I happen to be blogging since the past 15 months, not at seekdefo but at a blog where I blatantly copy pasted hacks and tricks. After many months of honestly posting stuff I averaged only 200 page views per day. The solution I thought could be copy pasting and I lifted from forums and all other sources.

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  • Best PPD Sites to Earn Money Online By Uploading Files
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Yandex.Company — Bug Bounty Program

The things I have learnt may seem obvious to some but then I will describe to you the most efficient way of doing them. The money was is and will be in the list but how would you build your list. I discovered two ways of doing that.


They have all the tools you need to make money with ppd such as file, locker, link locker and their gate way system. You can lock any webpage you own.

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  • It also enables us to send money to someone with a paypal account
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  • The reason is that paypal doesn’t accept any indian debit card except icici debit card
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An Android device can use 1gb+ of data downloading a movie while aBlackberry device might use just 400mb or less downloading the same movie. Thebad part is that an Android subscriber pays more on data than BB users. Anandroid user might be paying $30 for 6gb of data while a BB user might just bepaying $20 for unlimited internet access. Click here to visitBlackberry free internet tweaks!

TCP Port: They are fast but not up to UDP. Now TCP ports shouldn't be seen as ineffective because of its comparison with UDP ports. In my other posts i gave this formula for accessing free internet; Host + open ports + working proxy = Free internet!


UploadOcean also provides you with the opportunity of referring other people and earning a 10 percent commission for every registered user through your link. That is another opportunity to make extra money with this PPD affiliate program since most of them don’t offer such opportunities.

List of Bug Bounty program for PenTesters and Ethical Hackers - E Hacker News

DollarUpload is another best PPD site to earn money by uploading contents on it. First of al you have to register an account on it, upload your contents and start sharing links. On every successful download, you will be paid. It allows you to upload any type of contents on it, no matters it’s Image, Zip file, mp3, Video or anything else.


CPAGrip is both a PPD and CPA Network that started in 2021. They also have content lockers and url/link lockers that publishers can use to monetize their downloads. CPAGrip's improved analytics sofware keeps members up to date with the most relevant lead related information. They have high EPC (earnings per click) offers and have a dedicated support team which is available 7 days a week.

Daily uploads also have pay per download program. You can make up to $16 per 1000 downloads.


Ziddu.com is also a best file sharing site where you can earn money online by uploading files. This Pay per download site allows you to upload various file formats like others such as video, pictures, music files, documents and many more. The maximum uploading size of any file is 200 MB and you will earn $ 0/001 for every successful download.

It offers incentives based on the performance of marketers. They provide an excellent team of account managers. Their primary role is to help affiliates maximize their revenues from their marketing efforts.


Pay per download network can become a great source of passive income online; however, if you do not follow there terms and conditions, you can face a ban. Avoid these if you don’t want to get banned.

Lista este in curs de actualizare. Daca aveti ceva de completat, postati in acest topic si vom actualiza si aici.


PPD stands for pay per download. These are a site that pays to file owner when somebody downloads uploaded files from their platform.

There’s an exploding business of writing a books which is growing by the second. If you have knowledge about anything you can write an e book and publish it on Amazon Kindle. My first e book which is a list of the most amazing gigs you can find on Fiverr has already been submitted for review.


I would suggest using a content locker. Sine I switched from PPD I notice I get a lot more conversions. I think some people stay away from the surveys PPD sites make them complete.

The above approach is what can be called affiliate marketing in a box. Creating niche and micro niche sites on monetizable topics. The high cpc words can be sought out form Google keywords tool. It takes some months before search engines can bring any traffic to you but then traffic comes if you go on.


If we're going to compare FileIce (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/content/uploads/files/download/paypal-hack-fileice-2020.zip) with ShareCash, both of them are high quality platforms but ShareCash have 2 advantages over them. The first one is that Sharecash is newbie friendly, they accept applicants that doesn't have much knowledge about making money with this niche yet and they let them learn and grow inside their platform while FileIce don't, they are strict when it comes to accepting new members. The second advantage of ShareCash over FileIce is that they offer pre-uploaded exclusive files for members to promote which is helpful especially if they don't have their own files to promote yet. Again, both FileIce and ShareCash are high quality and both of them pay around $1 per download, it's just that ShareCash isn't strict when accepting applications from newbies.

Cleanfiles is another high quality PPD Network that started in 2021. They also pay an average of $1 per download but they are choosy when it comes to accepting new members, so if you want to get accepted to their network, you need to convince them that you're already making money with other ppd sites and has already a lot of experience with this money making method. Cleanfiles also have content/webpage lockers that members can use to monetize certain pages of their website that contains premium content. Their minimum cash out is $50 and new account must be at least 3 weeks old to be able to cashout, after that they'll start sending payments weekly.


To get access into a house, we would need the doors or windows, and sowhen the owner of the house shut the doors and the windows, we won't be able toaccess the house unless we look for another door or window that is open and sois a port. The house in this scenario is the internet while the doors andwindows are the ports.

They provide a highly secured, flexible and fastest file uploading service and host them securely. They are being featured with Google App to browse and upload your file directly from your android device. Uploaded is a very popular website with You can make a handsome income by reflink. Once you signed up, you will be provided a personal reflink (short of referral link). You need to publicize it on your blog, social media, forums and commenting and you will earn 75% for the first sale and the 65% onwards.


The account management team provides affiliates with the best tips and advice. This helps them increase revenue and continue growing as digital marketers.

For small blogs, the best way to make something online is doing sponsored reviews. I did a few of them after signing up to sponsored reviews and pay per post and got something like $1 to $5 per post. No matter how small your blog maybe they have advertisers for you.


DollarUploads.com is also one of the best and most trusted pay per download & pay per install site that pay high amount on every successful PPI and PPD which is $1-$20 per download. Like others site also support various types of files like video, pictures, music files, documents and more.

The second strategy is what I perfected from Anup of moneymakingmodes. He sold 500 copies of an e book on building backlinks by forum marketing.


Top File sharing site to earn online

Ultimate uploading system, works very well with multiple upload. You will see all your statistics on their analytic tool. It just just like the above mentioned ppd sites. The minimum payout is $10 via paypal (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=5436),payza, check and bank deposit. Do not miss out on these top three sites,they are must join.

I used many ad networks in my quest for online income. I will not discuss Google Adsense for two reasons. Firstly they rejected my application since my niche was non monetizable and secondly for newbies Google Adsense is the best, there’s no second opinion to that.


Fileice approves an application from experienced in PPD marketing

It comes somewhere near to $5 per month. Not much but significantly better than all other non reachable networks out there.

First, you need to register then upload your File then grab a link, and share it with others. When other people download your files, you will start generating money.


Cleanfiles.net is a pay per download where members can control the kind of surveys their link visitors can fill before they download their files. Like other ppd sites, you will be given a detail statistics of all activities to your link. I have seen a lot of complaints about cleanfiles but I still believe they are paying. The payment methods are Paypal (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=6502) etc.

Get active on a few internet marketing forums and help others. By helping others I mean finding a niche where others are seeking help but not getting much help. Learn and research about that niche and when you have become an expert create a sales page offering a service related to that field in the signature link.


Adscend Media is a famous CLN (content locking network) which mainly focuses on offering leads that are of high-quality to advertisers. Adscend also offers considerable payouts to affiliates and this is what makes it quite popular.

Top PPD Affiliate Programs To To Consider Taking A Look

Pingsimply means making a query or request on a network to determine whether thereis a connection. The aim of pinging is to be sure that you can establish aconnection between you and your destination. There are so many ways thatpinging a request on your ISP network can contribute immensely to you gettingfree internet, i will drop a tutorial to guide you guys on that soon.


LinkBucksMedia is a fairly new PPD site. But it is legit and even hosts monthly contests for users to earn more.

Another popular file hosting site with flexibility of business model and payment system. By joining TurboBit you can earn up to $20 per 1000 downloads. They even pays you for incomplete downloads. TurboBit is having a very low payout of $10 and it can pay you three times a week.


Are you looking for the best Pay Per Download (PPD) affiliate programs? Then you are in the right place.

UploadOcean is another excellent PPD affiliate program to consider joining. With UploadOcean you can earn up to 21 dollars for every 1K downloads.


Freeinternet trick refers to any configuration or settings that you apply on deviceto access free internet without having to pay or subscribe from your Internetservice provider (ISP). Click here to visita list of free internet tricks.

Uploading.com is almost a popular file hosting site which helps you monetize your files and generate revenue on the basis of Pay Per Download method. You can upload files using your smartphone and grow revenue where ever you are. Uploading.com pays you generally $1-$100 depending upon the file’s popularity and size. You can also join their reseller program to achieve 20% to 30% income on sales.


Free internet trick terms

When it comes to high rates Daily Uploads is among the best PPD programs that offer affiliates top rates. It also ranks among the best pay per download affiliate programs. The program only operates on a 1000 download basis as opposed to other programs that offer income per every download.

PPD means “Pay Per Download“, These are the sites which pay us for per download. You have to upload your contents on these PPD websites and you will be paid for per download. There are many Pay per download websites are available on internet but half of them are fraud and they can’t pay money. But also there are some 100% genuine PPD websites available on internet which will pay you on every download. So in this post we are going to sharing best PPD websites to earn money online.


Hulkload is a file hosting provider that offers online storage. It also has a PPD program that pays every time your files get downloaded. It pays up to $6 per 1000 downloads depending on the downloaders location.

The truth about making money online is that if you try to make money online then you won’t make money online. The term make money online reflects the desire of making money online easily which is not going to happen. You cannot make money online by trying to make money, you have to earn money online. Millions of dollars are generated in revenue just by showing others the dream of easy money online. Free money, easy money, make money online, no work money are terms which many fall for easily but many a time either those clickbank products worth $97 do not work or require a great deal of hard work to make them work for you.


Don’t get confused regarding a paypal (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=1375) account as you need not have a debit card to verify it. I used an icici bank debit card because my account was limited as someone tried to log into it without my permission. Also I wanted to do a lot of online transactions. To verify a paypal account what you need is a bank account. Paypal (click here to read) will make two small deposits like rs 1/03 and rs 2/01 into your bank account. You need to enter the exact amounts into the paypal account to verify it. Only a verified paypal account can receive money. Any Indian bank account would do like the SBI, SBT, FEDERAL BANK, ICICI, UNION BANK, BANK OF BARODA etc.

So it totally depends on your priority what is best for you. Some of the PPD sites contain surveys, which can be annoying sometimes for your users. You can learn more about the best PPD sites without a survey.


$15 per 1000 downloads

A paypal account is necessary for receiving money into your bank account for any work that you do online like joining survey sites, making money on rewardingways, making money blogging etc. Basically they are all payment processors. All the sites send the money you have earned to paypal or payza which is then forwarded to your bank account.

Go to Bug Bounty

Best PPD Sites 2021, are what for which you are searching right? Before these, we have shared Best Pay Per Download Sites of 2021 and now, we updated this article with Highest Paying PPD sites 2021 for you. So, you are looking for the same?


There are plenty of PPD affiliate programs out there to consider. With the ones we’ve discussed here, although they are among the best, they are only meant to help you learn and understand how such programs work so that you can get started in the right way.

It’s a free cloud service that offers online storage and remote backup. A free account gets 10GB of storage with unlimited bandwidth. With upload ocean, you can earn up to $21 per 1000 downloads.


FileIce.net – Best PPD Site

To bring traffic you need not depend on Google alone, you can rather reach out to your market by guest posting. Guest posting for the sake of guest posting will not bring any traffic. For people to move out of the inertia of sticking to their only source of great information( the site where you have guest blogged) there should be an incentive to visit your site.

Their primary focus is mostly on experienced applicants who they believe might be suitable for their niche. That means they have a minimal approval rate of new applicants.


They pay a minimum of $50, and their payment schedule is on the 15th and 30th of every calendar month. When you join this program, you are sure that you will be paid through diverse means and you can never be stressed on how to receive your hard-earned payment.

Create a hot product in your niche and market it with clickbank or anything which allows affiliates. Since you are new on clickbank not many will be interested in promoting your product but then you have a cool product and you can contact guys like Anup offer a 100% commission who will then sell it for you on forums and when the person has made the purchase re direct them to an opt in form which they must fill in order to get that product.


If you don’t want to annoy your users in any way and provide a simple download layout, you should go for Depositefiles or Filefactory. But, if you are sharing some data or files of great importance like some free softwares, users will download it surely.

In conclusion, these are the best, most legit and best-rated PPD sites available that you can use to maximise your earnings on the internet. If you have any questions or queries regarding pay per download sites, then feel free to write to us in comments below.


You may say that you are not interested in those topics but if we learn a lot of stuff about something then interest comes. Secondly when you see that after running a blog for so and so many months you are barely paying your hosting charges then you will realize the benefit of this advice.

Best Online CAPTCHA Entry Work Sites to Earn Money Online

I use ejunkie, it doesn't seem to popular with BHW, but you can use their free trial. I like it because it's pretty easy to set up and there's a lot of stuff you can do with it.


List of bug bounty programs - Bugcrowd

So guys, these were the best PPD sites to earn money online. Now, upload your contents and start making money at your home using these best pay per download websites. All these sites re fully genuine and trusted. Also these were highest paying PPD sites, that’s why we shared only these websites. We have updated Best PPD Sites 2021 so enjoy earning. You can use these in any country, no matters from where you belongs to. Keep up to date with us to check more best ppd sites without survey.

Earnings of invited referrals and lots of more features. You can checkout everything on their site. If you want to make the maximum out of your files, keep reading.


The reason why people offer articles for $5 on fiverr is that they do not seek out places where one can get paid a good amount for an article. I searched out such places after writing 800 worded articles for $5 because I desperately wanted a change and I got what I wanted. For a quality 500 word article you can get as much as $100.

Z-shadow hacking tool – hack anyone account without knowing them

It provides three tools - Website Locker, File Locker, Link locker. With these tools, you can lock your content till visitors performs an action they want.


The price of the product should be $5 and you must offer 100% commissions for the trick to work. In return you will get a high quality buying list who are comfortable with spending money online.

Lucrative ppd affiliate program

Some of the things that ShareCash offer their affiliates include software, eBooks, as well as Game Guides. As an affiliate of ShareCash, you are fully allowed to distribute the files mentioned above to people.


How To Charge People For A PDF Download

Daily Uploads is also one from best PPD websites to earn money online. It pays you up to 16$ for per 1000 successful downloads. You can monetize your contents on it, and will be paid for each and every download. Daily Uploads allows you to share contents and make money from it. The minimum payout on this network is just 10$. You can redeem your earnings through Paypal, Payza, etc.

Would really appreciate getting the pdf on how to get proxy servers since it's fileice encrypted

One thing that makes CPAGrip stand out is the fact they have the link and content lockers that publishers can use for monetizing downloads. Thanks to CPAGrip you can get analytics from software that offers information related to leads. Another one of their advantages is their earnings per click (EPC) are very high.


Minimum Payout- $5 for PayPal

However, what you need to ensure is that you don’t violate the copyright laws. Their payment ranges from $1 – $20 per file download, which puts the income to an average of 1 dollar per download.

There are a large number of these sites to pick from and many aren’t so great. I’ve used some great ones and some bad ones in the past. In this article let’s concentrate on the best PPD sites that pay consistently without a problem.


FileFactory is a leading provider of unlimited free file hosting from 2005. The maximum file size upload is 5GB. The download pages are pretty clean and user friendly, so you can share your files on FileFactory. It provides upto 40$ for every 1000 downloads depending on the countries and the file size. It provides 90% commission from each sale through your link. For more details you can check the affiliate section of their website.

CPAGrip is also a top-rated Pay Per Download affiliate program. The program was launched back in 2021 and has continued to grow and gain popularity over the years.


Sharecash.org is another trusted and best PPD site where you can get around 1$ to 20$. Means you need to join this site and upload your files, when visitors complete a quick survey to download your files you can earn average $1 for every completed survey.

From 15 months as a blogger and visiting lot of other blogs over these many months I learnt one thing and that is how to really make money online. Seeing lot of clickbank products, testing lot of ad networks on my blog, trying different monetizing strategies, reading e books, making John Chow’s site my Bible, heck even selling articles for $5 I realised the art of making money online and below I will share what I learnt.


Ghostscript: Bug bounty program

You can upload APK, PDF, Docs, Software, or other files like videos, flash & music. Every account gets 100 GB of free storage.

Pay per download pays more if your downloader is from the United States as compared to developing countries like India. So keep this in mind and target your links accordingly.


You can even add more cash to your wallet by participating in its affiliate programs. UO consists of four tiers, and the payment rate differs from country to country. Upload ocean allows a minimum payout of $10, which you can cash through PayPal (web link), Payza, Neteller, WebMoney, or Amazon Gift Cards.

It offers a fast download speed. Same as other PPD networks, it provides an opportunity to make money online with the Indishare pay per download program.


I've been a freelance writer for over 8 years today. I've contributed to CrazyEgg, Kissmetrics, Single Grain and a dozen SaaS blogs in this period.

ShareCash is also one of the oldest players in the game of PPD sites. This site offers quick surveys to the traffic which turn into earnings for the host. Users are paid for each download. The rates are high and minimum payout is just $10. Payments can be received by direct bank deposit, Paypal (here), Payza, wire transfer etc.


Another way how I make money is by buying premium vpn accounts for people who do not have a paypal account and charge a commission on each sale. Yet another way is to offer those people an approved Paypal account with a method I learnt from an e book for $3.

DailyUploads is currently the best PPD site and their rate is one of the highest. DailyUploads is a pay per 1,000 downloads, not pay per each download, therefore users who download your files doesn't have to fill up surveys or anything to unlock the files. So for those who are looking for a PPD site without survey, DailyUploads is your best option.