (D-Santa Barbara). A former Santa Barbara Unified School Board Trustee, Limon was elected to the Assembly in 2021. She quickly moved up in popularity, becoming Assistant Majority Whip and being reelected in 2021 by over 80% of the vote.


In Maine, Republican Susan Collins defends her seat against Democrat Sara Gideon. Maine went narrowly for Clinton in 2021—by less than 3 points. Collins seems to have tried to appeal to left-leaning voters rather than her Republican base. She’s the Republican senator (pop over here) least likely to vote for Trump’s agenda and most likely to work with Democrats, according to FiveThirtyEight.

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This is the litmus test for the GOP to see if they can still make it in the area or not at state-level politics: will Limon win, and the Democrats hold their seat, or will it prove that the Republican party isn’t dead yet in Santa Barbara? That can prove to be fodder for races going into the 2021’s.

What is Cybernetics Internet

Dahle has everything going for him, so he’s virtually a lock here. Voters have heard the name “Dahle” and seen the name on signs stuck in peoples front yards for years now, and there’s no changing that level of incumbency.


I think it is just the grace of God. All these things are about God, because if God wants you to win and defeat your opponents, it will always happen. It is God that will give you the capacity in the first place; God will give you all that you require to be able to defeat an opponent.

The district still has substantial Republican support, and Democratic growth has been slowing across races. This is also an open election year. They are historically more open with voting due to no incumbent. Plus the GOP is backing Michaels and hasn’t simply not even given that much like in other districts races. For the GOP, there is hope here.


Ed believes health care is a right, not a privilege, and that a strong health care system is the foundation for a robust economy. He is a fierce advocate for funding for medical research and guaranteeing every American affordable, quality care and services.

The bill is congressional Republicans most plausible proposal yet for peeling back the protections of 230, a goal that has gained broad support across the conservative movement. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the Department of Justice is working on its own guidelines on platform immunity, which will emphasize that Section 230 does not immunize platforms that facilitate federal crimes, including terrorism and child exploitation. The document will also call on Congress to limit platform immunity for the arbitrary removal of content, a call that could plausibly be met by today’s bill.


43 thoughts on “Digital Asset Regulatory Bill Passes Senate Committee 7-0”

After graduating from Malden Catholic High School, Ed attended Boston College as a commuter student. He paid his way through Boston College by driving an ice cream truck, before enrolling in Boston College Law School four years later.

It’s going to be Limon most likely in the 19th. She has the support, the funding, the name recognition, and the popularity.


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Dominion Took Over Georgia Voting Machines Remotely During 2021 Election

There has been little opposition to AB 2150 in the legislature so far. An Assembly vote in June brought out a strong bipartisan 66-1 passage, with 12 abstentions. However, there has been some pause for concern as the bill has moved up through legislative hearings.

Less than 90,000 voters showed up for Collins’s primary, compared to more than 160,000 voters who participated in the Democratic primary. Gideon, currently speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, leads the race by a comfortable margin, a mid-September poll shows.


So far, she has worked with 32 students through Project Nandi, including Holley’s high school daughter. Holley said internet issues and ADHD made distance learning especially challenging for her, and her demeanor changed immediately after Augustine set her up with a laptop and tech-friendly workspace.

In addition, as part of the purpose-driven strategy, stakeholders are increasingly demanding that the company's strategic plan address ESG considerations, such as climate change and diversity. In his 2021 letter to CEOs, BlackRock Chairman and CEO Larry Fink requested that companies disclose a plan for how their business model will be compatible with a net-zero economy and describe how this plan is incorporated into the company's long-term strategy and reviewed by the company's Board of Directors.


Maricopa County Officials Refuse to Turn Over Subpoenaed Devices Used in 2021 Election

Of course, if Trump wins Florida and Texas tonight, and puts Pennsylvania in play, Democrats will turn to have been a lot less dominant than I thought. But IIRC, McKinley (“airtight consensus”) beat Bryan (“populist”) like a gong.

Krebs on Security Lawmakers Prod FCC to Act on SIM Swapping Comments Feed

Want to read more about SIM swapping? Check out Busting SIM Swappers and SIM Swap Myths, or view the entire catalog of stories on the topic here.


At this very moment at a polling location in the county, not only do we now have access to the devices, to the Poll Pad, the system, but we are in. And it's not supposed to have wifi and that's not supposed to be able to happen. So we've documented it in real time. It's now communicating two ways in real time. It's receiving data and sending data.

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This provision allows platforms like Facebook and YouTube to remove content that violates their community guidelines without fear of litigation, while leaving the door open for lawsuits if content is removed in an arbitrary or belligerent manner. In practice, the “good faith” provision is broad enough that such lawsuits are rarely filed.

Ronchetti is a former KRQE-TV meteorologist and doesn’t appear to have much of a background in politics. Trump, who lost New Mexico by more than 8 points, hasn’t endorsed Ronchetti.


The supply chain attack was launched when hackers planted a backdoor known as "Sunburst" within an update for SolarWinds' Orion network monitoring platform. Then, 18,000 of the company's customers downloaded the update, and some of those were further targeted for follow-on attacks.

NewsWars Maricopa County Officials Refuse to Turn Over Subpoenaed Devices Used in 2021 Election Comments Feed

However, this time around Senator (blog here) Jackson has been term-limited out, so both parties are running hard. However this is a different district than it was in 2021. The district has gained more Democrats. Democrats have nearly half of all registered voters.


Paul Public Schools, the state’s second-largest district, distributed nearly 3,000 hotspots in the spring, said spokesperson Kevin Burns. The district expects about 1,900 students will need hotspots again this fall, but they recommend that if possible, families use a more reliable broadband connection through a low-cost plan like Comcast’s Internet Essentials package, available to eligible families for $10 per month.

The impact of these requests is significant. Integration of purpose and ESG considerations into corporate strategy is more than a public relations exercise. Purpose-driven strategy requires setting concrete goals—and capital allocation priorities -based on goals such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and creates accountability on the Board and management for hitting those targets.


First of all, ballot-marking devices and scanners, neither one have modems. It's very hard to hack things without modems. There's no one to talk to. So let's set that clear.

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Over the last four years, Donald Trump has diminished our country’s position as a world power and strained our allied relationships. Ed is working every day to combat the damage that our president has done and rebuild our reputation with foreign nations – Ed believes that security through diplomacy will best strengthen the foundation for American leadership abroad.


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Ed has listened to the voices and stories of people across our Commonwealth. His legislative agenda is shaped around the experiences and aspirations of our communities right here in Massachusetts.

A lot of people see Bitcoin and other digital currencies out there as very risky and there are questions over how they can be used to pay things. It’s like investing in gold or a stock for many people, except there’s no real company around it like a stock and it isn’t physical like gold. This is still very new, and this bill would help set boundaries for something so new.


Trump lost the state in 2021 by less than half a point. Depending on how he performs in November, he may buoy Messner’s numbers.

The result would be a new line of attack for lawsuits alleging anti-conservative bias in moderation. Those lawsuits have become common in recent years — with plaintiffs including Laura Loomer, Charles Johnson and Prager University — but none have been able to overcome the broad immunity offered by Section 230. Under this bill, those same lawsuits would have a much better chance of success.

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In New Mexico, Democrat Ben Ray Luján is running against Republican Mark Ronchetti for a Senate seat vacated by retiring Democrat incumbent Tom Udall. Luján, who represents the state’s 3rd District, has had a solid polling lead (pdf), but the gap appears to have been closing.


March Primary Preview: 3rd State Assembly District

Hawley would have tasked the Federal Trade Commission with certifying platforms as politically neutral, which generated significant objectiosn from small-government conservatives. More recently, an executive order promulgated by President Trump gave the Federal Communications Commission a central role in regulating platform immunity, although the legal force of the order is unclear.

The race will be a final indicator on how the 1st district will possibly be changed next year. Redding is growing, as are the Sacramento suburbs to the south. If they split on population again, the 1st may end up even more rural and less diverse going into the next decade. If the Democrats have a good enough turnout, it may give the GOP and Democrats a reason to change things up. But if the Republicans have another “business as usual” win like that have had against Democrats for years, then it’s all status quo.


Chinese State-Sponsored Hackers Intercept Text Messages Worldwide: Cyber Report

Hawley’s new bill would narrow that provision, adding specific rules for companies who receive that “good faith” immunity. Under the new provisions, companies could lose the good faith provision if they were found to be enforcing their terms of service in a discriminatory way, or otherwise failing to uphold the terms. Violating the duty of good faith would also be treated as worthy of damages in itself, entitling plaintiffs to $5,000 for each affected user, along with attorney’s fees.

AI Internet of Things and Cybersecurity in

An unabashed Trump supporter, Michaels has some shades of a proto-typical California Republican. He’s big on energy efficiency at the same time he wants to draw in the tech sector. He’s for fighting climate change and affordable housing, but wants to do both by reducing government interference in private companies. He wants homeless reduction, but wants it by introducing more shelters first. It’s a type of Republicanism that isn’t often seen in California much these days, and it could be an interesting contrast to Limon’s policies.


But coming back a second time, a third time, a fourth time and fifth time is not a mere achievement. So, I think I will leave that to the judgment of the people. It is not me that will give credibility to whatever I have been able to do. What is important essentially is that whatever we do, as public officers, even not as public officers, you must leave something that you will be remembered for.

Trump carried Alaska by more than 15 points in 2021. He’s endorsed Sullivan, a Marine Corps Reserve colonel and former Alaska attorney general.


Lawmakers Prod FCC to Act on SIM Swapping

The project has been funded by donors and Augustine herself, and she’s fundraising to reach her goal of serving 400 students over the next year. Like Pringle, she wants school districts and governments to dedicate more funding to get low-income families online.

Those things must give you joy and the moment you have that at the back of your mind at every given point in time, it will be your guiding force. So, for me, as well as I am concerned, I do not want to mention anything, I want my constituents to judge me.


The primary will indicate what kind of work needs to be done. If Limon hits 60% or above, it’s almost assuredly hers in November. But if Michaels can knock it below that and simply get 40% or above, Limon might have to do some extra campaigning around the district.

It is all about life, life is a wonderful thing because when you look at the proper perception. At 60 what life has taught me is humility, just take things easy. This life is an empty road, sometimes, I sit back and think about what life is all about. Just like those people who go to the market, whatever you want to buy, you buy and go, in the evening, the market is empty and in the morning, people gather again.


Ed grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in Malden. As the son of a union leader, Ed learned his progressive values at his kitchen table–the same table where his mother would pay the bills and calculate how long the heat could be kept on during cold winter nights. It was his working-class upbringing that taught Ed the value of hard work and inspired him to spend his life seeking to provide the same opportunities he had, for every child, no matter their race, socioeconomic background, or zip code.

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The assertions made about unauthorized access to our systems are patently false. The man claiming that someone 'got into' our systems did not happen according to our forensic analysis. There was no 'hack,' there was no 'back door' entry, there was no 'pump and dump,' and there was no access through a 'thermostat' located hundreds of miles away in Savannah.

Senate Impeachment Trial Day 1, Impeachment Managers' Constitutionality Arguments

Ensure that the Board has a strong independent lead director or non-executive chairperson, someone who works well with management but can be a strong independent voice. With the responsibilities and expectations placed on boards of directors in today's environment that are separate from and in addition to those on management, having an effective lead is critical to ensure the Board is able to perform its role. This person will be essential to set agendas, and to communicate the Board's perspective and positions in meetings with shareholders and other key stakeholders.


The district is deep red and has been a reliable Republican district for decades. The district is over 40% registered Republican and has proven to have a lot more who lean that way. Cox won here with 60% of the Governor vote two years ago, and Trump had a rare Californian district go over 50% for him in 2021. Needless to say, this is one of the few districts in California where the Democrats need a sacrificial goat candidate.

Digital Asset Regulatory Bill Passes Senate Committee 7-0

VTDigger is posting regular updates on the coronavirus in Vermont on this page. You can also subscribe here for regular email updates on the coronavirus.


Senate Votes 56-44 to Proceed with Impeachment Trial

Address Board diversity and inclusion head on. Nominating and Governance Committees should look at their processes and consider how they take diversity into account. If the Board falls short of diversity standards, it should be prepared to explain why and the steps it's taking to remedy that.

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Addressing these critical subjects is not, of course, just about satisfying shareholder or other stakeholder demands. As the ultimate managers (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/content/uploads/files/download/internet-manager-serial-key-2020-senate.zip) of the company, directors should understand and shape the company's mission and culture and its relationship to stakeholders, which are increasingly recognized as fundamentally interrelated to an effective corporate strategy, employee productivity and morale and value creation. In that role, directors are tasked with guiding the "best practices" of the corporation and setting, together with management (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=6978), the tone at the top.

However Dahle has had a few issues come up, most notably last year during a meeting in Redding he was hosting asked for what many interpreted to mean ‘Christians only’. He still won, proving that he could smooth over potentially damaging gaffes. Despite that, Dahle comes in with a mountain of support from politicians and organizations, including from crucial police and firefighter unions.


She has pulled in some Young Democrats clubs and County Democrat organizations in terms of support, but otherwise there hasn’t been all that much. A victory here would be to pull Dahle under 60% and give Republicans something to think about going into redistricting. A smart move would be to hammer North State issues in combination with putting in a major college, but we’ll see where we are after the Primary.

Each of Inclusive Capital Partners (launched 2021) and Impactive Capital (launched 2021) has ESG front and center in their investment approach. And mainline activists also are running ESG-themed campaigns. In November 2021, TCI Fund Management submitted climate change shareholder proposals to each of Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian National Railway for consideration at those companies' 2021 annual meetings. Shareholder support for environmental and social proposals has continued to rise, hitting all-time highs in 2021. Activist alignment with institutional investors and others focused on ESG considerations creates the potential for significant shareholder alignment around engagement with perceived ESG laggards.