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Career mode might be the heart of MCII, but multiplayer is the soul. It features cruise, circuit and battle modes as well as a race editor that allows you to lay down your own course. The Xbox Live broadband requirement helps keep this game from slowing down, though you may still run into some slow connections that will cause strange ping anomalies. Unlike Midtown Madness 3, MCII doesn't allow you to race any of the game's cars. Instead you only get access to the cars you've unlocked, which is both a curse and a blessing. Best of all, online play comes with a start chart that ranks the online racers using a relatively complex scoring system described in the back of the instruction manual.


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Timing is enjoying a very powerful position. If you lack in timing, then it’s possible you’ll get defeated within the race and lose the chance to seize rewards. All the following tips will help you in dominating the racing monitor and win the races with ease.


If you have trouble to run Midnight Club II, read the abandonware guide first

The heart of the single player game is career mode, where your skills count and you can unlock all of the games features. Instead of a set structure for this mode, Rockstar chose to leave some of the direction of the game in the players' hands. Basically you want to race people for their cars and to unlock tricks and maps. To do this you get to cruise the city at your own speed looking for a handful of cars marked as racers. When you find one you want to race, you pull up and flash your high beams at them. As soon as your beams flash the other car takes off and you have to prove yourself worthy to race them by keeping up. Pass this test and it's on to the races that count. The career races involve a nice selection of different styles of racing. Some are just one on one street races where you have to get through a series of single check points that pop up one at a time, whereas others include loosing cops or being the first to make it through a street circuit in a pack of racers. Once you win the race you get access to the other driver's car or a new trick. Win a bunch of races in a city and you get to take a trip to the next city.

This is your first beauty you'll get in the game. First of all, this car has a very, very sensitive handling, fast tapping might help you, but it's keyboard's fault. Controller is your best bet to control this car flawlessly. Secondly, in comparison to Citi, Cocotte's top speed is not that bad and acceleration is okay, making this car very balanced to Citi and races a decent challenge.


While collaborating within the races, you may get the function of the map. Maps have gotten helpful in a number of methods resembling detecting areas and difficulties which might be going to seem. With it, you’ll be able to know that when you should flip and gradually the automobile.

The cars appear to be loosely based on actual models, and while the handling errs on the side of arcadey, an analogue controller is a must, as it proves far too twitchy for the keyboard. Graphically, it's solid if unspectacular, and setting the action at night has at least spared them the need for great detail (after all, let's not forget that it's a PlayStation 2 game). That said, anyone who has visited the cities in the game (smugly, I've been to all three) will instantly recognise certain areas, and there is value to be had in simply sightseeing in the Cruise mode.

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Midnight Club 2 Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Midnight Club 2 s the first sequel to Midnight Club.


The game features two modes of single play: career mode and arcade mode. In arcade mode you can choose to cruise the city at your own pace, checking out the sights, looking for better routes through the city and testing the handling and limits of your new cars. In circuit races you can test out your routes and cars in a more structured environment, running laps through the packed city of your choice as you try to make all of the check points first.

No, Valve is not responsible nor in anyways supportable for that game. Rockstar Games doesn't want to give support on it and we, the users, have to take that. If it is possible to get that working, it is on our side. But if this game does something unusual up to damaging the PC, Rocksar Games is not to be contacted for that, because we used an OS they don't support. This topic is good to be existed, because other gamers want to know if they should buy it or not. The OS is a big discussion for that game. Windows Vista and down aren't really present. Windows 7 up to Windows 10 is used nowadays. Maybe some gamers could give a little more info about their PC like CPU / GPU / OS / some extra privileges. This gives the nonholders of the game a better view on this game where it runs on. The gamers then can better compare to his own PC if this may work on his one.


It's hard to stand out in the crowded arcade racer genre, but with equally solid gameplay and visuals, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition does just that. If you've ever dreamed of owning a custom Nissan Skyline, but are working with a 93' Honda Civic budget (with spinning rims from Wal-Mart), check out Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and live out your dreams vicariously through your PlayStation 2.

On the other hand, I had a good idea of what the Midnight Club series was: fast, fun arcade influenced street racing from Rockstar Entertainment. So when the two combined in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, I wasn't sure what to expect: brand name name-dropping or high-speed hijinks?


This elegant ride is king at accelerating, shoots like a bullet from starting position, average handling, however, this car really lacks top speed, making this car mostly useless. You might want to stick with 1971 Bestia rather than this.

Well, take the pedestrians for instance. Instead of leaping out of the way - as in, say, Midtown Madness - they are fair game for your bumper, and ending their sorry lives results in no more than a dull thud, like the sound of someone kicking an empty wheelie bin. No penalty incurred, and it's simply pointless violence.


With it, you’ll be able to benefit from the races with the single participant and multiplayer content material. In each mode, you’ll be able to get extremely entertaining components. If you might be collaborating within the multiplayer races, then you should face some real-time gamers.

It's a fantastic addition to the series, making the progression in the game a much more rewarding experience. You don't get nearly as many cars in your garage as before, but even so, it's a worthwhile trade-off.

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As such, it's a very good thing. Tearing around Los Angeles, Paris or Tokyo in a variety of fictional cars (and some decent motorbikes) is highly entertaining, with the Al drivers proving particularly able opponents. There is a lengthy career mode to undertake, with vehicles, cities and various extras becoming available only after completing some fairly taxing challenges. The urban nature of the settings means tha different routes can be taken between the checkpoints, and intimate knowledge of the cities can reveal some handy shortcuts. The Arcade mode lets you enjoy the spoils of your career, and as well as straightforward circuit races, there are also Capture The Flag and Detonator modes, all playable over a LAN or the Internet.


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It would be hard to argue that Rockstar Games doesn't know how to develop a winning formula, so the question is did they put forth the effort with Midnight Club (visit homepage) 3: DUB Edition or did they rest on the laurels of the successful series and make a minimal set of updates? It's got to be tempting but Rockstar Games didn't squander this opportunity and creates one of the better arcade racing games I've seen in some time.

Demian pretty much nailed it on the single-player stuff - MC2 is hardcore, high-speed craziness that appeals to gearheads like us as well as those who just crave a quick race. The gameplay dynamics change dramatically online thanks to entertaining and combative power-ups that promote strong rivalries between players. For pure entertainment, it's significantly more fun than Auto Modellista and consequently, infinitely more addictive. It also bests Capcom's effort by boasting sublime control that mixes the visceral grip and feel you want from a sports-car game with the twitchy controls you want from an arcade experience. Overall, the best racer since Hot Pursuit 2.

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The game features an Arcade Mode as well as a two-player split screen mode. But, as with most racing games these days, the real meat and potatoes of the game lies within the Career Mode. Here you'll race from checkpoint to checkpoint through the city streets of Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo against a host of slick and slippery competitors. You'll start out with one car and by winning races you'll unlock other boulevard beasts of both the four-wheel and two'wheel variety (uh, that's motorcycles, folks). With a never-ending combination of fearless foes (including end-level bosses) and changing weather factors (wait'll ya dig that fog), the challenge factor remains quite high; so to gain the upper hand, plan on investing a serious portion of your time in pursuit of shortcuts, hidden alleyways, side streets, and underground ramps.


It's the most average the average car can get in LA. Fine acceleration as well as handling. Top speed is enough for all the races, although Emu is slightly better at it. Depending on what bosses you choose, you'll either use this car a lot, or won't use it at all.