When you will start the game for the first time, your default team will be Dream FC and have a logo of same name. You can change your team name, boots, kits, logo and build your real dream XI team. It can be done by following some simple steps, that we are going to share later.

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Juventus is an Italian football club founded in 1897. This club wears a black and white kit since 1903 and plays home games at different football stadiums. The current net worth of Italy’s biggest club is £255/1 million and it sold 1/5 million worth of shirts last year.


Manchester United is an England based football club also known as ‘Red Devil’. Over the past few years, it has appeared as a top brand in the football world. Currently, there are over 24 countries supporting this football club.

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Akephalos wrote:I don't think he was the motm, tbh. For me the best on the field was any of the Leverkusen CB's, those 3 had a great game today.

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In the first stage, we are going to share kits and logos of dream league soccer top clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United kit 512×512, etc. Later on, we will share updated kits of all the football teams and clubs. So sit tight as we are going to share the latest dream league kits and logos below.

Below you are going to find the latest dream league soccer Chelsea 2021 kits

FC Barcelona established in 1899 is now counted among the famous and wealthiest football clubs in the world. If we talk about Barca the find thing that comes into mind is Lionel Messi, star footballer who helped the achieving new milestones. As per the latest stats, net worth of Barcelona FC is £463/8 million.


I'm uruguayan and I think he needs more stamina. I know him and I love him since he was 16 years old and he started in Peñarol and now in the national team.

OK, now we need to find out which player in the database has the biggest height + jump number, so we can use him as our actual 99 JMP parameter. After some snooping around, I determined our parameter should be a very, very tall bloke from Belgium, named Kristof Van Hout.

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E football BPB 2021 V2.5 Patch

I agree he thoroughly deserves an update. Been goid since last season and upped his game this year. Any other thoughts about what should be updated? I agree he warrants big rise for att, def and stamina.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always understood the jump stat as the distance a player can put between himself and the ground. It measures how far his feet can get from the ground, not how high his head can get in the air, as this would also depend on his height. OK, so we have two values with which to work here: a player's height, measured in centimeters, and his jump stat, represented in-game by a number from 1 to 99. We immediately notice a conversion problem, as the values aren't in the same unit. Now, what if I could convert PES's jump stat into centimeters? That way, I could calculate how high up in the air a player's head could reach, in centimeters.

A close second would be Virgil van Dijk, who now reaches 268cm after his recent JMP update. OK, but how do I use all this to calculate a player's jump?


Manchester City Dream League Soccer Logo 512x512 URL

I Think you must upgrade this kid! He make good games and he is growing very fast!

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Kits Dream League Soccer My Club

Well then, I hope I made my method clear to you. We'd just need to do this for every stat until we have a full set, which would reveal to us the best CF we could possibly have, which will then be used to make our overall rating algorithm. We'll go from attack to teamwork, covering every classic stat, with two exceptions. We won't measure our strikers' keeper skills, as that would be silly, and we won't be using free kick accuracy. FKA is a very specific skill, that can be learned by any player on the pitch (even the keeper), but doesn't weigh on what should make a good set. This means it isn't necessary for any player to even learn how to take free kicks properly, as each team has a small number of takers. You can easily be a legendary player, among the best in history, hardly ever taking free kicks in your career. It's just such an isolated skill, so removed from the usual run of play, that I don't take it into account. Also, when you think about it, FKA is the only stat that depends on the opposition to even be showcased. A team can structure their play so that they put in crosses and try headers, shoot from distance, use hold-up play, dribble their way through the defense, play dangerous passes, etc, however they see fit.

Manchester City Goalkeeper Away Kit 2021 Dream League Soccer Kits - DLS 20 Kits

This guy is incredibly fun to watch! One of the best signings in the league last summer and just adds dynamism to the side. Got that good bit of everything to be damn good and potential to make some stuff in his game really damn good.


Liverpool is one of the oldest England based football clubs. It was founded in 1892 by John Houlding. The nickname of this club is ‘ The Reds’ and is also known LFC. The current net worth of Liverpool is £302 million and the number is expected to grow this year.

Next stuff to note: he’s a better passer and this could be the thing that allows him to contribute. Liverpool can stagnate from a lack of a spark to crack open the game, and this guy is really getting an eye for some of those passes. His dribbling opens up windows to make a really good and dangerous pass and he’s learning how to make them count.


Chelsea FC Goalkeeper Home Kit - Dream League Soccer Kits - DLS 20 Kits

Now, there's only one stat that isn't as straightforward as the others, the only one that needs special treatment: the jump stat. Imagine Thibaut Courtois and Man United's Fred go for an aerial duel - which one would win?

Remember that documentary with Cristiano Ronaldo, Tested To The Limit? They happened to measure how high Ronaldo can jump. This will surely come in handy, as Ronaldo is probably the player with the greatest jump value the world has ever seen. If we take Ronaldo as a benchmark, we'll conclude that 99 JMP amounts to 78cm. Grand, now we can add that to a player's height and get his absolute highest heading height! For Ronaldo himself, that would be 264cm nowadays.


He is still a work in project, he can get even better with time. Is always a pleasure to watch him play.

He has probably (and i mean probably because I havent seen him of late but looks like it) a consistency on the midfield Madrid have lacked. I still believe their team is random and poorly thought, Benzema is a key piece in a team whose WF offer but little but it culd've been worse without a solid midfield. I still think Casemiro shines brighter than he would otherwise, because he offers something Madrid need BADLY, but Valverde was a missing key piece that has brought balance and has allowed Madrid attackers to focus on their task. Again, at the same time Benzema works 2/5x, the team is far from being a top side, but surely this player has given the team what they've been missing, some work, covering and up and down playing.

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