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As you probably know, the Local Host Cache ensures that Site-wide brokering operations will be able to continue (new and existing connections/sessions) even when the connection between your Delivery Controller (s) and the Central Site Database is down or fails altogether. The same applies to the Citrix Cloud (CC) by the way. If, for example your WAN link, which connects you to the CC control plain fails or goes offline for whatever reason, the LHC will ensure that new and existing connections/sessions will continue to be brokered/maintained. Even when your CC, or on-premises Database becomes unreachable, or goes offline for other reasons the LHC will have your back.


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FMA fact: As opposed to the Desktop VDA, which has been around for a couple of years now, there is no PortICA service within a Server VDA, it simply doesn’t exist. Of course, similar functionality does exist but is handled by different components and services.

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Full Recovery mode: This mode does require backup logs. If the database fails no work is lost. All data or any specific point in time can be recovered. Full Recovery mode is needed for database mirroring.


The StoreFront server plays a vital role when it comes to user authentication, resource enumeration and launch. If there is no StoreFront server available your users will be unable to launch any resources (as an exception, although not recommended, a direct ICA connection would work and doesn’t need StoreFront). That is why you will always deploy at least two StoreFront servers per Site. By implementing a load-balancing solution, like a NetScaler or Windows NLB, for example your users won’t notice a thing when one or multiple StoreFront servers become unavailable.

The NetScaler Gateway will set up a new ICA connection using port 1494 (ICA) or 2598 (CGP – Common Gateway Protocol) depending on its configuration (13). Soon to include ‘HDX Enlightened Data Transport’ I’m sure.


These are just a few examples to give you an idea of the possibilities: it’s very flexible. There are a couple of more options available so make sure to check out the E-docs pages on Citrix Receiver.

A big part of the communication between the client and the server takes place over and through what Citrix refers to as virtual channels (and not just Citrix by the way). Each virtual channel consists of a client-side virtual driver (part of Receiver) that communicates with a server-side application (part of the VDA).


Takes care of all Site-wide tests, initiated from Studio. You can run tests on your Delivery Groups, Machine Catalogs or even on your entire Site configuration, and more. New tests are introduced with every new version of XenDesktop/XenApp going forward.

The Citrix session will initialize; the Windows welcome screen appears. At this point the user profile is loaded, Group Policies (GPO’s) are applied, scripts will be executed, drive and printer mappings are established and so on (19).


The Receiver Updater, as a separate component together with Merchandising Server, stayed with us until August 2021 (EOL). After a user installed Receiver Updater on his or her user device, Receiver Updater installed, updated, and restarted the Citrix Receiver without any user interaction needed.

Based on this information StoreFront will generate a web page containing all the assigned resources, which will be routed through the NetScaler Gateway and presented to the user. The users home screen will be populated with any pre-subscribed resources (Keywords). Depending on how you connected, your resources will be displayed either directly using a Receiver for web sites or you’ll find them within the locally installed Citrix Receiver instead. The user will be able to browse its own personal app store for any assigned resources to which he or she can subscribe and then launch.


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First, and this is a popular approach, you can configure something called e-mail-based account discovery. This way, all your users will have to do is fill in their email address. After that, once they hit OK, Citrix Receiver will automatically determine the NetScaler Gateway or StoreFront Server associated with the email address. This method is based on Domain Name System (DNS) Service records. The user will then be prompted to log on using their domain credentials.

FMA fact: As it stands today, the EOL for EdgeSight has been set to 30-June-18, or 24-Aug-2021, depending on if you have a valid software maintenance and/or Subscription Advantage. In that case, the EOM is set to 31-Dec-17 or 24-Feb-2021.


One of the main LHC components is the Broker Service, which as you probably know also functions as the XML Service and the STA, or Secure Ticket Authority in full. When LHC is involved it is also referred to as the Principal Broker Service.

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Luckily, when needed you do have some options to play with. Applications can be configured on an individual basis to be placed in the Start menu or on the desktop, or you can let your users decide. Put them all on the desktop or in the Start menu by default or a combination of all options mentioned: it is up to you. This is accomplished by manually configuring the Citrix Receiver.


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FMA fact: Make sure that the Broker (XML/STA) service on the NetScaler and the Storefront server is configured identically. The same applies to the load balance/fail over order in which you configure them.

I hope you’ve found it of some use. If you haven’t purchased a copy of my book this is probably the next best thing. I really enjoyed putting it together, and even though I could reuse some of my existing material I took caution in re-reading and re-writing almost all of it. I also realize it’s far from complete, if that is at all possible. As always, any feedback you have is greatly appreciated, and please make sure to pay it forward. I truly hope that version 2/0 will get the same attention as version 1/0 did before it – thank you for your support.


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Here we basically pick it up where we left off at the end of the resource enumeration process as explained above. Just as with the authentication process, there are some differences in how a recourse is launched with, and without a NetScaler in between. Also, when launching a Hosted Shared Desktop (XenApp) or a published application, as opposed to a VDI virtual machine (XenDesktop) there is an extra load balance step involved as well. Let’s see what happens when we launch a published Hosted Shared Desktop trough NetScaler.

Using StoreFront you can also create your own provisioning files, which contain connection details needed for your users to connect. Once Receiver is installed all they have to do is double-click the provisioning file and Receiver will be automatically configured. When using Receiver for Web sites, and many do, you can also offer the provisioning file on there. Just like with the Citrix Receiver installation file itself.


Configure your FEI Software Client Applications to Use a FlexNet License Server

One important thing to note is that IBM’s documentation seems to be missing a couple of steps here that differ depending on whether you are setup on Cognos 11/0.2 or 11/0.3. But you have nothing to worry about as I will explain how to get things working for each of these Cognos Analytics versions.

Your Host Connection is basically nothing more than a bridge to your underlying Hypervisor and/or cloud platform of choice where your VMs (will) reside. From a Hypervisor’s perspective this can be either: Microsoft’s Hyper-V, VMware’s vSphere, Citrix’s XenServer or Nutanix Acropolis. Since you will need to be able to start, stop, create, delete and monitor your VMs from Studio, some sort of management software will be needed, meaning SCVMM in the case of Hyper-V, Virtual Center if you go with VMware, or XenCenter if XenServer is used. Although with XenServer, technically you do not necessarily need a separate management infrastructure (advisable though), a stand-alone XenServer, or Poolmaster would be sufficient to connect to.


FMA fact: While all services closely interact with and depend on each other, at the same time they are also completely separated from each other. Each service is configured to communicate to the Central Site database using its own individual DB connection string. This way, if one service fails it will not affect any the other services.

After an FMA service successfully queries the Configuration Service and the listing has been received, this information will be cached for five minutes. This is mainly to ensure that the system isn’t being overwhelmed with service listing requests, preventing the Configuration Service from becoming a potential bottleneck. At this point the requesting service knows where to find the other services, what they are capable of (responsibilities) and how to communicate with them (end points/service interfaces).


FMA fact: By disabling the SelfServiceMode (it is enabled by default) subscribed-to applications can only be accessed through the Start menu and desktop short cuts. This is also referred to as short cut-only mode.

Now that we know what terminology is involved let’s have a look and see how traffic and communications flow through the NetScaler and how users get authenticated. Hopefully the overview below will help in clarifying some of the concepts mentioned throughout this article. I hope you can appreciate my (free) drawing skills, I thought it was kind of cool to be honest.

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As of version 4/0 the PNAgent functionality was no longer part of Citrix Receiver. This also meant the end of the Desktop Lock feature as it relied on the PNAgent functionality.


Every two minutes the Principal Broker Service will be checked for configuration changes. If a configuration change has been detected it will be copied over, or synchronised to the High Availability Service/Secondary Broker Service. This is the primary task of the Configuration Synchronisation Service (CSS).

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Director is a real-time web-based tool (can be installed as a website on your Delivery Controllers) that allows administrators to monitor, troubleshoot (real-time as well as historical) and perform support tasks for their end-users. It is Citrix’s first line of defence and it is, by default, included with all editions of XenDesktop and/or XenApp, although higer editions do offer some additional functionality.

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In this guide I covered how to setup an Optional Gateway in Cognos Analytics 11/0.2 and 11/0.3. For that I showed you how to setup a reverse proxy using one of two methods and then showed you how to set up Cognos ISAPI which is required for SSO. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Please leave any questions in the comments section below this blog post.


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We can see the current license usage and overall statistics; how many users are logged onto which machines and Machine Catalogs; we can restart and/or shutdown machines; send out messages to logged in users; and of course we have the ability to log off users if needed. Studio is also used to put machines, or Machine Catalogs, in maintenance mode.

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As of StoreFront 3/5 the above can be configured by simply placing a checkmark directly from the GUI, you’ll find it under ‘Manage Delivery Controllers’. As far as I know, the built-in LB mechanism used for this is based on RRDNS technology, or at least the result is similar.


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It is possible to do FlexNet licensing in a heterogeneous environment. That is, the server and the FEI Software can be running on different operating systems. For instance, the FlexNet server could be on a Linux box, with the users running the FEI Software on a Windows platform.

Although not enabled by default, StoreFront has a build-in HTML 5 based Receiver, which will kick in at launch time. It does this by fetching the HTML 5 engine from the StoreFront and making it part of the local browser.


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Next to the above, StoreFront can also be configured to communicate with App Controller as part of a XenMobile deployment, and/or VDI-in-a-Box is also (still) optional. Like the Delivery Controller, StoreFront plays an important role in the resource enumeration and launch processes and it functions as the main Store (there can be multiple) from where users (can) subscribe to their desktops, applications and other resources.

Now that we have looked at the various individual FMA components and services involved, let’s have a closer look to see how everything works together. What happens when a user logs in, authenticates and so on, internally as well as externally.


The Desktop Receiver was aimed at launching hosted shared desktops only (full screen), not published applications. Here they added the well-known pull-down menu, making it easier to switch between your hosted desktop session and your local desktop.

Bulk-Logged Recovery mode: This model is an adjunct of the full recovery model that permits high-performance bulk copy operations. It is typically not used for Citrix databases.


FMA fact: As mentioned, there are 32 virtual channels in total; however, Citrix reserves 17 of those. Third-party companies and customers who want to design and implement their own virtual channels are free to use the other ones.

Let’s have a closer look and see what happens when a VDI-based virtual machine is launched from a trusted, internal network. The XML service will again play an important role throughout the whole process.


The NetScaler Gateway is primarily used (yes, it can do a lot more, out of scope for now) to provide our users with secure external access to our XenDesktop sites. As we will see shortly there are some key differences when it comes to external and internal user authentication and the resource enumeration process. In that respect, you could say that it is part of the FMA, though we do not need a NetScaler to set up and configure a XenDesktop Site. As mentioned in the beginning, I will include one of my most popular posts on the Citrix NetScaler near the end, so I will leave it at this for now.

This is true for single-stream ICA traffic (without Multi-Stream ICA enabled and configured) as well as Multi-Stream ICA traffic (with Multi-Stream ICA enabled and configured). However, as highlighted earlier, these priorities can be manually changed if and when needed.


The Broker service is build up out of three separate services, all handling different tasks, it brokers connections, it enumerates resources and it acts as the Secure Ticket Authority, generating and validating STA tickets. With the re-introduction of the LHC the Broker services is now also knows as the Principal Broker Service. Every two minutes the (Principal) Broker Service will be checked for configuration changes. If a configuration change has been detected it will be copied over, or synchronised to the High Availability Service/Secondary Broker Service.

At runtime, when a Delivery Controller becomes active the Site services will automatically be divided between all active Delivery Controllers within your Site. Do note that although you as an Administrator have the ability to assign certain Site services to a particular Delivery Controller if you want or need to – this is not a recommended or supported approach. The election mechanism is controlled by the contents of the Central Site database, the FMA will take care of this for you.


To me this again is an excellent example of the FMA’s modularity and flexibility. While all this still takes hard work and dedication from multiple product teams within Citrix, by altering/recoding a couple of existing services (instead of the whole ‘package’ when compared to 6/5) and adding in a few new ones, they were able to completely re-built the LHC from the ground up, and for the better I’d might add.

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Simple Recovery mode: In this mode no log backups are required, meaning that no transaction log data will be saved. If the database fails, all changes made to the database since the last full back up must be redone.


When a new session is established, at client load time, first the client (Receiver) connects to the XenDesktop / XenApp Server (VDA). The client passes information about the virtual channels it supports to the server. This is where the version of the Receiver combined with VDA installed matters. The server-side application starts, obtains a handle to the virtual channel, and optionally queries the client for any additional information about the channel.

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It is optimised for Wide Area Networks with high latency and offers various levels of Quality of Service. These types of protocols, since there are more besides ICA, are often referred to as remoting protocols.


The release of XenApp/XenDesktop version 7/12 introduced couple of new FMA services (primarily used by LHC). As you might be aware, I have written multiple articles on the FlexCast Management Architecture in the past, talking about its core services, their responsibilities, capabilities, communication channels/interfaces and so on.

You could say that the Delivery Controller is in fact the heart of XenDesktop / XenApp. It houses all thirteen primary (at the time of writing) FMA services including the well-known XML service.


The thought behind this was that these clients would ‘plug in’ to Receiver, which would then take over with regard to management and maintenance. The only thing missing in this approach was a mechanism to deliver (and manage) the various plug-ins to the Receiver software installed on the client device. For this they introduced something called a Merchandising Server together with Citrix Receiver 1/0. The Merchandising Server provides the administrative interface to configure, deliver, and upgrade plug-ins for your users’ computers.

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During this phase the client (Receiver) and the server (VDA) will exchange information on the virtual channels that the client supports: here the client basically tells the server which specific capabilities (virtual channels) it can or should use during the connection. This way the server knows what to expect and what virtual channels it can or should use.


FMA fact: We now have LHC for XenDesktop as well. However, do note that the Local Host Cache is supported for server-hosted applications and desktops, and static desktops; it is not supported for pooled VDI based desktops.

When you close the browser, you close the session. Even when your users will have Receiver installed you can enable it anyway as it will function as a fall-back mechanism.


There you will find various abbreviations like: CTXCAM, CTXTWI, CTXFLASH and so on, accompanied by a number ranging from 0 to 3 (their current priorities). These two combined represent a single virtual channel.

Setting Up a Gateway to Enable SSO for Cognos

Although not mentioned on the Receiver Feature Matrix, the Desktop lock is another example. It is dependent on the type and version of Receiver installed and probably best described as an add-on on top of Receiver. The Desktop Lock feature is often used when thin clients are not optional and you do not want to get rid of your older desktop machines just yet. When installed and configured properly (on a domain-joined machine) it will pass on the user’s AD / domain credentials, logging them directly into their VDI session, without the user being able to interact with the local physical desktop.


Within the Stream Registry Key we can manually configure the various stream priorities and assign them to be either primary or secondary. Or we can use the default configuration instead. The format used is Stream#, Stream type. For example: 0,S will mean; all virtual channels with the priority 0 will be secondary, and 1,P means that all virtual channels with a priority of 1 will be primary and so on. Note that there can be only one primary stream, the rest will be secondary. The default configuration is: 0,S;1,P;2,S;3,S.

The NSIP address (NetScaler IP Address) is the IP address which is used by the Administrator to manage and configure the NetScaler. It is mandatory when setting up and configuring the NetScaler for the first time, there can only be one NSIP address, it cannot be removed and when it’s changed you will have to reboot the NetScaler.


CTX113279– How to Allow Custom Virtual Channels Created with ICO in Version (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=5791) 10/0 of the CTX Windows Client. Although somewhat outdated, it does provide some offer some interesting additional information.

Install FlexNet Publisher license service. Note: this action requires administrator rights.


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See the image below for a graphical overview on all this. Every two minutes the (Principal) Broker Service will be checked for configuration changes. If a configuration change has been detected it will be copied over, or synchronised to the High Availability Service/Secondary Broker Service.

Note: All your FEI Software licenses under valid maintenance service will be upgraded to the requested version (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=1421) if available. Please contact the FEI Software Group licensing service for more information.


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As mentioned, Studio is the place from where we configure and manage all, some, or most of our Citrix-related Site-wide policies (something that can also be done using the Group Policy Management Console, or GPMC if installed on your Delivery Controller, or on a separate management server for that matter. Note that for this to work you will also have to install Citrix Studio and the Citrix Group Policy extensions on the same ‘management’ machine).

Note that I am referring to network-based QoS, which is different from prioritising a single virtual channel. Here we would like to be able to accelerate ICA traffic on an network (TCP/IP port) level rather than from within the ICA protocol itself. Without Multi-Stream ICA we can only accelerate ICA traffic as a whole on TCP/IP port 1494 or 2598 (Session Reliability) as discussed previously.


If you already have it installed on your system, you may see an error message indicating that a newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable has been detected on the machine. You can ignore this error message and continue to the next step.

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Assuming that the login, authentication and enumeration process finished without any issues (see the above sections) the user is now free to subscribe to and launch any applications and/or desktops that might have been assigned to him or her. As mentioned, this time we will launch a pooled VDI virtual machine. I’ll assume that the VM is pre-subscribed and already present on the user’s home screen, never mind how we connected: locally installed Receiver or using the Receiver for web sites.


During Server VDA installation one of the things it will do is register the Broker Agent Service (used for direct communication with the Delivery Controller), which is similar to the Desktop VDA process. Next it will install the multi-user ICA stack, as it does with earlier XenApp versions, which will then become part of Termsrv creating the so-called ICA stack listener waiting for new ICA connections (kernel mode).

Within large (r) organizations, where the logon load is higher than average, an active/active approach might be a better fit. This can be accomplished by implementing a load-balancing device like the Citrix NetScaler, or you can choose to let the StoreFront server load balance the connections to the various Delivery Controllers instead.


At least one of these needs to be in place for this to work; Studio will then use the Hypervisor’s APIs to communicate and manage the virtual machines. It goes without saying that it will do the same for Azure or AWS, for example.

Let’s assume authentication takes place on the NetScaler. The user’s credentials are forwarded using the NetScaler’s IP address, or NSIP, indicated as 2 NSIP, to your internal authentication services, Active Directory in most cases, where they will be validated (or not).


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Each service has its own specific responsibility. Note that the XML service isn’t mentioned since it is not FMA-specific. As highlighted, throughout the ‘The main FMA services and interactions’ chapter we will have a closer look at each service individually, the XML service included, and how they all interact and communicate within the FMA.

Finally, StoreFront will generate a webpage displaying all the resource icons (published applications and desktops) to the user (6). Here I assume that authentication is taking place internally and directly to StoreFront.


A MIP (Mapped IP Address) is similar to the SNIP address mentioned above. MIP addresses are used when a SNIP address isn’t not available or when USNIP (Use SNIP) is disabled. In that case it will also be used as the source IP address. Only when the configured MIP address is the first in the subnet it (the NetScaler) will add a route entry to its routing table.

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Because I will be handling multiple key components there will be a small overlap in the information shared. Though I guess you guys won’t mind to much. And hey, it’s by repetition that we learn, right! Let’s start by having a closer look at the main components and services that make up the FMA.


The NetScaler uses vServers (virtual servers) to deliver different kinds of services, in this case the vServer will be configured as a gateway server. Just remember that you can configure multiple independent vServers on the same NetScaler serving different purposes, like a load balancing or SSL offload vServer for example.

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The Configuration Synchronizer Service will provide the High Availability Service/Secondary Broker Service with information on all other controllers within your Site (Primary Zone), this will also include any additional Zones you might have configured. This way each High Availability Service/Secondary Broker Service will know about all of the other available High Availability Service/Secondary Broker Services within your (entire) Site.


FMA fact: If you would like to refresh the cache of one of the FMA services (remember the five minutes), all you have to do is restart the accompanying Windows Service. The cache (services listing) is retrieved during service start-up.

It keeps track of virtual desktop state, based on information received from virtual desktops. As such, it will take appropriate action when needed.


Eventually the NetScaler will authenticate the user credentials (session ticket) against Active Directory, preferably using TCP port Nr. 636 (SSL) based upon the configured Authentication Policy. This could also involve two-factor/RADIUS authentication, which is basically considered a must have/minimum these days. Like StoreFront, the NetScaler has its own Authentication Service.

As we have seen, the ICA protocol consists of various virtual channels each offering its own functionality. By default, each of these virtual channels is given a priority, ranging from 0 to 3: the lower the number, the higher the priority.


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The Delivery Controller receiving the credentials will again contact a Domain Controller, this time to * validate the user’s credentials (3) before responding to the StoreFront server. During the next step (4) the Delivery Controller will check with the Central Site database to see which resources have been assigned to the user before sending them over to the StoreFront server (5).

As a third option you can provide your users with the information needed to connect up to StoreFront for them to enter manually. Here you can use the XenApp services site if you are still on 6/5, or you can provide your users with the address of your StoreFront server for them to be able to access the Store(s) on there.


FMA fact: Other ways to accelerate ICA traffic would include Citrix policies, which can then be applied either per user or per server, or to the whole Site. Implementing a physical accelerator like the Citrix Cloud Bridge, formerly known as Branch Repeater, is always optional as well.

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You might also recall that around the same time Receiver was introduced, Citrix started to rename some of their existing clients. For example, the ICA Client was renamed as the Online Plugin, and the Access Gateway client to Secure Access Plugin; they also introduced an Offline Plugin, Web Plugin etc.


In a single-zone VDI deployment, up to 10,000 VDAs can be handled (up from 5000) during an outage. In a multi-zone VDI deployment, up to 10,000 VDAs in each zone can be handled during an outage, to a maximum of 40,000 VDAs in the site.

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Once that is out of the way you can go on and configure and apply QoS policies at network level on a per TCP/IP port level. This way you can apply QoS on grouped ICA virtual channels instead of a single or a couple of virtual channels within the ICA protocol.

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In between the VDA will register itself with the Delivery Controller handling the initial request. It will do so by leveraging the Connection Brokering Protocol (CBP) and communicating with the Broker service over at the Delivery Controller, as highlighted earlier.


Although the (new(ish) FMA based Server VDA has been built from the ground up it still has a lot of similarities when compared to the ‘old’ ICA protocol stack deployed with XenApp 6/5 and earlier versions. However, unlike XenApp, the VDA (Virtual Delivery Agent) directly communicates with the Delivery Controller, it does this through the Broker Agent, basically the same way as we are used to with the desktop VDA (PortICA).

As for storage, when the LHC is active and VDA’s start re-registering the DB will grow. Citrix testing has shown that with a logon rate 10 logons per second the database will grow around one MB every 2-3 minutes. As soon as normal operations resume the local database will be re-created also reclaiming the earlier used space. It goes without saying that your Delivery Controllers will need to have sufficient (free) disk space to cope with this.


Upgrading the FlexNet license server

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