Performance upgrade – GFI WebMonitor’s engine has been completely re-written, enabling x64 compilation for greater scalability, improved memory management, faster processing and scalability. No matter how many seats an organization requires – whether it is 10, 500 or 1,000 – WebMonitor scales and delivers robust web protection capabilities.

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  • Cisco ASA 5500 Series Datasheet
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TrafficQuota is a quota enforcement extension for Microsoft ISA Server. It enables you to restrict or allow users' access to the Internet, based on the volume of data downloaded (or uploaded) from the Internet. For example, user 'John' is allowed to download 500 MB a month, and after this he is.


RE: ISA RPC problem

Documentation for this product is a single PDF manual. This manual combines in one place an installation guide, configuration guide and administration guide for all the WebMonitor packages. The manual is easy to navigate with a live table of contents and it is nicely organized. There are many labelled screen shots, which provides extra illustration of certain screen and menu layouts.

We found this product simple to install and easy to use. Installation is launched on the ISA Server from an executable. This executable opens up the installation wizard, which takes just a few minutes. After the installation is complete, just click on the program or launch the web GUI and configuration can begin. At first launch, the product automatically downloads the filtering database and anti-virus software. Navigating the management console is quite intuitive and we found configuration to be easy.


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RE: Upgrading ISA 2000 to

GFI WebMonitor installs on ISA Server 2000 and ISA Server 2004 as a web filter and is transparent to the user, making it the perfect solution to unobtrusively exercise a degree of control over users’ browsing habits and ensure legal compliance – in a manner that will not alienate one’s network users. It enables administrators to check and instantaneously stop any traffic that could compromise the company’s network security, open it to legal liability, or jam the corporate bandwidth.


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Fortunately, every now and then you can find a good Internet monitoring program at an affordable price. I guess this is what draw me to GFI Web Monitor. I downloaded the free trial and test-run it a bit. My impressions are only positive. Well, maybe if I put it to some extremely rigorous tests only an evil ex QA can think of, I might be able to find a few bugs here and there but without putting extreme pressure to it, my impressions are that GFI Web Monitor is really good for the tasks it is expected to perform.

RE: ISA 2004 opening ports

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We are targeting small to medium size business with internal networks that have internet access that employees can use. We support any environment using our Standalone Proxy and we also have a dedicated plugin for users who have Microsoft ISA Server or Microsoft Forefront TMG.

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Without installing additional client software, users can send and receive faxes directly from Outlook or any other email clients. GFI FAXmaker fully integrates with Active Directory, eliminating the need for a separate fax server user database. GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP features include a multi-line fax server, fax antispam, inbound fax routing, print to fax driver for Windows, support for server-based rendering of Office documents, Word mail merge support, allowing users to create personalized fax mailings, fax management features and more. Other enterprise features include remote user and fax server administration, least cost routing, user configuration profiles, remote viewing of fax server status, Brooktrout and ISDN card support and more. GFI FAXmaker also allows your users to send and receive SMS messages from Outlook. GFI FAXmaker is the most competitively priced fax server on the market: A 25-user version sells for $699 and a 100-user FAXmaker sells for $1999.

This 22-page datasheet provides an overview of the Cisco ASA 5500 series Adaptive Security Appliances. It contains all available models, along with their technical characteristics, network security performance, capabilities, available expansion modules, plus much more.


Sure, you can’t say there is no choice of Internet monitoring software but when you are shopping at the enterprise level and want a complete package rather than having to deploy tens of separate programs that don’t get on well together, the choices aren’t that many. When you add price to that, actually it seems that you are almost out of options.

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With GFI EndPointSecurity you will regain control of your network by preventing data leakage/theft through comprehensively controlling access to portable storage devices with minimal administrative effort. You will also be preventing the introduction of malware and unauthorized software on your company’s network. This solution gives administrators greater control by being able to block devices by class, file extensions, physical port or device ID. It also allows administrators to grant temporary device or port access for a stipulated time-frame.

The Web Security section is the place where you can configure your policies and antimalware/anti-phishing rules. By default there are three antivirus engines you use for free with GFI Web Monitor – Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Norman. These are three leading antimalware providers, so it is really a bargain that you get them together with GFI Web Monitor.


RE: ISA 2004 SP2

The Monitoring section of GFI Web Monitor shows a lot of interesting stuff, such as bandwidth consumption, sites history, user’s history, etc. This data is useful to know because when for instance somebody has been downloading fat movies and everybody else is left with a slow connection, the problem isn’t that your Internet connection lacks bandwidth. Also, when you see that particular employees are on the Top Surfers list or on the Top Policy Breakers list, this should ring a bell for you.

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I liked its many functionalities and elegant design. One of the things that impressed me in particular is that GFI Web Monitor comes with tons of documentation. I really like it when a product is well documented. This is great if you are stuck with a problem or if you want to learn the product in details. All in all, my impression is that GFI Web Monitor is an Internet monitoring software worth trying in your enterprise.


When a user browses a website that an administrator wishes to block, this can be done by adding this site through GFI WebMonitor to an ISA Server 2004 URL set used by the access blocking rule. All the rule properties of a standard ISA Server 2004 rule can be applied (including the ability to exclude certain users, time restrictions etc).

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GFI WebMonitor 2021 is available immediately and works in both physical and virtual environments. All licenses come with GFI’s customer service support, available 24/7, and software maintenance.

ISA 2004 Authentication Question

Hackers, phishing scams, spam and other threats are constantly in the press. It seems like a week doesn't go by where someone or something hasn't been hacked.


GFI WebMonitor 11 Build

With GFI EndPointSecurity you are able to prevent users from stealing confidential company data or introducing malware such as viruses and Trojans to your network. Available in FREEWARE mode and used by thousands of customers, GFI EndPointSecurity allows you to actively manage user access to media players (including iPod and Creative Zen), USB sticks, and other storage devices. It supports Windows 7, as well as BitLocker To Go.