Note: Do not extract the RALUS installer files on a Windows system and copy the resulting files to the Unix host. Doing so will cause difficult to diagnose installation errors.

  • You can customize the number of days for which you display information about the backup size
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  • Ralus Install Questionable on UNIX
  • How to find which version of Ralus is installed
  • Download the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Unix Servers installation files for AIX and Solaris platforms
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Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA) is not supported with Backup Exec. Use a dedicated account with specified privileges as mentioned below.

  • How to setup user rights/permissions for Backup Exec Service Account for Exchange backups
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  • Uninstalling the Agent for Linux
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Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine data protection requires that the account be a member of the local Administrators group on the Hyper-V host. For App-GRT operations (Application GRT, wherein any Microsoft databases which have Backup Exec Agent support are able to be restored using the GRT functionality when backed up as part of a virtual machine) the account used must have local administrator rights on the virtual system as well as the rights specified for the specific agent required. See other related sections of this document for additional detail as is appropriate.

I later found out that libstdc++5 was not installed. The post I got this information from also contains this step, but I guessed I missed it, assuming that libstdc++5 was already installed.


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“Failure to browse ”

Note: This step is followed until BE 12/5. From BE 2021 and later we get the setup file in the ISO download of the product.


Type the names, IP addresses, or fully qualified domain names of the Linux servers. Leave a space between each identifier.

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The Remote Agent extends the agent technology of Backup Exec software beyond Windows and Netware to help meet the needs of emerging business applications on Linux operating systems. By improving communication between Linux-based ReadyNAS systems and Backup (have a peek here) Exec servers, the company says the agent can dramatically increase efficiency and result in reduced backup (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=901) and restore times in Symantec Backup Exec environments.


Note: A host name can be used, however make sure that the Linux server can resolve the host name properly. Its recommended to add the Windows host entry in the /etc/hosts file on the Linux server.

For smooth working of the windows server 2021, you need to upgrade to Full version. As you can easily encounter an error whenever you are pilot testing a deployment.

  • You can select the following items to display on the Backup Exec Home tab
  • Lets check how to install remote agent for a Linux server
  • We can not push install the remote agent like windows servers
  • Backup Exec 21.1 x64bit Media Servers
  • Backup Exec 20.6 x64bit Media Servers
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Preferably, add your default ubuntu sudo account to the beoper group, or enable root account. Then type in the log in details for the account of your choice.


Three Apps for Asustor AS 6 NAS

Many problems are caused because of version mismatch between server and client backup (read) exec software. Here is the simple steps how to check the version.

Help with Backup Exec 2021 Ralus Linux agent

For GRT backups to a tape device and ALL GRT restore operations, from tape or disk, the logon account specified must be a member of the local Administrators group on the Exchange server(s). In addition, the logon account must have a unique mailbox and the mailbox can NOT be hidden from the Global Address List. For Exchange 2003 the account must also be granted the Exchange Administrator, or Exchange Full Administrator role. On Exchange 2007 and later servers the account must be granted the Exchange Organization Administrator role. Finally, for Exchange 2021 and later the account must also have the Administrator role on the AD Domain for AD access as part of the GRT operations.


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When you raise a DBA what feature they’d most prefer to see additional to the SQL Server recovery practicality, they’re going to doubtless say: “The ability to recover one table from an info backup”. Of course, it’s potential to retrieve the info of a selected table from an info backup (look at here); however you cannot mate while not restoring the complete backup.


For installation of Backup (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=5437) Exec you must be logged in with an account that has Administrative rights on the server. This is so that the installation routine can access the file system, registry and backup (view it) devices to make necessary configuration changes.

Note: RALUS (link) installed via this downloaded installable is supported with Backup (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/content/uploads/files/download/ralus-agent-backup-exec-2020-serial-number.zip) Exec 21/1 release. Versions prior to Backup Exec 21/1 and lower are not supported for this 21/1 update.


Right click on Backup (click this link now) Exec iso media which was mounted for installation before. If not mounted then you can mount again and it looks like below.

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  • Go to the Backup Exec media server and check the remote selections listed on the Backup tab
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  • Requirements for the Agent for Linux
  • About the Agent for Enterprise Vault

The account used to protect Microsoft SQL data should have Administrator rights on the SQL server as well as the SQL databases. This is necessary specifically for SQL database restore procedures, where the SQL services or cluster groups may need to be controlled as part of the restore operation.

This will tell the agent the name of the Media server. Add the fully qualified host name.


Backup Exec 16+ RALUS/RMAL Agent Installation for GuardianOS 7.7 and 8.x

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Once you are connected to linux server then you can simply drag the file from left window to right window any any folder. In below pic I dragged and dropped the file in var folder of linux server.


Note: if the BEDB database is hosted on a server other than the local Backup Exec Media Server, the account will also have to be a member of the Local Administrators group on the SQL server. The System Account specified in the Backup Exec Logon Accounts Management utility should have the same rights as the service account for best functionality. Best practice: to make the System Account the same account as the service account.

If the target database is running on Windows the account specified must be a member of the local Administrators group. On Linux the user must be a member of the beoper group. The account specified must also have SYSDBA rights on the Oracle instance being protected.