The combined Imperial and Eldar fleets had begun to shift the balance of power with more help arriving daily. Attempting to stem the tide, Abbadon brought forth all three captured Blackstone Fortresses in an assault on the Tarantis system – a safe gathering point for incoming ships. After a ferocious engagement, the Blackstones combined their power and unleashed a blast into the heart of the system’s star before disengaging. Over the course of the next month the star would increasingly become unstable before collapsing and then exploding in a supernova – destroying the entirety of the star system. Following the devastation of Tarantis, the Eldar fleets tracked the movement of the Warmaster’s fleet, providing intelligence for the Lord Admiral who understood that the remaining three Blackstone Fortresses would be the subject of Abbadon’s desire. Utilizing the intelligence provided by his Eldar allies and the waygates they revealed to him, Ravensburg would lay a trap at Schindlegeist and defeat Abbadon’s fleet in a final consequential engagement that marked the beginning of the end for the Gothic War. However, Abbadon would manage to avoid complete destruction and escape to the Eye of Terror with the crippled remnants of his fleet, the Planet Killer, and two of the six Blackstone Fortresses. The remaining four, including the three still under Imperial control, abruptly self-destructed in his wake. Thus ended Abbadon’s 12th Black Crusade, the Imperial victory at Shindlegeist marked the final major engagement of the war. However, it would be nearly a decade before the sector was stabilized and longer still before the sector would be fully restored to a pre-war footing.

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A) Shift 2 Freezes When In – Garage

Now that, we are done with graphics tweaks that can be done using the software, there is a way you can edit the in-game variables the game uses to display the graphics. Tweaking these variables can get you play the game even on the average PC’s.

Set all drivers to top performer. Donington GP second lap im 3rd, after 5 seconds 1st.


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First portion of the guide is geared towards people with high end PC’s and tries to tweak the game to provide stunning visuals and performance. Second portion will guide you how you can tweak the game to your specific needs and PC.


Why is my in-game ping meter in Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed different from what I see in wtfast

If anyone else is messing with the AI, you may want to focus on the AI profiles rather than anything else. I copied the 'Top Performer' profile over all the others to get a bit of consistency while testing other things. Raced two AI for five laps using stock Corollas, and finished just 10s ahead instead of the usual 30+s.

I have similar system specs, except I use XP rather than Vista. The game runs fine for me with graphics maxed.


Version 1/21 - Fixed bugs with installer/uninstaller when injected file is bigger than previous one. MOD Install packages whose files are about the same size are not affected. Now it's working with Real Mod 2/0b!

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ATI Cards Perspective, you will need to change the specific settings on nVidia control panel for the same variables, works great. Also this is geared towards high end graphics card, who end up receiving the short end of the stick.

Shift (read more here) 2: Unleashed has received mixed responses from the hardcore racing simulation fans after its release. Apart from the usual Not-Better-Than drama, the game appears to be solid but needs some technical fixes. Before the developer releases a patch to fix everything that’s in your way to enjoy the visceral racing experience Shift 2 has to offer, you can refer to our Shift (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=6131) 2: Unleashed Errors and Fixes guide to get the game running.

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Turn off your wireless controller and try again. It will fix any issue you are experiencing in getting your steering wheel to be recognized by the game.


You can change these settings with ‘1’ being lowest setting for a particular variable and ‘3’ being the highest setting. Everything is self explanatory, only thing left for you is to follow the hit and trial method to find a setting that gives you performance at the lesser cost of visuals.

You just have to go to the Car Lot and select the cars that were rewarded to you. Once the code is entered the VIP (Limited Edition) cars cost $0, so you just have to load them into your Garage from the Car Lot.