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There are people who like a long time fun server and like to have something to when they log in. Reading your post I think, you are someone who prefers a free pvp server like:" give me all free and pvp". In this case, you should look for an international server where u get all free instead of crying about a server you dont like. Checking the player numbers, I am sure, other like it how it is.


Fully working Dupe hack to shaiya OS/PH

EP 4/5, Shared Kills between al char in the same account, PVE PVP Server, Boost STARTER GEAR, INSTANT LVL, 3 PVP ZONES+BOSSES IN EACH ZONE. Official relase 1 March JOIN US!

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You can’t put gold in warehouse, or anywhere else for that matter

No more SP rewards for Voting, OP only drops in GRB ( if you lucky you get 1 or 2). So good luck linking 6s and accessories if you're not a donator. But I guess new players are not their concern.


Max EXP cannot exceed 200 percent. Restricted to characters currently in use.

Skillcut isnt really a cheat, same like jumpcut BUT most of the time forbidden at all. About the speedhack and the duping I dont believe you. You come here, start a flame/cry post and give no screens, no videos or something else.


Shaiya Voyagers is a private server featuring EP 6/3 with EP8 content. Crafting system/ Faction Invasion with a working invasion debuff/announcement system! Completely revised UI to match our server!

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Our SY Gold list has been last updated on June 24, 2021. The next update is scheduled for June 25, 2021. As of June 24, 2021 the median price for 2bn is $0. Currently there are 0 Shaiya Gold prices in our database.


And some report also getting 3x kill. So some time that's happens also.

Shaiya Tribute Classic EP 4.5 Grand Opening in 8 Days and 16 Hours

Amazing EP 6/4 Server With Extras, 100s of Costumes, All EP8 OS Mounts, Retro Gear as costumes, Farming/Grinding, PvPvE, Wings Galore, World Bosses with great loot. Come Join Us we look forward to seeing you.

Shaiya ATLAS EP 4.5
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I don’t appreciate all of the bashing first and foremost. I am new to owning/deving a server, and bound to make mistakes. Some of the complaints i can take, but the “money hungry” part?


We have made mistakes, but we will fix things and improve. I will keep this server going and change things until we do it right.

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Shaiya End EP4.5 Shaiya Private Server Detailse

We added Tribute Coins to D2 where you exchange Items for. This make it a bit easier to get end gear even when you are not awake when bosses are up.

Don't miss the insane Grand Opening from Shaiya Tribute

EU still open but all its major custom features are broken, admins don't know how to ix it, they just the middleman between donators and the real dev, ho is super busy and not available to help. So much for being a 'megaserver'.


Like Jlp06 said, he is changing HWID so banning that doesn't bring effects. IP changing is even simpler so it's not even worth consideration.