Congratulations on picking the best farming class in Ragnarok Mobile. Whether its as a main or as an alt your powerful AoE spells will make your character a farming beast.

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Raid Chest 1 - Engine: To deactivate the security system in the following room, kill all four watcher turrets at the same time before they gain an invulnerable shield when they spot a Guardian. Sneak around to get into position, avoiding the red vision cones, and shoot them all in unison.


Upon completion of the forging, let the metal gradually cool down and then go to grinding. On the grinding machine remove excess layers of metal and irregularities, making the knife perfectly smooth and shiny. When grinding can go up to 2 mm thickness, and the knife will become much lighter and thinner. Also at this stage, you can sharpen the knife. Finally we perform the hardening of the knife. How this is done will be written below.

Horns Of Doom: Shield Bash melee kills recharge Shield Throw. Melee ability kills recharge Sentinel Shield Super.


Forging the knife from the spring, we begin with stripping the Bulgarian from rust and marking the plate. It will take only a small part of the spring, so marking it, we cut off with the help of a Bulgarian. Next, weld the workpiece to the fixture and heat it. Then gradually we forge, bringing to the necessary thickness. We forge the point and the cutting edge, as it is done, described above with the example of forging a knife from a drill. Having achieved the desired, leave the knife to cool down gradually and then grind and sharpen it.

Location - Flooded Chasm: When you reach a small bridge in the Winding Cove, the Lost Sector entrance is right under the bridge, on the north side. You can see the symbol on a rock from the bridge.


The manufacture of a knife from a steel cable is a rare occurrence. Since, unlike all the blanks described above, the cable is a disjointed wire fiber, and forging them is rather difficult. In addition, the steel cable does not have such high characteristics as the steel of a drill or file. Most of the knives from the cable are forged because of their unusual pattern on a wedge remotely resembling Damascus steel. In order to make such a knife, it is necessary to exert somewhat more effort than when forging from a conventional steel bar.

You encounter two enemy Combatants trying to kill one another. Kill both of them or wait for them to kill each other to complete the event.


But forging a knife from a file has its own peculiarities

Here’s how to get your hands on these free skill and stat reset items. Once you have them, you may want to keep at least one pair per character to set up your Ymir’s Notebook unlimited free resets.

There will be a Vex conflux guarded by three Harpies. Move closer or shoot one of the Harpies to start the event. The entire event revolves around forces of Vex trying to get in close to the conflux in order to charge it. Prevent them from reaching the conflux within the time limit to complete the normal Public Event.


To earn the most Legendary Shards per week, complete weekly activities that guarantee Legendary Shard drops. Complete the weekly Nightfall, Raid, and Flashpoint with all three of your character slots to maximize the Legendary Shards. Characters can share their inventory - so this is the best way to earn guaranteed Legendary Shards.

Sneak across to the opposite side on the pipes and drop down into an optional room. The Irrigation chest is to your right.


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The next step will be forging drills and rolling of metal to an acceptable thickness. Here everything is quite simple. Pressing the metal to the required temperature, we take a heavy hammer and begin to equalize the metal with strong, but even impacts, and give it an even shape. As a result, you should get a strip of metal with a thickness of about 4 - 5 mm.

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Successfully complete Asher Mir's quest "The Red War" on Io to select one of three Exotic weapons as a completion reward. Asher Mir is a vendor located in The Rupture. He is found in the far northwest corner, across from the Lost Oasis exit and near a Lost Sector entrance.

Location - The Quarry: The Lost Sector is found on the east side of the sector. You can enter it from a gap in the rock outgrowth.


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Raid Chest 8 - Armory: Backtrack a little and look for an axe-icon path in the back-left. It leads to a narrow path that requires you to crouch through. Keep following the signs to reach the Armory. Sneak around and destroy all the turrets in unison to unlock the armory key door in the back-left of the room.

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Hawkeye Hack: Modifies Golden Gun to fire a single, high damage shot. Victims killed by the shot explode.

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Collect the five books in the proper order, and the "Decryption Conflux activated" message will appear on your HUD to indicate you successfully unlocked the chest. The conflux is a white pillar of strange light, and can be found on the right side of the Lighthouse area. Interact with it to unlock the door (found just below the central walkway) and find the secret gold chest.


Location - The Carrion Pit: Travel to the middle of the sector with lots of ruined platforms. The Lost Sector entrance is among these platforms, with some enemies outside.

Of course, you can find other products from this or that steel. To do this, it will be sufficient to read the full description of the steel grade and its application in the Steel and Alloy Steelmaker, and then use the product from it for forging the knife.


Heroic requirement: There are three weapon caches near the Arsenal Walker, with each having two generators that you can access with an Arc Charge. Blow a leg plate off the Arsenal Tank, grab Arc Charges, and deactivate all the generators to open up all weapon caches. This will also spawn another Arsenal Walker. Defeat both of them to complete the Heroic objective.

Location - Scavengers Den: Enter the area to drop down from the water. Then, circle around to find the Lost Sector entrance.


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Once you get the item, it will appear in a slot under your Power weapons. Then, go to Nessus and defeat more Cabal to randomly get the "Red Legion Communications" item to drop. Once you get that item, the "On The Comms" item will change into a new item called "Destroyer Of Worlds". The "Destroyer Of Worlds" item requires you to complete the Leviathan raid. After completing the raid, the "Destroyer Of Worlds" item will become a new item called the "Imperial Invitation". Go back to the Tower and speak with Benedict 99-40, near Ikora and Hawthorne. Benedict 99-40 will send you on a modified version of "The Arms Dealer" strike that you must complete with more than 7 minutes remaining. It is a 300 power level strike that contains the Prism modifier (elements rotate and weapons with those elements are stronger) and Time Warp modifier (map contains hidden floating squares of light, which add 30 seconds to your timer when destroyed). After completing the strike, you will get the Acrius Legendary shotgun, which deals piercing damage that can hit more than one enemy at a time. However, it only contains one shell in its magazine and does not have many other traits.

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Raid Chest 6 - Drain: Return to the massively long chamber with the purple sludge that leads to the throne room. From the sludge drain, go left and into the deactivated fan shaft, using the metal ribs to climb up to the top. Then, go through the red hallway to find another fan shaft. Drop all the way down, press the button, and ride the fan all the way to the top of the shaft to return to the Pipeline room. In the Pipeline room, ride the fan up to the top, but instead of going right to backtrack, go left to find a hidden open pipe on the wall with bright red lights inside. In the tube, go left when you reach a fork and crouch through the bundles of pipes. Continue down this path, then turn left to find another hole you can drop down to reach "The Drain" section. Sneak around and destroy all the turrets in unison to unlock the security door.


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Defeat the Fallen commanders, followed by an Elite Captain with a drill within the time limit. Note: The drill continues to appear at different locations within the Sector accompanied by enemy waves. Defeat the commanders within time limit to complete the normal Public Event.

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Raid Chest 9 - Aqueduct: From the Armory, find the narrow passage in the corner. It leads to a locked door with a switch panel. Open it to re-enter the Transfer security area. Go left from the tiny passage exit and through the doorway marked with a bright red light. Jump through the platforms above, and when you reach the long hallway, go right instead of forward. After going up the ramps and back down, continue left and drop into the chamber with a huge spinning centrifuge ahead. To the left of that is a raised platform with the final secret raid chest.

Its shots attach to targets and feature a delayed Void explosion. Multi-kills instantly reload reserve energy/kinetic weapons.


Fury Conductors: Melee kills build up explosive energy within the ACD/0 Feedback Fence. Being struck by a melee attack unleashes this energy in a devastating explosion.

You also need to know about some of the basic blade profiles to make the most suitable sketch. The photo below shows the profiles of knives.


If you’ve missed it don’t forget to get Play Dead. It will be useful once you hit Wizard.

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Resistance to wear - resistance of material to wear during operation. This property directly depends on the hardness of the steel itself.


A quality homemade knife is distinguished by the correct selection of steel for it, this will depend on the cutting and strength characteristics of the knife itself. To properly choose steel, you need to know and understand what the properties of steel itself. For forging the knife with your own hands, you need to focus on the five basic properties of steel - resistance to wear, hardness, strength, toughness, redness.

Raid Chest 2 - Ventilator: From the previous raid chest, continue through the room and drop down into the long maintenance tunnel with the spinning fan blades. Past the second fan, jump onto the raised platform on the left to find the Ventilator chest.


Heroic requirement: After killing the two shielded Wizards, find two shielded Hive crystals on the column of the portal before the Boss Wizard appears. Recapture the sigil plates to remove the shields off the crystals and destroy them one after the other to gain some additional time. After both the crystals are destroyed, defeat the Darkblade Boss Knight to complete the Heroic objective.

Go to the K1 Logistics Lost Sector at the top of Archer's Line on the Moon. Proceed through the Lost Sector until you reach the end arena with the shielded Servitor in the middle. As you enter the arena, look to your right to see a one-story building with some debris on the roof. Jump on top of it and interact with the crashed satellite to get the "Orbital Cartographer" Legendary emblem, which resembles the old NASA logo.


Hardness - this property of steel, indicating its ability to resist penetration into it of a more hard material. Put simply, hard steel better resists deformation. The hardness index itself is measured according to the Rockwell scale and has a value of 20 to 67 HRC.

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First, the blade drops into oil for 2 - 3 seconds, and then into the water. With this approach, the risk of hardening is incorrectly minimal.


First, we cut out the blank from the rim of the bearing using a bolgar. The length we try to take with a margin, so that the knife is enough and another 1 - 2 cm left. Secondly, at the initial stage of forging, the cut out workpiece should be welded to the rod of the reinforcement. And in this form, glow and forge. Thirdly, if in the case of a drill the workpiece is rolled from a round to a flat one, then for the bearing race it must be simply aligned. And further actions on forging the blade itself and the shank are completely analogous. The only thing that is worth noting is - from the bearing it is still more convenient to make a knife with overhead handles.

You can do these quests multiple ways. It is recommended to play the beginning of the Leviathan raid again, go to the Trostland in the EDZ, or return to Nessus and do Cabal-related public events again. You can complete the last task, "Kill 10 Cabal without reloading," using the Acrius Legendary shotgun, as long as Cabal are bunched up and you can hit them with the shotgun's spread. After completing those tasks, return to Benedict 99-40 to get another quest called "His Highness' Seal". This quest requires you to play the raid again and "eliminate Bosses and complete the raid" to get Emperor Seals.


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Location - Skydock IV: You enter the area from the carrier bay tunnel. After going through a few corridors, the Lost Sector can be found near the enemies that appear.


You encounter Fallen on a Glimmer drilling operation. Kill all the waves and a special Servitor or Heavy Shank to complete the event.

Forging a knife with your own hands just seems like a simple task. In addition, it will be quite a lot to wave with a blacksmith's hammer, so even without experience in the matter of forging metal from the first try it may not turn out to forge a knife. Therefore, first you need to fill your hand and practice a little, and then start to knife.


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Heroic requirement: Stand on three capture plates around the event to activate a beacon to trigger the Heroic event. You must then fight more difficult enemies, Vex Cyclops, and Boss Hydra. At the end, if three sacrifices were remaining, the count is increased to three. You must complete the event with at least one sacrifice remaining to complete the Heroic objective.

Location - The Drain: Reach the large area with water and statues. Continue ahead by staying to the right side to see a ruin. From that area, drop into the water to find the Lost Sector entrance on the right side.


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The white path leads to a red tunnel. Fall down and try not to die from the fall, then unlock the door with the switch panel. Down below is the locked security door to the right on the catwalks. Sneak around and destroy all the turrets in unison again to unlock the security door.


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Search the indicted locations in the Leviathan raid to find all nine secret chests. Raid chests contain Legendary and Exotic engrams and high Power loot. The Leviathan raid is not easy to navigate. The labyrinth is a series of under-tubes and chambers filled with secrets and security systems. To access more than half of the raid chests, you will need to find and destroy entire rooms filled with security turrets. If you do not destroy the turrets quick enough, they will gain invulnerability rings and you will have to wipe and try again. Each raid chest is associated with one of the Boss battles you complete as you finish the Leviathan raid. Once a Boss is defeated, you will earn their key that can then be used to open one of the chests. There are two types of raid chests —- hidden in secret areas, or locked behind ornate gold-trimmed security doors. To unlock the doors, you need to deactivate the security system.


In fact, the knife is a fairly simple thing, consisting of a blade and a handle. But here each of these elements has a whole set of components. On the demonstrating construction of the knife photo you can see all the elements of the knife and how they are called.