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  • This means that you do not need to quit the application and use other software
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  • PowerDirector 12 - The Fastest Video Editing Software for Enthusiasts

A video is a recording of moving visual images made digitally or on videotape. Creating a video is easy but making an artistic video is something for which you have to work hard. Editing a video, choosing the correct theme for it, right soundtrack and text and many other factors. Perfect editing is when your cuts and transition should not be noticed, to achieve this you a proper tool that assists you in making an artistic video. PowerDirector is a powerful editing tool that helps you to make a fantastic video and edit them.


Simulate 4 live camera switching by selecting and editing the best camera angle and sequence from an event that you have simultaneously captured with multiple devices. Synchronize the tracks by audio, timecode or time taken, switching between shots with hotkeys and instantly create multiclip track recording.

Download licensed products to get the most out of video editing

The app has three main modes you'll see upon launching: the full timeline mode, the storyboard mode, and the slideshow creator. The latter name speaks for itself, and as for the former two—the storyboard mode is somewhat simplified compared to the timeline one (which is, again, not difficult at all itself) but it does offer most of the same features. The most interesting one, though, would be the Auto mode you'll see under the main modes. It is a peculiar thing we've found quite entertaining and useful for fast hassle-free video clip creation. In this mode, you can simply drop your source video clips, add music (if needed), adjust the correlation between the two with a slider—more video sound or more music or something in between—and the time for the target clip, then select the template from the PowerDirector library. The software will analyze the video, find the best parts of it, and create a clip from them, adding the transitions and effects from the template. Granted, the video might look somewhat generic, but this is called an auto mode for a reason. It is a good way to quickly make a video for some occasion like a birthday party, for example.

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One annoying thing after installation is that the software asks several times to set a cookie on my computer

The voice-over feature is very easy to use. You just hit the recording button (red light) and talk. When you hit that button again, it generates the audio and saves it in the Media content panel, ready to drag into your timeline.


When you import a video, you are asked to enable shadow files. If you do not have a lot of horse power on your computer, this is recommended. For testing, I use a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC (laptop) with a AMD Turion II Ultra Dual-Core Mobile M620 2/50GHz processor, 4GB ram, 64bit Windows 7.

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Users with minimal experience in video editing software (look at this website) are likely to feel overwhelmed by CyberLink PowerDirector's full-featured mode. Unlike the easy mode, which is wrapped in a step-by-step wizard, this one shows a full (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=9439)-screen window with multiple panes and buttons.

This is good software for entrepreneurs and teachers who want to create low cost video tutorials

With voice-overs you may need to reduce the background noise in the audio, unless the voice is recorded in a sound studio. It depends on your recording equipment, of course, but voice recordings with headsets often contain static noise.


Installing the software takes quite a while. This is not a small application (over 3GB in total), notwithstanding the low price tag of $74/99 USD at this time of writing. PowerDirector Ultra asks if you want to install QuickTime. QuickTime is a video player from Apple. You may want to cancel the QuickTime installation if you have a later version or the Pro version. Cancelling the QuickTime installation does not break off the installation of PowerDirector.

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Since you work directly in the video editor, you can see the subtitles immediately and tweak the duration. This is quite a time saver, compared with writing subtitles by hand.

But I used the Full featured Editor from PowerDirector Ultra 12, I have no experience with Deluxe

Producing the video is quite simple. You chose a preset and off you go. In practice, you will want to create a custom preset for online streaming MP4’s because the bitrate in the MP4 preset is too high for this purpose (6000Kbps).


PowerDirector Ultra 12 Media content panel

The encoding types for custom presets are a bit limited. For example, if I chose MP4, the minimum bitrate is 3000Kbps. If you want your video to stream over the internet, this can be a problem in areas with slower internet connections, like Africa, parts of Asia and Australia. However, there is a tradeoff here, the lower the bitrate, the lower the quality.

The CyberLink PowerDirector 19 full Version was developed and created by Digital Link, the most reliable software development company. The strongest and most reliable video editing programming company. Digital Link Power Director is a №1 tool available on the Internet. This allows you to perform any task you want, at any time. It is offered all over the world due to its responsibilities. This product is supported by many transportation customers around the world. The reputation of this product has grown since its inception.

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Please note that I do not give support for PowerDirector. Contact the support section of Cyberlink instead.


When it comes to video editing software, we often think of a complex interface with dozens of different tools

Above I combined a video with static images and added transitions, effects, subtitles and an audio file. Although this is a rough example, I think you get the idea. This is good software for entrepreneurs and teachers who want to create low cost video tutorials. It is also useful to video enthusiasts who do not want to spend over $700 or more on professional video editors. It only took about 15 minutes to produce this sample.

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Therefore, in some cases you need a better noise reduction tool, like Audacity. But if you have good equipment, the static noise shouldn’t be too bad and WaveEditor can handle it. The great thing is that after the change, the file is saved and automatically updated in your timeline.

CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate Crack is very easy to use, with a learning curve that is shallow. It doesn’t matter you busy editing your house movies and creating expert looking news, with a big selection of customizable design tools, including unique alpha transitions, animated titles, particles, and PiP objects if you are a novice or semi-pro videographer, PowerDirector (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=2782) has a stack of tools and features that may keep. CyberLink PowerDirector Free Download is certainly one of the fastest and most capable videos that are consumer-level apps for Windows around and the first ever to support 360-degree VR footage. It lets you be as creative it affords you the opportunity to create high-quality news with an array of standard and customizable editing tools as you love, and. In terms of customer degree movie design, modifying and manufacturing goes, you will find only a few high-quality apps available on the market that falls into the ‘reasonable’ budget range. PowerDirector, from CyberLink, has for ages been a contender for the location that is top with cutting-edge image technology, coupled with a fantastic program and a good amount of smart editing tools. CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate Full Version video modifying software provides easy-to-use and tools which are the effective quality that is top productions. Install PowerDirector Offline Installer Setup for Windows. It boasts an interface that offers that are comprehensive a range of features, which in many cases are easily accessed. The layout isn’t cluttered, but users that are inexperienced still get confused effortlessly, due to the multitude of functions.


Don’t waste time waiting for your software (look at this web-site) to respond! PowerDirector (more) supports transcoding of non-full frame video clips in a single timeline track. Also enjoy better performance on 8+ core processors with improved multi-threading.

  • Using the software for the first time
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  • Cancelling the QuickTime installation does not break off the installation of PowerDirector
  • Grasping this mentality, PowerDirector has integrated many video tutorials right in the application
  • PowerDirector allows you to customize your video speed using the speed slider
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To test the user friendliness of PowerDirector, I started to use the Full Feature Editor right away, without viewing any help files or video tutorials. It was surprisingly easy to use, although I made an error here and there. Therefore, my example video is a bit rough, but if gives an impression what you can do using a couple of images and a short video clip. This example is saved as a HD video 1280×720 pixels, MP4 with a variable bitrate of 3000Kbs.

As said earlier, using the software is quite intuitive. You can drag an item from the Media Content panel into the timeline (as with most video editors) and reposition its location in time, add images, audio, etc.


So, I turn it on. It gives slight distortions in the preview window, but this setting makes no difference for the end product. You can set this per project if you want.

Ultra HD 4K video resolution

Voice-over means adding a voice recording to you video. PowerDirector Ultra 12 makes it very easy to add voice-overs. This means that you do not need to quit the application and use other software. When I make video tutorials, I generally do not record my voice while I create screen captures (Camtasia for windows, ScreenFlow for Mac), so that I can concentrate on the mouse movements, the order of events, etc. I record voice-overs afterward and import those audios into Adobe AfterEffects. If you work that way, you may find this feature priceless.


PowerDirector is a video editing software created by Cyberlink. This software provides you with different options that will help you to edit a video, making video editing accessible to creators of all skill levels. While this software is assisting you, you can explore your creativity with full freedom. PowerDirector is one of the best and the fastest video editing tool, which provides a variety of transitions, themes, soundtracks, easy cropping and cutting, etc, which will enhance your video editing skills.

Don’t waste time waiting for your software to respond! PowerDirector (https://yamamotonight-m.ru/hack/?patch=7751) supports transcoding of non-full frame video clips in a single timeline track.


With this program, you will get access to over 200 video editing tools

Although this software is cheap, it has many possibilities which you also find in high end editors, with the difference that PowerDirector is easier to use. However, to be fair with professional video editors: “Easy to use” means also “Limited”. But limitation can be overcome by creativity. Although the software is intuitive, tweaking effects is not that simple, and I have to say, many effects are somewhat dorky. Soon, you will find yourself using just a small selection of effects and transitions and stick with them. However, PowerDirector is made for a wide range of users, so they try to provide as many effects as possible to have something for everyone.

NOTE: I would use effects with caution because most of them are a distraction without serving a real purpose. It may give you a “wow” effect the first time, but it may trigger a “yawn” effect with the spectators of your video. Nevertheless, there are a couple of excellent effects and transitions which are worthwhile to explore.


Over the last ten years, we have watched CyberLink add all the key editing features to PowerDirector, and with the last couple of versions the software has begun to include capabilities which the major competition doesn’t have. We still find some of the effects and graphics templates a little garish, but the playback engine is very smooth, and more than capable of rendering the two Full HD streams in MVC 3D video. This is also the first video editing app we’ve used which feels just as home editing 3D footage as it does 2D footage. If you’re not interested in 3D, there’s less here to entice you. But PowerDirector is now very much a contender.