Yes, I have a legitimate Steam install of the game. I chose C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Supreme Commander 2, but then I get a "Jquery" related error.

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Answer: There could be several reasons for a misfire. Your misfire is located on the 1 and 4 cylinders; this can make it easier to locate the fault.


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Check the very end of the file as this is usually the problem area - the last thing written to the log. You don't need to be a computer whizz to figure it out - you just need to know how to google.

Anyway, with the game being on sale, this is a pertinent issue for new-comers. I would recommend just playing Forged Alliance for custom skirmishes, as the vanilla campaign never seems to hit this problem.


You can do this live via task manager - providing you have some knowledge of the processes running on your system. Generally try anti-virus or anti-malware programs first. Even things like Google Drive have been known to cause issues.

Some of the fixes in here will not work for all guaranteed. By removing files and/or changing settings you need to take the usual precautionary measures and make a backup. If you un-hide hidden folders, make sure you hide them again so you don't cause any unintended damage to your system. I, Steam and anyone else who offer similar solutions are not responsible for the consequences of your own actions or failure to take the right precautionary measures.


Supreme Commander on WSGF

Question: We have a 08 Charger with a Hemi. We have replaced the fuel pump, throttle body, crankshaft sensor, and peddle assembly.

A few components and sensors that might cause a vehicle to loose power may include: clogged air or fuel filter, Oxygen sensor, MAF sensor, and TPS sensor. Also, check ignition timing and, if necessary, timing belt.


How do you edit save data for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

Answer: On some models, it's possible to disconnect the battery to turn off the check engine light. But I believe you need to erase the code in order to reset the light using a scanner. Otherwise, it'll keep coming back, even if you disconnect the battery.

Why hark on about checking your system? It seems one or several items of spyware and quite a few viral infections like to latch on to the supcom exe. For reasons unknown even spyware not associated to the program location can cause it to not open, my guess is that supcom has some form of anticheat system that sometimes picks up the spyware activity. In fact it is so common I would go so far as to say that if supcom does not work - you have spyware. Thats almost better than norton detection.


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To do this simply go to your steam library, right click the game name on the left (when in list view) and go to properties. Click the local files tab and then click browse local files. This will take you in explorer to the files for the game.


For a) and b) always report the issues to the original mod progrmmar so they can at least try to solve the confilct in future - but be patient. In the mean time, just run without the mod.

Answer: Probably the idle air control (IAC) motor is getting stuck, allowing too much air to into the system. Make sure the throttle plate is not getting stuck either.

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Bad MAP Sensor Symptoms

The Application load error 5:0000065434 is an error which appears after starting up a Steam game and it prevents you from playing it at all. The error (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=6310) appears across several Steam games, including The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Fallout series, etc.


Go to the Steam library, then right click the game name. On the menu select properties at the very bottom.

Open the GeForce Experience program on your computer by searching for it in the Start menu simply by typing its name with the Start menu open. After it opens, click the gear-looking icon next to your user name at the top right part of the window in order to open Settings.


If all else fails, by all means try this method, but I don't recommend it myself. See section on drivers as it is more likely to be an issue here or an issue with direct x not initialising or a non-standard resolution.

Answer: Usually, delay in shifting is caused by the clutch for those specific gears. However, other problems can also lead to this issue, like a leaking hydraulic circuit or a sticking spool valve in the valve body. Also, you may want to try checking the vacuum. If it fluctuates or has incorrect pressure, there could be your problem.


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FAF is an excellent product and I highly recommend it to those wishing to play outside of Steam. To those who don't it is not the answer to all issues and the Steam community is just as alive as the FAF one. Steam actually collaborated to add multiplayer ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ to this game following the demise of the games original online support - despite the fact they didn't have to. As this is a Steam guide - it makes sense that it is for supporting mainly Steam users, but may just as equally help FAF users who have startup issues too. Remember - I am under no obligation or contractual agreement to help anyone, and I am defo not about to start supporting all and sundry modifications and extensions too. Please bear this in mind when you get frustrated. IT IS NOT MY FAULT, and other people are unlikely to benefit from any ramblings in the comments. This guide is the best I could do to provide information in one place from years of my own experience. I sincerley hope you get it working and enjoy the game which ever way you choose to play because it is a very good game.

If you followed the above steps to finding the problem mod, this will help as you will have a fairly good idea which mod it is you need to check. Once you know, locate the mods folder.


The game simply fails to launch and it displays the Application load error 5:0000065434 instead of launching

Now apply 20 in-Hg of vacuum to the sensor. The voltage should be about 1 volts.

None of the above issues should affect campaign mode unless the mod is an overhaul mod that overwrites any files within the common apps folder within steam. For these mods, you are on your own!


Defeat on start error

A: I'm not sure why, but it might have something to do with the unit cap. You can try keeping it to less than or equal to 1000, but my best advice would be to just not save.

Symptoms of a Bad MAP Sensor, and How to Test One

The 4GB patch is used by people who have noticed memory problems with the Fallout New Vegas game which only utilized 2GBs of RAM at max. However, they fail to run the game properly because of the Application load error (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=4304) 5:0000065434 and they should follow the instructions below.


Log an error string

If you google this error (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=5964) it shows a few examples where graphics cards cannot initialise a specified screen resolution in many games, so directX will not work, thus it does not initialise. To the computer this is the same as directx not being there as a resource. The response from the game was DIrect3D object not found which is not helpful, but the log told a slightly different story and pointed us to a solution.

Win 7 64 bit and yes framework is 4/5. As for IE i dont use it i have it installed but i use chrome so iam assuming that it wont be up to date, ill do that and see if it solves the issue.


GameReplays.org Supreme Commander 2 News

I've tried verifying game cache, turning off steam overlay, deleting and reinstalling, but nothing has worked. I've played this game for years and have never had a problem. I recently was forced to change the in-game resolution down from 1920X1080, but I don't know if that is the problem.

You can also rename the movies folder to stop movies loading using the same method. With movies it may be a fault with directx but can also be related to sound and or video problems. It can even be related to faulty video third party installations like miles video technology or dodgy encoders you may have inadvertantly overwritten.


So I have a really strange problem here. So When I open the application and set the directory and such i cannot click anything.

What version of SC2 do you have? Do you have the latest versions of all mods you have installed?

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If the game won't even start, there is one specific direct x problem that you may be encountering which relates to you not having the 'default' screen size recommended by the game when it was conceived. See the second to last section for more details on how to *'fudge' this.


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In addition, when you uncheck "Disable display scaling on high DPI Settings" the first time without Compatability Mode enabled. When you close your game and re-open it, it will enable it again.

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Question: I have a 2004 Dodge Dakota. Engine light came on. Truck started to kind of spit and sputter. O2 codes came up along with a heat code.

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You will now have a shortcut icon with a small arrow in the bottom left corner. Right click the short cut icon and go to properties.


Answer: Code P0420 points to the downstream oxygen sensor. According to the code, the sensor is reading too much oxygen in the exhaust stream. There could be a leak in the exhaust system, misfire, the faulty fuel injector (too much fuel), faulty fuel pressure regulator (increased pressure), or even a fault in the downstream oxygen sensor circuit.

Update 1.0.3189 to 1.1.3217

Basically, a MAP sensor reads the amount of air pressure in relation to vacuum inside the intake manifold, either directly or using a vacuum hose. Then, it translates this pressure into a voltage signal that the sensor feeds to the power control module (PCM), your car's computer.


Supreme Commander And Surround Sound - Overclock.net Forums

My friend and I wanted to play a game on TSTW(latest), he created a game, I joined, game starts but right after we both are defeated. I know things aren't perfect in this mod but does this happen to everyone? We tried a few times but with same result.

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Answer: It depends on your particular model, but look at a location, usually, in the upper area of the engine compartment: near the strut tower, intake manifold, throttle body, even near the headlight assembly. Sometimes you need to remove the air cleaner assembly to gain access to it. The auto parts person at your local area may be able to tell you the location in your particular model.

Many people whom I have helped have got much bigger issues with their systems than just not being able to 'play this game'. Before you get frustrated - just make sure all your drivers are up to date and that your computer is clean. By clean I mean free of viral infections, spyware and malware and running as few processes as possible that may clash with the program. I only ever have a volume control, my graphics control and my sound control running in my taskbar. If you have more than these icons its time for a clean up if you are serious about playing any games without any third party clashes. I have a PC for games and one for work, Never the twain shall meet because it's easier that way.


This is a fault with Direct X 9 from 2007 rather than a fault with the Steam version of this game. Not all displays support this resolution now. Some laptop screens will not go lower that 1280 x 768 these days.

OBSOLETE - SC2 Mod Manager RC1A file - Revamp Expansion Mod for Supreme Commander

Question: I have a 1989 Buick Le Sabre and have replaced my MAP twice. It runs good a few weeks and then I have problems again with symptoms of stalling and low power. I’m okay if I keep my foot in the gas at all times. The only code that comes up is the MAP sensor. Any ideas why my sensor keeps failing?


Wait for a while before you try to locate the Steamapp app on your desktop or by browsing for it in File Explorer. You can also search for it in the Start menu, right-click its result, and choose Open file location.

Answer: The problem might be in the connector or circuit for the MAP sensor. You may need the repair manual for your model to identify wires.


Before you start, you will need to learn the Steam App ID of the game. In order to find out the game ID of a Steam game, click on this link, search for your respective game, and check the numbers under the AppID column.

A lot of problems people have had recently have been because people have malware or viruses and just didn't know it. Even people who claimed they had clean machines didn't - so I won't even attempt to help if we spend most of the time doing basic PC maintenance. Start by closing all programs and open chrome up.

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