Also, consider your internet connection type and how upgrading your service could affect your internet experience. Switching to a DSL or fiber-optic internet connection where you won’t have to share bandwidth or there’s more bandwidth to share could be the solution to your night-time speed issues.

  • Why is my internet so slow at night
  • Take our internet speed quiz to see if your internet speeds and your internet activities are compatible
  • Why Is My Ping So High
  • It’s possible that your current internet plan doesn’t provide the speed you need in your household
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Sometimes an already running application uses the internet connection in the background. To cope with this problem, just close all the useless applications. Now in order to check whether all the useless applications which were using the internet are closed or not, just open the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and click task manager.


Users just like you are commonly free during this time and are doing the brunt of their internet activities. That competition for bandwidth is what’s causing your favorite streaming service to buffer.

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If you find that the internet is still being consumed by other application then open the Resource Monitor by searching in the start menu and go to the network section. And monitor the application from there. Simply uninstall or disable that application and if the background applications were the reason for high ping it will solve your problem.


Activated Firewalls can slow down your internet connection with extra security processes. Close your firewall and antivirus programs and check if the problem is solved.

This will refresh the router signals as well as the saved DNS caches on your PC will also be removed. Now just reconnect your PC with the router and if DNS Cache was the problem for high ping then the problem will be solved.


Many people think that a good and stable connection just relies completely upon the upload and download speed (more info here). But there is more than that to it, the Ping. You can call Ping as the response time of your internet connection. Let’s say you are getting a ping of 60ms(milliseconds), then 60 milliseconds is the response time of your computer over the request of another computer.

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How to fix slow internet at night

There’s nothing more frustrating than coming home to resume whatever it is you enjoy doing on the world wide web, only to find that your internet speeds (you could check here) are lagging. If you’ve noticed that this decrease in quality usually happens during the night time, it’s likely that you’re experiencing this internet slowdown because of an increase in internet traffic.